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Route 24 and Route 25 aren't that long, but there is a lot to see and do there. You'll have plenty of battles to fight, a machine part to track down, and a Gym Leader to find.

Route Features[edit]

Pokemon GSC map Route 25.png
Pokemon GSC map Route 24.png

Rocket redux[edit]

Along the bridge, you'll come to a poor odd fellow who's a member of Team Rocket—but Team Rocket is no more! He hasn't gotten the news of Team Rocket's demise yet, so you'll have to put him in his place. After you defeat him, he will tell you where he hid the missing machine part, so you can retrieve it and fix the generator at the Power Plant.

More battles[edit]

Defeat all of the trainers along Route 25, and the last Trainer will reward you with a Nugget... and one more fight. It's tough, so be ready.

Date crasher[edit]

After you've confronted the odd man and retrieved the machine part, head back up to the docks, where Misty has gone on a date. She'll go back to the Gym once you've interrupted her romantic stroll along the water, and she'll be ready to fight!

Bill's grandfather[edit]

Bill's grandfather is house-sitting for Bill. He doesn't get out much, but he's been reading about Pokémon, and wants to see one with a long tongue... Show him a Lickitung and he'll give you an Everstone. Come back and Bill's Grandfather will ask for a round Pokémon with leafs sprouting from its head... Show him an Oddish and he will give you a Leaf Stone. Come back and he will ask for the one with big jaws in Gold, show him a Growlithe; or the one with many tails in Silver, show him a Vulpix and he will give you a Fire Stone. Come back and he will ask for the one with multicolored core, shaped like a star... Show him a Staryu and he will give you a Water Stone. Come back one last time and he will ask for the really popular one, before it evolves... Show him a Pichu and he will give you a Thunder Stone.


  1. Schoolboy Dudley
    • Oddish (lvl. 35, 585 EXP) and Pokebuck.png1120
  2. Lass Ellen
  3. Schoolboy Joe
  4. Lass Laura
  5. Camper Lloyd
  6. Lass Shannon
    • Paras (lvl. 29, 435 EXP)
    • Paras (lvl. 29, 435 EXP)
    • Parasect (lvl. 32, 877 EXP) and Pokebuck.png768
  7. Super Nerd Pat - Tries to beat you by cheating
    • Porygon (lvl. 36, 1002 EXP) and Pokebuck.png1152
  8. Cooltrainer Kevin


  • Potion - hidden in North-West hedge
  • Protein - North-East, needs cut
  • Nugget - For beating the 7 trainers

Pokémon Found[edit]

Route 24[edit]

Morning Day Night
Pokemon 012Butterfree.pngButterfree Pokemon 012Butterfree.pngButterfree Pokemon 048Venonat.pngVenonat
Pokemon 010Caterpie.pngCaterpie Pokemon 010Caterpie.pngCaterpie Pokemon 043Oddish.pngOddish
Pokemon 069Bellsprout.pngBellsprout Pokemon 069Bellsprout.pngBellsprout Pokemon 049Venomoth.pngVenomoth
Pokemon 070Weepinbell.pngWeepinbell Pokemon 070Weepinbell.pngWeepinbell
Pokemon 191Sunkern.pngSunkern
Pokemon 063Abra.pngAbra Pokemon 063Abra.pngAbra Pokemon 063Abra.pngAbra

Route 25[edit]

Morning Day Night
Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey
Pokemon 017Pidgeotto.pngPidgeotto
Pokemon 010Caterpie.pngCaterpie
Pokemon 011Metapod.pngMetapod Pokemon 011Metapod.pngMetapod
Pokemon 069Bellsprout.pngBellsprout
Pokemon 070Weepinbell.pngWeepinbell