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Peragus II on the Ebon Hawk's Galaxy Map

After skipping or completing the Prologue, the battered freighter known as the Ebon Hawk docks successfully in the hangar bay of the Peragus mining station. If you completed the prologue rather than skipping it:

Galaxy Map: [The sensors show the door to the storage compartment is being sliced. There is someone - or something - else alive on the Ebon Hawk.]

The storage compartment in the main hold is burning as its blast door opens, revealing an HK-50 assassin droid armed with a blaster rifle!

Well, that can't be good...

Meanwhile, your main character has been taken from the Ebon Hawk to the mining station's medical bay, and put in a kolto tank to treat your injuries. As you float there, there's a voice in your head:

Kreia: :: Awaken. ::

The tank then drains, dropping you onto the floor, where you lie until you regain consciousness...