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Route 4 is a sort of one-way street—you can go from Mt. Moon to Cerulean City, but you can't do the opposite because of the small cliffs that make up the route. Only a few Trainers will challenge you on Route 4. Pokemon GSC map Route 4.png

When you're done here, it is recommended that you fly back to Pewter City and trek south through Route 2 to reach Viridian City.


  • Picnicker Hope
    • Flaaffy (lvl. 34, 852 EXP) and Pokebuck.png680
  • Bird Keeper Hank
  • Picknicker Sharon


  • Ultra Ball (hidden)- North of first trainer, in the edge-enclosed square
  • HP UP - North of Picnicker Sharon

Pokémon Found[edit]

Morning Day Night
Pokemon 019Rattata.png Rattata
Pokemon 039Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff
Pokemon 021Spearow.png Spearow
Pokemon 023Ekans.png Ekans