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New Pokémon
Gold Silver Crystal



Ecruteak City

This is a point in Crystal where you can take a little break from the main quest to go and get Suicune. Take your Clear Bell, your strongest Pokémon, and the best Poké Balls you can get your hands on, and Fly back to Ecruteak City, where Suicune has made a home in the Tin Tower.

Ring the Clear Bell[edit]

You couldn't get past the monk in the building next to the pond the last time you were in Ecruteak City, but now you're packing the Clear Bell. He'll get out of your way when you give it a jingle, and you can then take the underground tunnel to a building north of the trees.

The Monk ambush[edit]

As is so often the case in these troubled times, you can't make it out of this dark tunnel without being ambushed by a pack of rogue monks. You'll need to beat all three before you can pass, but their level 32 Eevee-forms and Noctowls shouldn't give you too much trouble. If they do, you may not be ready for Suicune.

Sage Gaku: 1024
Sage Masa: 1024
Sage Koji: 1024

The Battle with Suicune[edit]

All three Legendary Beasts are waiting in the Tin Tower, but only Suicune will attack you. This time it will fight to the finish instead of running away, so be careful not to K.O. it. If possible, use a Pokémon with False Swipe (like Farfetch'd or Scyther) to get it down to 1 HP before you break out the Ultra Balls.

#245 Suicune
Suicune is much better in Crystal than it is in Gold and Silver (and it was amazing even then). It now learns Bubblebeam at Level 11, and Aurora Beam at level 41. The addition of that Ice-type attack makes Suicune a top choice for the Elite Four and any tournament-level play. They only other change is that it now learns Rain Dance instead of Roar.

What about the rest of Tin Tower?[edit]

Even after catching Suicune, the monks won't let you proceed any further. To get their permission to pass, you'll need to prove yourself yet again by catching Raikou and Entei as well. And that means you must catch them in the wild—you can't fool the monks by trading for them. When you've caught all three, and defeated the Elite Four, they'll give you the Rainbow Wing that makes a level 60 Ho-oh appear on the top floor.