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File:KotORII Map Cantina.png
Map of the Cantina

Entertainment Module 081[edit]

The Cantina door below the Dobo Brothers' Emporium in Entertainment Module 081 is on the right side of the cantina, in the top right corner of its gaming room.

Gaming Room[edit]

The gaming room is on the bottom right side of the cantina. The race master stands behind a counter in the middle of its right wall, and you can speak to him about swoop racing. The Pazaak player Mebla Dule stands by a table in the bottom left corner:

Mebla Dule: Hey there. Care for a game of pazaak? 4. Perhaps later.
2. Do you have any cards I could buy?
Mebla Dule
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Pazaak Card +/-1 200 1 Pazaak Card +/-4 100 1
Pazaak Card Flip 3&6 175 1 Pazaak Card +2 75 1
Pazaak Card Flip 2&4 150 1 Pazaak Card -2 75 1
Pazaak Card +/-3 125 1 Pazzak Card -3 25 1
Pazaak Card +1 100 1 Pazaak Card +5 12 1
Pazaak Card -1 100 1 Pazaak Card -5 12 1


3. I wanted to ask you some questions... Mebla Dule: Oh, I'm sorry - I'm only here to relax and play. So, you game for a game?
1. Let's play. Mebla Dule: Sure thing! Just for fun, or shall we lay some credit down?
1. Let's play for fun. 2. We'll play for credits. 3. Never mind. I'll be going now.
Mebla Dule: Let's have a seat and get to it, then! Mebla Dule: If you insist!

There are a female and male Telosian standing in the top left corner of the gaming room:

The war has really inflated prices here in the Outer Rim. Medical supplies are in short supply and high demand. It's good that Czerka's arrival has created new jobs on the Station, but I can't say I'm happy about all the mercenaries they've hired. The restoration project was going well until this latest contract dispute happened. I wish the Council would settle it and let the work continue.
Czerka's mercenaries are getting out of hand and they're too much for the TSF to handle. We need Republic troops to restore order. I heard that a crime syndicate has worked its way into the operation of Citadel Station. Contract negotiations are breaking down between the Council, Ithorians and Czerka. Why doesn't the Republic do something?

Entertainment Module 081[edit]

The cantina door by Entertainment 081's Information Terminal is in the bottom left corner of the cantina. There's a bar in the bottom right corner, with Benok, Matu and Nahata standing at its right end. If you approach them:

Benok: Ah, so you must be the Jedi everyone's been whispering about. No more trouble with the TSF, I hope?
2. I'm no Jedi.
Benok: I guess you haven't heard the popular rumors then. Jedi or not, you're the talk of the station. Everyone from the TSF to Czerka Corporation is curious about you.
1. Can I help you? 3. You should keep out of matters that don't concern you. 3. Leave me alone.
Benok: Perhaps you don't know who I am.
1. Can't say that I do. 2. Someone with an inflated view of himself? 3. You seem to be of the opinion that I care. 2. Who are you?
Benok: You haven't been on Citadel Station long, have you? Let me introduce myself. I'm Benok, the man in charge of Loppak Slusk's protection. You do know who Loppak Slusk is, don't you? The two gentlemen with me are Matu and Nahata, Slusk's finest men. Other than me, of course.
Luxa: Oh, leave the woman alone, Benok. I bet she'd come out on top if you fought. Luxa: Oh, leave the man alone, Benok. I bet he'd come out on top if you fought.
Benok: Now, Luxa, I meant no disrespect. You're probably Slusk's strongest woman.
Luxa: It's your skin, Benok. Just warning you - Slusk could easily replace you.
1. I don't want any trouble. 2. She's right. Mess with me and you're dead.
Benok: And I doubt you could cause any. Trading jabs with Luxa is hardly the entertainment I was looking for. Let's go. Benok: Well, we were just leaving anyway. Come on.
Luxa: Wise man.

The three leave, but Luxa remains at the bar. If you speak to the bartender droid behind the bar:

Bartender Droid: Welcome to the Entertainment Module 081 cantina. How can I assist you?
1. What sort of entertainment do you have here?
Bartender Droid: We feature Citadel Station's most talented all-Bith band around the clock, as well as live Twi'lek dancers, you won't find any holograms here. Casual pazaak players should be able to find a friendly match in the game room, or if you're a bit more seasoned, we have daily tournaments with some of the best players in the Outer Rim. Cards too slow for you? Try your hand at Citadel Station's swoop track and see if you can challenge the all-time records. Last but not least, we feature only the finest cuisine and beverages from Ryloth to Coruscant.
2. I'll be going now.

If you approach the Republic and Onderon soldiers on the left side of the cantina, then you'll overhear their conversation:

Republic Soldier: I don't understand your problem with the Republic. It's not like Onderon hasn't benefited from joining.
Onderon Soldier: It was one of the darkest days in our history. Talia sold Onderon to the Republic, and what did we receive in return? Nothing! In exchange for the blood of our soldiers, the prosperity of Iziz has been stripped to decorate dead planets like this.
Republic Soldier: Look, if it weren't for the Republic, you'd all be speaking Mandalorian by now.
Onderon Soldier: And because we accepted the Republic's aid, we should be indentured to them forever?
Republic Soldier: You make it sound like the Republic turned Onderon into a prison colony.
Onderon Soldier: Perhaps. Only that the Republic did not even conquer us - our own betrayed us and allowed the Republic to take what it would.
It's always the same story. When things are going well, no one ever thanks the Republic. Oh, but when the problems start, that's always where the fingers are pointed first. Well, if our treasury continues to be sapped for projects like this one, Onderon will be the next dead planet on the Outer Rim.

The Devaronian patron at the left table makes the same comments as a male Telosian, but you can't speak to the two Twi'leks at the right table.


Luxa stands at the top left corner of the bar in the cantina's bottom right corner, with a Gamorrean bodyguard to either side:

[The Gamorrean ignores you. He might not even speak Basic.]
Luxa: Hello there.
Luxa: Hmm, fresh blood at the cantina, enjoy. Your drinks are on me. We should talk, later.
1. Who are you?
Luxa: If you're asking me that, beautiful, you're better off not knowing. Luxa: If you're asking me that, handsome, you're better off not knowing.
Luxa: Tell you what, you just enjoy yourself, and if in the future we have business together, you can come back and we'll have a little chat.
2. I'll be going now.


If you deliver the replacement Restoration Droid to Residential 082 East's Czerka offices and then agree to work for Jana Lorso, then when you next speak to Luxa:

1. I'd like to meet with Loppak Slusk, I'm told you can arrange that.
Luxa: Is that all? What a disappointment. But yes, what you were told is true, I can arrange meetings with Loppak Slusk, but you'd have to give me a good reason.
1. I need to speak with him on behalf of Jana Lorso of Czerka. 2. What if I gave you something for your time?
Luxa: That's hardly reason enough. Tell you what. I heard about what you did down at the docks. Luxa: Keep your credits. It's nothing as mundane as that. Look, I heard about your little adventure down at the docks.
3. My reasons are my own. Luxa: A mystery woman, then? Luxa: A mystery man, then?
Luxa: Tell you what, I heard about what you did down at the docks.
Luxa: I could use someone capable like yourself to do some work for me. Just consider it a little test.
1. If I help you, you'll give me a meeting with Loppak Slusk? 3. I don't like playing games.
Luxa: If you prove reliable, yes. Luxa: No? How disappointing. But don't worry, in addition to setting up a meeting with Slusk for you, I'll also pay you for services rendered.
2. I'll do it, but you'd better hold up your end of the deal. 1. I take it there's no other way? Luxa: No.
Luxa: I'm a reasonable woman. Help me and I'll help you.
2. I'll have to think about it. Luxa: Ready to take me up on my offer?
Luxa: Don't think too long. 3. No, not yet. I'll be going now.
2. Let's get started then. 1. All right.
Luxa: Good. Rejection is just one of the many things I don't take kindly to.
1. What sort of work do you have for me? 2. So what's this test of yours?
Luxa: I need to make a transaction with two bounty hunters that have recently arrived on Citadel Station. Very simple, weapons for credits. I want you to go in my place, as my representative. They're being very careful and I'd rather not be bothered. Here. This case holds the weapons they'd like to purchase. I was not told the place of the meeting, only to go to the medical unit in Residential 082 and await a communication.
1. Sounds like a setup.
Luxa: They'd be very foolish if that was their plan. I'd hope they knew better than to try and cross the Exchange.
2. How many credits will I be receiving?
Luxa: In exchange for the weapons' case? 500. You'll receive your cut from that amount.
3. I'll be back with the credits. Luxa: And I'll be waiting.
Journal Entry Added The Exchange
Luxa will arrange a meeting with Loppak Slusk if you prove yourself as a reliable agent. She would like you to attend a meeting in her place.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 50 Agreed to prove yourself

Once you've completed Arms Dealing:

Journal Entry Added The Exchange
Luxa would like you to collect on the debt owed to the Exchange by Opo Chano, Czerka's droid technician.

Once you've settled the matter of Opo Chano's debt with Luxa:

Journal Entry Added The Exchange
Luxa has agreed to arrange a meeting between you and Loppak Slusk. You will be able to meet with him in the Bumani Exchange Corp. offices in Residential 082 East.

Arms Dealing[edit]

Journal Entry Added Arms Dealing
You are to perform a transaction for Luxa. She does not know the actual location of the exchange, only that you will be contacted in the medical unit of Residential Module 082 West with further instructions. You will be asked to go alone.

You need to prove yourself a reliable agent by going to Residential 082 West's Medical Facility and doing some Arms Dealing. When you return after completing the transaction:

Luxa: Still in once piece? I heard about a violent disturbance in Residential 082. Nothing to do with you, I'm sure.
1. You almost got me killed, Luxa. 2. I was lucky to make it out alive. 3. [Lie] Was there? It must have been something else.
Luxa: 'Almost.' I had enough faith in you to know that you could handle any on-the-job dangers that popped up. Luxa: No need to sell yourself short, I'm sure luck had nothing to do with it. Luxa: Odd. Well, at least the transaction was successful. It was successful, wasn't it?
Luxa: But you were you able to complete the transaction, right?
1. Yes, here are the 500 credits. 2. [Lie] No, I guess they never planned on paying up. 3. I think I'll keep the credits. Call it hazard pay.
Luxa: At least the deal is done and paid for. Here - your share. I wouldn't expect you to work for free. Luxa: Unfortunate. But they paid the price for trying to take advantage of the Exchange. Luxa: I see. Well, I suppose you earned it. Very well. Keep them.
Journal Entry Added Arms Dealing
You gave Luxa the 500 credits from the sale of the weapons.
Journal Entry Added Arms Dealing
You kept the 500 credits from the sale of the weapons.
Credits Lost: 500 Credits Received: 250
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Reported to Luxa after completing transaction

Opo Chano[edit]

Luxa: I've got some more work for you, if you're up for it. A matter of a rather sizeable debt owed to the Exchange.
2. You still don't trust me? Luxa: I trust you - why else would I request your help with Exchange business?
1. Just not enough to let me meet Slusk. Luxa: Precisely.
3. No, I want to meet with Slusk now. Luxa: And you will. I just need you to perform this one last service for me.
1. All right, give me the details.
Luxa: Right to the point. I like that. Opo Chano, one of Czerka's droid technicians, owes a sizeable gambling debt from his last stay on Nar Shaddaa. We've been patient with him, but we can only let a debt go unpaid for so long.
Atton: Oh, I know how that works. Gambler's down on his luck, almost out of credits and doesn't know what to do. Then bam, there's a credit line all ready to go.
Atton: His luck's got to change, right? So he makes a few more rounds of Pazaak - and he's desperate now, desperate to win - not knowing that the deck's stacked against him and those twenties are never coming. Next thing he knows, his luck still hasn't changed. In fact, the only thing that has changed now is he owes his life's worth to some Exchange boss and he's getting intimate with a stimmed-up goon with a fist the size of his face.
Luxa: Hey, that's the business. I can't be responsible for your lack of control.
Atton: Lack of control, why- Oh, never mind.
Luxa: You'll find Chano in Unit B2, Residential 082. Tell him his time is up, and we want those credits.
1. What if he doesn't have them?
Luxa: Then rough him up - put some fear into him. Make sure he understands the situation.
3. How do I know you're not sending me to get shot at again?
Luxa: Look, if I wanted you dead, I think I'd send some armed killers. And Chano's harmless. He's just a technician. I wouldn't worry yourself.
2. I won't be the Exchange's enforcer.
Luxa: Look, I don't care how you get the credits out of him. Just take care of it.
1. I understand. You'll have those credits back. 1. I'll see what I can do.
Luxa: Good. I knew I could count on you.
Journal Entry Added Opo Chano
Opo Chano owes a great deal of credits to the Exchange. Luxa would like you to collect his debt from him. He can be found in Apartment B2 in Residential Module 082 East.
Luxa: You've returned. Did Chano cough up those credits? 1. No, not yet. Luxa: Then get to it.

Apartment Complex B is at the right end of Residential 082 East, where you'll find Opo Chano in Apartment B2. If you told Opo Chano that you would repay his loan, and you have the credits:

1. Yes, here are the 2,500 credits. Credits Lost: 2500
Luxa: Already? It's a pleasant change to have someone who so diligently and successfully completes the tasks set before them. But then, I was fairly sure you were the capable sort.

If you lied to him about doing so, or you killed him:

1. [Lie] He refused to pay his debt. 1. He refused to pay, so I killed him.
Luxa: And? 1. I killed him.
Luxa: You killed him? And how do expect us to be able to collect credits from a corpse?
1. I figured you could just clear out any of his remaining assets. 2. That was of little concern. He needed to be taught a lesson. 3. I don't care. I wanted to kill him.
Luxa: True. He likely had a good supply of equipment and droid parts that he was to repair or use for repairs. We could sell them off and possibly recoup more than the 2,500 credits owed to us. Luxa: And I'm sure he learned it very well in the moments before his life ended. Luxa: I see. Well, at the very least, we should be able to sell his equipment and possessions and regain our losses that way.

If you told him to just run away, and how to do it:

1. [Lie] I could not find him. From what I can tell, he escaped the Station.
Luxa: Strange. I would not expect he'd be able to escape the Station without our knowledge. I'll have to look into it to see that this does not happen again.
Journal Entry Added Opo Chano
You settled the matter of Opo Chano's debt with Luxa.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Settled matter of Opo Chano's debt
Luxa: Before you say anything - yes, I will arrange the meeting with Slusk that you desired. But first, I was wondering if you might listen to a proposition. A business proposition, given your obvious abilities. Let me ask you an honest question - this meeting with Slusk you want, it's because Lorso's fed up with him, right? I feel the same way about Slusk, and I think it's time someone solved the problem. I think that maybe our interests lie in the same direction.
1. What's your problem with Slusk? 2. What direction is that? 3. If you want Slusk dead, I'll take him out for you.
Luxa: Now I know you're not dull enough that you can't read through the lines. Slusk's no good for anybody's business - yours, Lorso's or mine. But there's a problem, Slusk's boss, Goto. Now this Goto... he's rigid, ruthlessly efficient - and all he sees are numbers. Luxa: You really do get right to the point, don't you?

Luxa & Loppak[edit]

If you deliver the replacement Restoration Droid to Residential 082 West's Ithorian compound and then agree to speak to the Exchange boss Loppak Slusk on their behalf:

Luxa: You know, I heard about what happened at the docks. Can we talk for a bit?
4. No, not now.
Luxa: Oh, too bad. I hope you'll come back when you change your mind. So long, beautiful. Luxa: Oh, too bad. I hope you'll come back when you change your mind. So long, handsome.
Journal Entry Added Luxa & Loppak
Luxa wanted to talk to you about something, but you turned her down. She usually spends time at the cantina in Entertainment Module 081.
Luxa: Oh, back for a chat?
1. Yes, go on. 2. What do you want? 3. Perhaps. Who are you? 1. Thanks anyways. 2. So, what did you want?
Luxa: Oh, so forward. I like that.
Luxa: I handle vice - you know, spice, gambling, the good things in life - for the local Exchange boss, Loppak Slusk.
1. You're Exchange? 3. That's a list of my favorite things.
2. I'm not looking for trouble. Luxa: I knew you were my type when you walked in here. I wanted to clear up something with you about the bounty on your head.
Luxa: Don't worry, I won't make a move on you. That squid and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, you being one of them.
1. What do you mean? 2. What does this have to do with me?
Luxa: Look - are you really Jedi?
1. No. 2. I was, but not anymore. 3. [Lie] Yes, I'm a Jedi.
Luxa: Exactly. Luxa: Oh, oh... you haven't met a Zeltron before? We read emotions, you know. You're no Jedi. Not anymore, at least.
Luxa: This Exchange bounty has nothing to do with you - but Slusk, my boss, won't listen to me. Still, you seem a very capable sort. Tell me, are you a capable sort?
1. I'm capable, yes. 2. What does this have to do with anything? 3. No, I don't think so.
Luxa: Good, I like that in a woman. Luxa: Good, I like that in a man. Luxa: I think you're even tougher than you look, Jedi or not.
Luxa: So here it is - help me with Loppak Slusk, and I'll keep the Exchange off your back. Luxa: So here it is - help me with Loppak Slusk, and I'll keep the Exchange off your back - and find your missing ship.
1. What's your problem with Slusk?
Luxa: What, besides his being your typically slimy Quarren? Slusk works for Goto, out of Nar Shaddaa. Now this Goto; he's rigid, ruthlessly efficient, and all he sees are numbers.
Luxa: Goto keeps the squid around because he maintains a steady flow of income... yet it's only half of what I know it could be. I should be Citadel's boss - but Goto doesn't allow breaks in the chain of command. I can't go over Loppak Slusk's head, so I've got to take care of him myself. And I want your help.
3. I'm not killing your boss for you.
Luxa: So run him off Citadel, I don't care! Luxa: Look, until Slusk's out of the picture, he'll just keep sending men after you. And who do you think took the Ebon Hawk? It was stolen from the Exchange in the first place, you know.
Luxa: Look - until Slusk's out of the picture, he'll just keep sending men after you.
1. It was an Exchange ship?
Luxa: Indeed. The pride and joy of a man called Davik, the Exchange boss on Taris. How that ship escaped the Sith's destruction of Taris - and Davik along with it - I don't know. But no matter - it's a stolen ship.
3. No, I won't do it.
Luxa: If you're taking some sort of moral high ground, don't waste your time. Think how many men you'll have to kill, because you wouldn't stop Loppak.
2. How would this work?
Luxa: I can get you into the Exchange suites in Residential 082. They're west of the entrance. More than a few of the guards are in my pocket, so there shouldn't be too much resistance inside.
Luxa: When Slusk's out of the way, I'll clear up this bounty matter. Deal? Luxa: When Slusk's out of the way, I'll clear up this bounty matter and get your ship back. Deal?
2. I'll think about it.
Luxa: You do that. Come back when you've made up your mind. So long, beautiful. Luxa: You do that. Come back when you've made up your mind. So long, handsome.
Journal Entry Added Luxa & Loppak
Luxa - part of Citadel Station's local Exchange group - wants your help getting rid of her boss, a Quarren named Loppak Slusk.
4. No, forget it. 2. The answer's no. I'll be going now.
Luxa: Oh, too bad. I hope you come back when you change your mind. So long, beautiful. Luxa: Oh, too bad. I hope you come back when you change your mind. So long, handsome.
Journal Entry Added Luxa & Loppak
Luxa - part of Citadel Station's local Exchange group - wants your help getting rid of her boss, a Quarren named Loppak Slusk. You refused her offer.
Luxa: Oh, you're back. Going to take me up on my offer, hmmn?
1. It's a deal. 4. All right, I'll do it.
Luxa: We'll speak again, then. Best of luck, beautiful. Luxa: We'll speak again, then. Best of luck, handsome.
Journal Entry Added Luxa & Loppak
Luxa - part of Citadel Station's local Exchange group - wants your help getting rid of her boss, a Quarren named Loppak Slusk. She says she can get you into the Bumani Exchange Corp., an Exchange front, in Residential Module 082 East, and that many of the guards won't attack you.
Loppak Slusk is waiting, beautiful. Come back when you're done. Loppak Slusk is waiting, handsome. Come back when you're done.

You can now gain entry to Residential 082 East's Bumani Exchange Corp..

Czerka Mainframe[edit]

A Czerka employee named Corrun Falt stands front and center by the foot of the stage at the cantina's top end:

Corrun Falt: Is there something I can do for you?
2. What do you do at Czerka?
Corrun Falt: I'm Czerka employee, Citadel Station branch, number 85. Finally worked my way out of the trenches into a promotion. Then Czerka transferred me here to the Outer Rim to manage the military reclamation effort. That wasn't the worst of it, either. Now I've got Lorso as my new superior, and a career that's going nowhere.
1. What can you tell me about Czerka?
Corrun Falt: What's there to say? We're the only corporation with a branch on Citadel Station. Getting in early, as they say. If this whole Telos thing pans out, we could be in a great position. If Lorso doesn't screw it up, that is.
1. "Telos thing?" You mean the planet restoration?
Corrun Falt: Yeah. It's a long shot, considering the state of the Republic these days. Still, if it works out, the Republic may decide to start restoring other war-torn worlds. At least, that's what Czerka hopes. If we can integrate ourselves into the process, Czerka stands to make a tidy profit in the future.
1. How does Czerka profit from the restoration project?
Corrun Falt: Quite a few ways. As part of the Republic contract rewarded for a planet like Telos, Czerka is allowed to use the planet's natural resources to help fund and support the project. On top of that, the Senate's easy to negotiate with. They're liberal with the amount of credits they throw around, even with the Republic being in the shape its in. And of course, new planets mean new markets for Czerka products. All in all, a very good arrangement for us.
2. Tell me about Lorso.
Corrun Falt: Ugh, Jana Lorso. That woman's a... look, forget it. She's my superior, and that's that. She'll screw up soon enough, and then I'll move in for the kill.
1. How do you think she'll mess up? 2. Sounds like you're a little jealous. 3. I think you just have a problem with women.
Corrun Falt: What would you know about it, anyways? You didn't claw your way through the mass of faceless Czerka employees - to finally be rewarded with a meaningful posting, only to have it taken away by some woman who'd stoop to anything to get ahead. Corrun Falt: That's not the point. This has nothing to do with whether she's a man, woman, Duros or droid.
Corrun Falt: She's got her hands in too many dirty little - whoah. I think I've had a few too many drinks. I shouldn't be talking to you about this stuff. Just forget it.
3. Never mind. 3. I'll be going now.
Corrun Falt: So you're back.

If you work for the Ithorians then once Chodo Habat has asked you to access the Czerka Mainframe (if returning, you need to ask what he can tell you about Czerka or what he does at Czerka, then ask him to tell you about Lorso):

1. I want to talk to you about some information I need about Jana Lorso and Czerka. 1. Maybe I can help you.
2. I think I have a solution to your problem.
Corrun Falt: What? What do you mean?
1. There are some files I'd like to get my hands on. Files I imagine wouldn't make her look good if they went public. 2. I'm looking for information to give to the Telosian Council to expose her.
Corrun Falt: Wait - are you talking about accessing the mainframe? The Czerka mainframe? You're crazy! What are you, some kind of slicer?
1. I'm just looking for some dirt, that's all. 2. Something like that, yes.
Corrun Falt: Well, I'm sure there are a dozen sorts of dirt on Lorso in there. But it's a closed system.
1. A closed system? Corrun Falt: Means you can't get in remotely. You've got actually be in front of the mainframe to access it.
2. So how do I get in? Corrun Falt: This is a joke, right? You're CSD, aren't you? Loyalty test?

If you're persuasive enough, he'll tell you everything he knows without payment:

Low (Affect Mind) 1. [Force Persuade] This isn't a joke. You want to help me. Persuade 2. [Persuade (11)] Of course not. Look, our goals are compatible. I want dirt on Czerka...
Corrun Falt: [Success] You know, this is serious. I should help you out. Corrun Falt: [Success] ...and I want Jana Lorso looking dirty.


Corrun Falt: [Failure] ...and I want Jana Lorso looking dirty. Right, right. 3. No, I'm serious. How do I get in?
Corrun Falt: Look, this is a risky proposition. I'd be sticking my neck out. Way out.

If you're willing to move closer to the dark side of the Force, then you can follow him home to make him talk without paying:

2. [Persuade] Wasting my time is even more dangerous. Now tell me, while I'm still not hurting you.
Corrun Falt: What are you gonna do? Torture me in the middle of a crowded cantina? Get out of here. I don't have to take this.
2. [Wait until he leaves and follow him home.]


Persuade 1. [Persuade (5)] If Lorso's dirty, it's the right thing to do anyhow. Help me out.
Corrun Falt: [Failure] I... well... fine. 1000 credits and I'll find you a way in. No negotiating - take it or leave it. Corrun Falt: [Success] Yeah. Yeah, you're right. 500 credits and I'll find you a way in. No negotiating: Take it or leave it.
3. So it's a gamble. How much to cover your risk? 1. Wait - I can pay you.
Corrun Falt: 1,000 credits and I'll find you a way in. No negotiating - take it or leave it.
5. I'll be back with it.
Journal Entry Added Czerka Mainframe
Corrun Falt said he would find you a way into Czerka's mainframe for 1,000 credits.
Journal Entry Added Czerka Mainframe
Corrun Falt said he would find you a way into Czerka's mainframe for 500 credits.

If you return to Chodo Habat and say you need credits, he gives them to you! You can turn a profit if you get Corrun Falt to accept less:

Corrun Falt: So, do you have those 1,000 credits? Corrun Falt: Do you have those 500 credits?

If he's expecting 1,000 credits then he can't be persuaded to accept 500 or 300, and if he's expecting 500 then he won't accept 150:

2. [Persuade] How about 500 credits? 3. [Persuade] How about 300 credits? 3. [Persuade] I'll give you 150.
Corrun Falt: [Failure] Not a chance. I said 1,000, no negotiating.

If he's expecting 500 then he can be persuaded to accept 300, and in both cases he'll do so if you're sufficiently aware:

Awareness 4. [Awareness (11)] You're reaching. 300 would be enough. Persuade 3. [Persuade (7)] How about 300 credits?
Corrun Falt: [Success] Didn't I say-? Oh, forget it. 300 it is. Credits Lost: 300


1. Here you go, 1,000 credits. 1. Here you go, 500 credits.
1. Here's your 1000 credits. Now how do I get to those files? 1. Here's your 500 credits. Now how do I get to those files?
Credits Lost: 1000 Credits Lost: 500

Once you've persuaded or paid him:

Corrun Falt: All right. Other than Jana Lorso, only B-4D4 has free access to the mainframe. He's a protocol droid, her administrative assistant. If you controlled B-4D4, you could walk right in.
1. You mean, B-4D4 could walk right in.
Corrun Falt: Right, whatever. You could use B-4D4 to get into the mainframe.
2. But how would I get access to B-4D4? 3. Is that all? What a great help you are.
Corrun Falt: Let me finish.
Corrun Falt: Nearly all the Czerka technicians are planet-side these days, working the Recovery Zones we've taken from the Ithorians. We've contracted out the maintenance for the office's protocol and utility droids. The guy, Chano, lives in the apartments in Residential 082. Unit 2B, I think. If you had his credentials, B-4D4 would leave with you willingly.
1. All right. I'll be going now.
Journal Entry Added Czerka Mainframe
Corrun Falt told you that if you could get access to the Czerka office's protocol droid, B-4D4, you could access the mainframe. A technician named Chano, located in unit B2 in Residential Module 082 East, handles Czerka's droid maintenance.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 100 Corrun Falt told you B-4D4 could access mainframe
I've told you everything I know. I don't think we should be seen talking to each other anymore.

High Stakes[edit]

A Twi'lek dancer and another named Ramana are on stage at the top end of the cantina, accompanied by three Bith musicians:

Don't bother me while I'm working... I get paid to dance, not to talk.
[The musician is too busy playing to pay any attention to you.]

A Twi'lek named Doton Het stands to the right, nearest Ramana:

Doton Het: Wonderful sight, isn't it? The best of my dancers, and the best I've seen in many years.
1. Who are you? Doton Het: I am Doton Het, an entrepreneurial businessman here on Citadel Station. I deal in odds and ends, stuff that Czerka and the Dobo brothers have no interest in.
1. Odds and ends? Doton Het: Indeed. I run a loose business and my stock changes from day to day.
2. Could I look at your inventory?
Doton Het: Nothing quite so plebeian as that. I believe Samhan or Dendis Dobo would be more than willing to do business with you.
2. I'll be going now. Doton Het: Yes, I suspected as much. Run along now.

If you've spoken to Harra in Residential 082 East's Apartment A1 and asked who he is:

Doton Het: Ah, you've returned.
2. I've come on behalf of Harra. 1. I'd like to buy your dancing girl.
Doton Het: That one? Ah, it must be about Ramana, then. Fine, give me your proposal. Doton Het: Ramana? I can see you have a good eye. She is well-trained, exquisite. I would be reluctant to part with her.
1. How much do you want for her? 3. Is there something you want in exchange?
Doton Het: I am a man of many possessions. Inanimate objects, they bring me little joy. But to see the beauty of dance is a rare treat.
Doton Het: Credits? If it must be. The currency of the Republic is such a mundane way for businessmen to arrange their deals. But if that is the only way, I would accept no less than 2,000 credits for her.
1. [Persuade] That is a high price, perhaps 1500 would be more within reason.
Doton Het: [Failure] If it is not 2,000, then we have no deal.
3. I cannot afford that price. Doton Het: Then you will have to find another way.
2. Give me the girl, or I kill you. Doton Het: Must we be so rash? That is not the way to do business. If that is the way you wish to approach negotiations, I have no wish to deal with you.
1. You'll be dealing with my blaster.
Doton Het: It'll do you no good. Ramana has been outfitted with a transmitter. If you should kill me, I shall simply obliterate her. A waste, to be sure, but I feel you do not understand the nature of our relationship.
4. How about you wager her on a game of pazaak?
Doton Het: Ah! Now that is an interesting suggestion. The situation, ah, what a set-up. Ramana, lost by Harra in a pazaak game, to be wagered by Doton in another? I do like the way you think. There is merit to your suggestion. Fine, I shall place Ramana as a wager in a pazaak game. Against a wager of 1,000 credits of your own, I think.
2. I cannot afford that wager. Doton Het: A shame. I will leave you to find the funds to meet my wager then.
Journal Entry Added High Stakes
You spoke with Doton Het about Ramana. He is reluctant to part with her unless you can come up with 2,000 credits.
Journal Entry Added High Stakes
You spoke with Doton Het about Ramana. He would be willing to wager her against 1,000 credits.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 50 Spoke with Doton Het about Ramana
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 50 Suggested a wager

Save game before accepting the wager and playing Pazaak: winning costs nothing, but losing costs 1000 credits each time.

3. I am ready for our game.
Doton Het: Indeed? I hope you are skilled in the game, it has been quite some time since I have been reasonably challenged.
1. 1000 credits it is. Doton Het: Excellent. Let us play, then.
Credits Lost: 1000 Doton Het: Well played, but I'm afraid luck seems to be on my side today.
1. I'd like to try again. Doton Het: Very well. The stakes will remain the same. 1000 credits for Ramana.
2. Fine, 2000 credits. 2. I have your 2,000 credits. Doton Het: Well played, Name. It was a good set of games, though perhaps not enough to make up for losing Ramana. But I will keep to my word.
Credits Lost: 2000
Doton Het: Very well. I am sad to see her go, but it's true that it is always best to avoid becoming attached to anything, in my line of work. Our business is completed, and I would ask you to depart from here now. But do not hesitate to call upon me if you should have a further exchange. Ramana, your period of servitude to me is finished. Your ownership is transferred to this human.
Ramana: I see. In that case, I humbly submit to your wishes.
Journal Entry Added High Stakes
You paid Doton Het 2,000 credits for Ramana.
Journal Entry Added High Stakes
You beat Doton Het in a match of Pazaak and won Ramana.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Paid Doton Het for Ramana
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Beat Doton Het and won Ramana

If you simply replace Doton Het as Ramana's master then you move closer to the dark side of the Force, but you can collect her earnings the next time you speak to her, and after each level up:

2. Stay here. I will collect your earnings later. Ramana: As you wish, Master. Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Ramana: Hello, Name. I assume you've come for my earnings? 2. No, just to watch you dance.
3. I'll be going now. Ramana: Enjoy, then.
1. Yes, give them to me.
Ramana: Here you are. I hope that I will soon have fulfilled my debt to you. Ramana: So soon? I don't have anything for you right now.
Credits Received: 100 * character level

Otherwise, you can take her back to Harra in Apartment A1:

1. I am taking you back to Harra.
Ramana: Harra? Even after what horror he has submitted me to? But it is not my choice, it is yours.
1. Let's go.

If you return to speak to Doton Het:

It's a shame I had to give her up.

If you're not willing or able to pay or wager, then you can return to Harra to unlock a third option, and return here to speak to Luxa:

2. Do you know about Doton Het?
Luxa: Doton Het? Nothing other than that he seems to spend most of his time here in the cantina.
3. I need to rough him up.
Luxa: You don't need my approval for that.
1. I'm surprised the Exchange allows him to do his business freely. 2. Is he Exchange?
Luxa: I was unaware of his dealings. If it's true that he's cutting into the Exchange's territory, freelance, then we need to teach him a lesson. Boys, I'd like you to teach Doton Het a lesson about crossing the Exchange.
1. Is that necessary? With your word alone, I might be able to convince him.
Luxa: Some messages are best given with physical reinforcement. But if you insist, I suppose.
1. Thank you, Luxa.
Journal Entry Added High Stakes
Luxa of the Exchange was interested to hear about Doton Het's business dealings. She mentioned that the Exchange would be willing to help you teach Het a lesson.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 50 Spoke to Luxa about Doton Het

Doton Het won't give up Ramana for threats alone, but carrying them out moves you closer to the dark side of the Force:

1. If you do not give Ramana to me, I will tell the Exchange about your "business".
Doton Het: The Exchange? I hardly think they'd give any thought to an independent businessman, as myself. No, I won't give her up for threats alone.
1. I guess I'll leave it to them to change your mind.
Doton Het: Yes, we'll see about that. Did you have something else, or did you just plan to throw threats all day?
2. Thank you for your help, Luxa. 2. I've decided to take you up on your offer about Doton.
Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Luxa: Absolutely. We'll make sure Doton thinks a bit more carefully before cutting into Exchange business.