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In this section, you shall:

  • Learn how to play KotOR II
  • Repair the crumbling Ebon Hawk
  • Discover what happened to the vessel and its crew


Just after finalizing your player character, the typical Star Wars opening crawl begins and sets the stage for Knights of the Old Republic II, explaining the inter-war period following the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars. As the exposition ends, however, you notice that the Ebon Hawk is disabled and drifting in space near an asteroid field and a mysterious planetoid.

You then transport to the perspective of T3-M4, the same astromech droid from the first Knights of the Old Republic, before a narrative voice, seeming to come from the ship itself, begins speaking.

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Ebon Hawk: [The Ebon Hawk is adrift in space after a terrible battle. Most of its crew are dead or dying.]
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Ebon Hawk: [Name lays in the Medical Room in critical condition. He won't survive long without medical attention.] KotORII Icon Dialog.png Ebon Hawk: [Name lays in the Medical Room in critical condition. She won't survive long without medical attention.]
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Ebon Hawk: [The hyperdrive is damaged. Main power must be restored in order to bring the engines online and dock with the nearby Peragus mining station for much needed repairs.]
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Ebon Hawk: [Name's fate, and that of the Ebon Hawk, depend upon T3-M4, a lone Astromech droid.]

[Return to this location at any time to skip the Prologue.]
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. [Continue the Prologue.] KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. [Skip the Prologue.]

As described, the same options appear every time that you return to the starting location.

You can either choose to play as T3-M4 in the tutorial, or to skip the prologue entirely. No consequence comes from either choice, although the events of the prologue give some backstory to the plot later on. Additionally, first-time players are highly recommended to play it in order to learn the game controls. However, any items collected throughout this tutorial will not be transferred to you after its completion.

Learning the Basics[edit]

If you continue the prologue, you are given control of the expert droid T3-M4, albeit without weaponry or equipment and in a damaged state. You are given instructions on how to move, use items, navigate in-game menus, and perform other basic actions as time goes on. However, if you would like a walkthrough of this tutorial for completions' sake, check below for a full guide. Otherwise, explore the Ebon Hawk at your own leisure and get a feel for the game's mechanics and setting.

Gaining Access to the Main Hold[edit]

Roll down the cockpit hallway and into the room on the left, which the game reminds you is the security suite of the Ebon Hawk. Inside are a console and a plasteel cylinder. Access the plasteel cylinder to receive a computer spike, a type of logic ram that allows you to manipulate computers and programs. Using this spike, access the console and use the spike to unseal the access hallway. From here, the main hold has many containers and hallways leading to other areas of the ship, granting you liberty to complete your objectives in what order you please.

For the most efficient route, see the objectives below and complete them in the listed order.

Healing the Jedi Exile[edit]

As the narrative explained, your player character is in critical condition in the medical bay as a result of the battle that took place not long ago. Healing them is optional, but doing so grants you the objective completion. From the Main Hold, use your Security skill on the door to the south to open up a hallway leading to the engine room further down, the utility lift to the left, and the medbay just across from there. Unlock the medbay and move to the container in the back corner. There are three medpacs inside; use one of them on the Jedi Exile to heal them.

Although doing so shows use of the Treat Injury skill, T3 and other droids have no such skill, so you will only be able to use Treat Injury here as part of the tutorial. Later on, he and your other droid companions won't be able to utilize medical items.

Repairing the Hyperdrive[edit]

Exiting and heading right to the southernmost room leads you to a magnetically-sealed door. Inside is the engine room and the damaged hyperdrive. However, magnetically-seled doors cannot be bypassed with the Security skill, so you will need to blow open the hatch to get inside. Take the utility lift, which will move you onto the surface of the ship. Portside features explosives in the form of fragmentation mines, and starboardside features several loose panels with vestigial parts. Explore both sides of the Ebon Hawk's exterior to gather everything you need for this objective.

Getting close to the explosives causes visible bubbles to appear onscreen. The tutorial explains the mechanics of mines, specifically how they are spotted and what can be done to disable or disarm hostile mines. Move up to one and then click on it, being sure to select disarm mine rather than disable mine, as disabling them will not add them to your inventory. If you accidentally disable both of them, there is a proton missile lodged in the back of the ship, and you can extract a limitless number of frag charges from there. There is a ramp leading down to a broken quadlaser turret, which contains spare parts. Parts are used with the Repair skill in the same manner that computer spikes are used in Computer Use. You will need exactly 5 parts to successfully repair the hyperdrive, so be sure to scavenge 5 or more.

On the opposite side of the ship, there are several loose ports and panels containing out-of-order parts. Loot them to gain needed parts for accessing and repairing the ship. Before you leave, move to the front of the ship from this area and you will find a set of sparking wires exposed to the atmosphere. If you wish to access the garage as part of a later task, then expend some parts to override these wires. Return to the interior of the Ebon Hawk once you have cleared the exterior.

Returning to the sealed door to the engine room, set a mine on it and back away. The mine will detonate after roughly 3 seconds, jarring the door loose and allowing access to the hyperdrive. You may fix it now, or wait until you have finished the other optional objective: gaining access to the garage.

The Garage and Workbench[edit]

Unlike other the sealed doors aboard the Ebon Hawk, this one is sealed via a console in the main hold and cannot be blown open or lockpicked, the reason being is that it is keeping the ship from depressurizing since a large chunk of the hull near the garage has come away from the rest of the ship. However, you cannot open or close either the inner or outer doors remotely, so you will need a companion to assist you in this endeavor.

Moving down the hallway across from the door to the garage, there is a cargo hold containing some supplies and a malfunctioning droid, but you must first return to the main hold and obtain a key card from the corpse there. As you enter the cargo hold, you are given a brief explanation of NPC conversations before you can speak to 3C-FD, the malfunctioning droid at hand. With some spare parts, you can fix him up and then he will accompany you throughout the ship.

KotORII Icon 3C-FD.png
Name 3C-FD
Location Cargo Hold
Map Interior
World Ebon Hawk
Inclusion Optional
Class Expert Droid
Level 3
Strength 10 0
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 16 +3
Wisdom 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Attribute Base Total
Vitality 24 30
Force 0 0
Attack 3 5
Defense 10 14
Fortitude 1 3
Reflex 3 5
Will 1 1
Skill Base Total
Computer Use 6 9
Demolitions 3 6
Stealth No
Awareness 2 2
Repair 6 9
Security 6 9
Treat Injury No
Points per level
Equipment Feats
Force powers

Field Survival Pistol

Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol Droid Upgrade Class 3


In the back of the cargo hold are a locker and plasteel cylinder; these make up the combat tutorial, which is a safe activity that teaches you how the combat system works.

With 3C-FD in tow, return to the door to the garage and choose one of your two droids. Select solo mode from the bottom bar - this will place your following party members in a standby state wherein they will not follow you about. Leave one of the two droids just against the door and take the other into the main hold. From here, if you have not already bashed open the container opposite the terminal, do so now to obtain some computer spikes. Use the spikes to override the door controls and close the outermost door before opening the innermost. This will keep the interior pressurized while allowing the droid you left in standby mode inside the garage. Stay in standby mode as you do so until you are ready to reverse the process and return to the main section of the ship.

Inside the garage is a workbench, also with its own tutorial, which you can use with some broken items to create components which then can be made into a repair kit for T3-M4 to return him to full health. If you recall the sparking wires atop the Ebon Hawk's hull, having overridden them will grant you access to the dormitory section in the back, which contains a large number of parts and a droid flamethrower. The flamethrower can be equipped and used in the combat practice area.

Docking with the Mining Facility[edit]

Having finished off all of the tasks about the ship, you should now be familiar with the game's interface and are now ready to deliver the Ebon Hawk to safety. After patching up the hyperdrive, all you need do now is return to the cockpit and plot a course to the nearby mining facility at Peragus II using the navcomputer.

After doing so, however, you make a sinister discovery - someone, or something, had sealed itself in the storage room and has now broken out. It attacks you and you are knocked out as time lurches forward to a point after the prologue.