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To enable PC cheats, open swkotor2.ini (found in the game's root folder) and under [Game Options] add EnableCheats=1, then save. Press  `  in the game, then type a code (case-sensitive) before pressing  Enter .

Cheat Used is displayed across the screenshot for any game saved after entering a cheat code.

Code Function
bright Increase brightness of light sources for current map
dance_dance_revan Turn Revan into a dancing Twi'lek
heal Restore party leader to maximum Vitality and Force points
infiniteuses Toggle infinite use of useable items, shields, grenades, and droid special weapons and shields for current games (This applies to enemies as well)
invulnerability Toggle party invulnerability for current game (can be saved)
restartminigame Restart swoop racing or turret encounters
revealmap Toggle reveal map for current games
turbo Toggle increased character movement speed for current games
warp module Warp to module

Experience and -100 to 100 light and dark side points can be added (light or dark mastery is given if # is omitted).

Code Function
addexp # Add # Experience Points (XP)
addlevel Add total XP needed for next level
Code Function
addlightside # Add # light side points
adddarkside # Add # dark side points

Credits and items can be given: 99 items are given if # is omitted.

Code Function
givecomspikes # Give # Computer Spike(s)
givemed # Give # Advanced Medpac(s)
giverepair # Give # Advanced Repair Kit(s)
Code Function
giveitem item Give item
givecredits # Give # credits

Attribute and Skill values can be set from 3 to 99 and 0 to 99 respectively.

Code Function
setstrength # Set Strength to #
setdexterity # Set Dexterity to #
setconstitution # Set Constitution to #
Code Function
setintelligence # Set Intelligence to #
setwisdom # Set Wisdom to #
setcharisma # Set Charisma to #
setcomputeruse # Set Computer Use to #
setdemolitions # Set Demolitions to #
setstealth # Set Stealth to #
setawareness # Set Awareness to #
setpersuade # Set Persuade to #
setrepair # Set Repair to #
setsecurity # Set Security to #
settreatinjury # Set Treat Injury to #


Ebon Hawk
001EBO Interior - T3-M4
002EBO Exterior Hull
003EBO Interior
004EBO Interior - Red Eclipse Slavers
005EBO Interior - Sith Assault Troopers
006EBO Interior
007EBO Interior - G0-T0
101PER Administration Level
102PER Mining Tunnels
103PER Fuel Depot
104PER Asteroid Exterior
105PER Dormitories
106PER Hangar Bay
107PER Ebon Hawk turret encounter
151HAR Command Deck
152HAR Crew Quarters
153HAR Engine Deck
154HAR Command Deck
Citadel Station
201TEL Dock Module
202TEL Entertainment
203TEL Residential 082 East
204TEL Residential 082 West
205TEL Admiral Carth Onasi
207TEL Cantina
208TEL Bumani Exchange Corp.
209TEL Czerka Offices
211TEL Swoop racing
220TEL Suburban
221TEL Suburban cutscene
222TEL Entertainment Module 081
231TEL Restoration Zone
232TEL Underground Base
233TEL Czerka Site
261TEL Polar Plateau
262TEL Secret Academy
601DAN Khoonda Plains
602DAN Khoonda
603DAN Khoonda Plains
604DAN Crystal Cave
605DAN Enclave Courtyard
610DAN Enclave Sublevel
650DAN Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
Nar Shaddaa
301NAR Refugee Landing Pad
302NAR Refugee Quad
303NAR Docks
304NAR Jekk'Jekk Tarr
305NAR Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels
306NAR Entertainment Promenade
351NAR Goto's Yacht
352NAR Refugee Landing Pad
371NAR Swoop racing
401DXN Jungle Landing
402DXN Jungle
403DXN Mandalorian Ruins
404DXN Mandalorian Cache
410DXN Jungle Tomb
411DXN Sith Tomb
421DXN Space battle
501OND Iziz Spaceport
502OND Merchant Quarter
503OND Iziz Cantina
504OND Sky Ramp
505OND Turret encounter
506OND Royal Palace
510OND Swoop racing
511OND Merchant Quarter
512OND Western Square
701KOR Valley of Dark Lords
702KOR Sith Academy
710KOR Shyrack Cave
711KOR Secret Tomb
851NIH Command Deck
852NIH Bridge
853NIH Visas Marr cutscene
Malachor V
901MAL Surface
902MAL Depths
903MAL Trayus Academy
904MAL Trayus Core
905MAL Trayus Crescent
906MAL Trayus Proving Ground
907MAL Darths Nihilus, Sion and Traya
Ebon Hawk
950COR Ebon Hawk - Interior


Equipment Droid equipment Inventory
Ranged weapons
Melee weapons
Upgrade items


giveitem Packages
e_imp1_01 Reflex
e_imp1_02 Pheromone
e_imp1_03 Cardio
e_imp1_04 Strength
e_imp1_05 Response
e_imp1_06 Fitness
e_imp1_07 Skills
e_imp1_08 Health
e_imp1_09 Physical Boost
e_imp1_10 Mental Boost
giveitem Implants
e_imp2_01 Retinal Combat
e_imp2_02 Lornan
e_imp2_03 Biotech
e_imp2_04 Power
e_imp2_05 Alacrity
e_imp2_06 Insight
e_imp2_07 Skills
e_imp2_08 Durability
e_imp2_09 Physical Boost
e_imp2_10 Mental Boost
giveitem Systems
e_imp3_01 Bio-Antidote
e_imp3_02 Nerve Enhancement
e_imp3_03 Reaction
e_imp3_04 Advanced Combat
e_imp3_05 Bavakar Strength
e_imp3_06 Cardio Power
e_imp3_07 Skills
e_imp3_08 Numbness
e_imp3_09 Physical Boost
e_imp3_10 Mental Boost
giveitem D-Packages
e_imp4_01 Strength
e_imp4_02 Immunity
e_imp4_03 Perception
e_imp4_04 Enhancement
e_imp4_05 Immortality
e_imp4_06 Quickness
e_imp4_07 Skills
e_imp4_08 Universal
e_imp4_09 Physical Boost
e_imp4_10 Mental Boost


giveitem Head
a_helmet_01 Neural Band
a_helmet_02 Breath Mask
a_helmet_03 Rakatan Band
a_helmet_04 Stealth Field Enhancer
a_helmet_05 Bothan Perception Visor
a_helmet_06 Sonic Nullifiers
a_helmet_07 Interface Band
a_helmet_08 Targeting Visor
a_helmet_09 Shielding Visor
a_helmet_10 Spacer's Sensor
100_mask01 Survey Gear
giveitem Head
a_helmet_11 Regal Visor
a_helmet_12 Meditation Band
a_helmet_13 Bothan Sensory Visor
a_helmet_14 Arkanian Blinders
a_helmet_15 Combat Sensor
a_helmet_16 Multi-spectral Target Assessor
a_helmet_17 Consciousness Helm
a_helmet_18 Rebreather Mask
a_helmet_19 Das'skar Hunting Mask
a_helmet_20 Force Mask
giveitem Head
a_helmet_21 Sith Mask
a_helmet_22 Stabilizer Mask
a_helmet_23 Matukai Meditation Band
a_helmet_24 Target Assessor
a_helmet_25 Circlet of Saresh
a_helmet_26 Bindo's Band
a_helmet_27 Enhanced Shielding Visor
a_helmet_28 Force Shield
a_helmet_29 Absorption Visor
a_helmet_30 Force Focusing Visor


giveitem Hands
a_gloves_01 Insulated Gloves
a_gloves_02 Exchange Casual Gloves
a_gloves_03 None
a_gloves_04 Taris Survival Gloves
a_gloves_05 Accuracy Gloves
a_gloves_06 Gamorrean Gauntlets
a_gloves_07 Exchange Work Gloves
a_gloves_08 Czerka Defensive Gauntlets
a_gloves_09 Detonator Gloves
a_gloves_10 Unarmed Accuracy Gloves
giveitem Hands
a_gloves_11 Infiltrator Gloves
a_gloves_12 Jal Shey Perception Gloves
a_gloves_13 Gamorrean Wargloves
a_gloves_14 Eriadu Strength Amplifier
a_gloves_15 Karakan Gauntlets
a_gloves_16 Bothan Precision Gloves
a_gloves_17 Sith Power Gauntlets
a_gloves_18 Gamorrean Power Gauntlets
a_gloves_19 Nagai Combat Gloves
a_gloves_20 Kubaz Scoundrel Gloves
giveitem Hands
a_gloves_21 Automation Gloves
a_gloves_22 Jal Shey Meditation Gloves
a_gloves_23 Echani Accuracy Gloves
a_gloves_24 Zeison Sha Gloves
a_gloves_25 Dominator Gauntlets
a_gloves_26 Nikto Soldier Gloves
a_gloves_27 Ossluk's Gloves
a_gloves_28 Disruption Gloves
a_gloves_29 Improved Automation Gloves
a_gloves_30 Lightning Gloves


giveitem Armbands
a_band_c01 Name's Armband
a_band_x01 Nomi's Armband
a_band_x02 Vao Armband
a_band_x03 Ludo Kressh's Armband
giveitem Shields
100_fore01 Telos Mining Shield
a_shield_01 Energy Shield
a_shield_02 Mandalorian Melee Shield
a_shield_03 Arkanian Energy Shield
giveitem Shields
a_shield_04 Echani Shield
a_shield_05 Mandalorian Power Shield
a_shield_06 Echani Dueling Shield
a_shield_07 Verpine Prototype Shield


giveitem Belts
a_belt_01 Adrenaline Amplifier
a_belt_02 Cardio-Regulator
a_belt_03 Stealth Field Generator
a_belt_04 Czerka Utility Belt
a_belt_05 Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier
a_belt_06 Aractech SD Belt
a_belt_07 Strength Enhancer
a_belt_08 Systech Cardio-Regulator
a_belt_09 Hyper Adrenaline Amplifier
a_belt_10 Exchange Shadow Caster
100_belt01 Safety Harness
giveitem Belts
a_belt_11 Inertial Inhibitor
a_belt_12 Electrical Capacitance Shield
a_belt_13 Thermal Shield Generator
a_belt_14 Eriadu Stealth Unit
a_belt_15 CNS Strength Enhancer
a_belt_16 Exchange Utility Belt
a_belt_17 Immunity Belt
a_belt_18 Adrenaline Stimulator
a_belt_19 Nerve Amplifier Belt
a_belt_20 Jal Shey Belt
giveitem Belts
a_belt_21 Multishield Generator
a_belt_22 Defel Mimicker
a_belt_23 Frozian Scout Belt
a_belt_24 Tech Specialist Belt
a_belt_25 Aratech Cardio-Regulator
a_belt_26 GNS Strength Enhancer
a_belt_27 Qel-Droma Belt
a_belt_28 Immortality Belt
a_belt_29 Aratech Echo Belt
a_belt_30 Jal Shey Mentor Belt


giveitem Body
g_a_clothes01 Clothing
g_a_clothes02 Clothing (Variant 02)
g_a_clothes03 Clothing (Variant 03)
g_a_clothes04 Clothing (Variant 04)
g_a_clothes05 Clothing (Variant 05)
g_a_clothes06 Clothing (Variant 06)
giveitem Body
g_a_clothes07 Clothing (Variant 01)
g_a_clothes08 Clothing (Variant 07)
g_a_clothes09 Clothing (Variant 08)
g_a_clothes10 Clothing (Variant 09)
g_a_clothes11 Clothing (Variant Czerka)
g_a_clothes12 Clothing (Variant 11)
giveitem Body
a_light_x02 Atton's Ribbed Jacket
a_light_x09 Mira's Ballistic Mesh Jacket
g_danceroutfit Dancer's Outfit
mineruniform Miner Uniform


giveitem Robes
a_robe_01 Clothing
a_robe_02 Padawan Robe
a_robe_03 Dark Padawan Robe
a_robe_04 Baran Do Novice Robe
a_robe_05 Matukai Apprentice Robe
a_robe_06 Zeison Sha Initiate Armor
a_robe_07 Jal Shey Neophyte Armor
a_robe_08 Jedi Robe
a_robe_09 Dark Jedi Robe
a_robe_10 Norris Robe
a_robe_x01 Handmaiden's Robe
giveitem Robes
a_robe_11 Jal Shey Advisor Armor
a_robe_12 Gray Jedi Robe
a_robe_13 Jedi Knight Robe
a_robe_14 Dark Jedi Knight Robe
a_robe_15 Matukai Adept Robe
a_robe_16 Zeison Sha Warrior Armor
a_robe_17 Jedi Master Robe
a_robe_18 Dark Jedi Master Robe
a_robe_19 Baran Do Sage Robe
a_robe_20 Jal Shey Mentor Armor
giveitem Robes
a_robe_21 Ossus Keeper Robe
a_robe_22 Natth Cowling
a_robe_23 Arca Jeth's Robe
a_robe_24 Aleema Keto's Robe
a_robe_25 Sylvar's Robe
a_robe_26 Darth Malak's Armor
a_robe_27 Jolee's Robe
a_robe_28 Thon's Robe
a_robe_29 Crado's Robe
a_robe_30 Nomi's Robe

Light armor[edit]

giveitem Light armor
a_light_01 Light Combat Suit
a_light_02 Combat Suit
a_light_03 Heavy Combat Suit
a_light_04 Mandalorian Combat Suit
a_light_05 Zabrak Combat Suit
a_light_x08 Electromesh Suit
giveitem Light armor
a_light_06 Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit
a_light_07 Echani Light Armor
a_light_08 Massassi Ceremonial Armor
a_light_09 Mandalorian Heavy Suit
a_light_10 Zabrak Battle Armor
g_a_armrdfsuit Armored Flight Suit
giveitem Light armor
a_light_11 Ubese Environmental Suit
a_light_12 Echani Shield Suit
a_light_13 Reinforced Fiber Armor
a_light_14 Zabrak Field Armor
a_light_15 Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit

Medium armor[edit]

giveitem Medium armor
a_medium_01 Military Suit
a_medium_02 Light Battle Armor
a_medium_03 Echani Battle Armor
a_medium_04 Cinnagar War Suit
a_medium_05 Sith Battle Suit
a_khoonda Khoonda Militia Armor
giveitem Medium armor
a_medium_06 Bronzium Light Battle Armor
a_medium_07 Verpine Fiber Mesh
a_medium_08 Krath Heavy Armor
a_medium_09 Powered Light Battle Armor
a_medium_10 Krath Holy Battle Suit
giveitem Medium armor
a_medium_11 Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit
a_medium_12 Heavy Cinnagar War Suit
a_medium_13 Verpine Fiber Ultramesh
a_medium_14 Electromesh Armor
a_medium_15 Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor

Heavy armor[edit]

giveitem Heavy armor
a_heavy_01 Battle Armor
a_heavy_02 Heavy Battle Armor
a_heavy_03 Echani Heavy Armor
a_heavy_04 Durasteel Heavy Armor
a_heavy_05 Powered Battle Armor
a_heavy_x01 Mandalore's Armor
giveitem Heavy armor
a_heavy_06 Flex Heavy Armor
a_heavy_07 Mandalorian Battle Armor
a_heavy_08 Mandalorian Heavy Armor
a_heavy_09 Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh
a_heavy_10 Mandalorian Assault Armor
giveitem Heavy armor
a_heavy_11 Corellian Powersuit
a_heavy_12 M'uhk'gfa
a_heavy_13 Iotran Braceman Armor
a_heavy_14 Felenar Armor
a_heavy_15 Matrix Armor


Blaster pistols[edit]

giveitem Blaster pistols
w_blaste_01 Blaster Pistol
w_blaste_02 Ion Blaster
w_blaste_03 Field Survival Pistol
w_blaste_04 Sonic Pistol
w_blaste_05 Disruptor Pistol
w_blaste_06 Heavy Blaster
w_blaste_07 Scout Enforcer
w_blaste_08 Systech Aural Blaster
w_blaste_09 Republic Blaster
w_blaste_10 Aratech Droid Oxidizer
w_blaste_x05 Luxa's Disruptor
giveitem Blaster pistols
w_blaste_11 Arkanian Heavy Pistol
w_blaste_12 Mandalorian Blaster
w_blaste_13 Systech Static Blaster
w_blaste_14 Arkanian Sonic Blaster
w_blaste_15 Sith Disruptor
w_blaste_16 Mandalorian Heavy Blaster
w_blaste_17 Heavy Sonic Blaster
w_blaste_18 Watchman Blaster
w_blaste_19 Zabrak Blaster Pistol
w_blaste_20 Mandalorian Ripper
w_blaste_x20 Remote's Blaster
giveitem Blaster pistols
w_blaste_21 Aratech Ionmaster
w_blaste_22 Onasi Blaster
w_blaste_23 Dashade Sonic Blaster
w_blaste_24 Zabrak Heavy Blaster
w_blaste_25 Systech Electric Blaster
w_blaste_26 Micro-Pulse Blaster
w_blaste_27 Elite Watchman Blaster
w_blaste_28 Mandalorian Disintegrator
w_blaste_29 Dashade Sonic Disruptor
w_blaste_30 Freedon Nadd's Blaster
mininglaser Mining Laser

Blaster rifles[edit]

giveitem Blaster rifles
w_brifle_01 Blaster Carbine
w_brifle_02 Ion Carbine
w_brifle_03 Sonic Carbine
w_brifle_04 Blaster Rifle
w_brifle_05 Bowcaster
w_brifle_06 Repeating Blaster Carbine
w_brifle_07 Ion Rifle
w_brifle_08 Disruptor Carbine
w_brifle_09 Sonic Rifle
w_brifle_10 Repeating Blaster Rifle
d_hk47_01 Droid Assassin's Rifle
giveitem Blaster rifles
w_brifle_11 War Bowcaster
w_brifle_12 Arkanian Blaster Rifle
w_brifle_13 Disruptor Rifle
w_brifle_14 Argazdan Riot Buster
w_brifle_15 Bothan Droid Disruptor
w_brifle_16 Combat Enforcer
w_brifle_17 Heavy Repeating Carbine
w_brifle_18 Plasma Projector
w_brifle_19 Mandalorian Assault Rifle
w_brifle_20 Verpine Droid Disruptor
giveitem Blaster rifles
w_brifle_21 Ceremonial Bowcaster
w_brifle_22 Heavy Repeating Rifle
w_brifle_23 Charric
w_brifle_24 Zabrak Blaster Carbine
w_brifle_25 Slavemaster Stun Carbine
w_brifle_26 Onderon Repeating Carbine
w_brifle_27 Sonic Disruptor
w_brifle_28 Mandalorian Heavy Repeater
w_brifle_29 Verpine Droid Disintegrator
w_brifle_30 Zersium Rifle

Melee weapons[edit]

giveitem Melee weapons
w_melee_01 Short Sword
w_melee_02 Long Sword
w_melee_03 Energy Baton
w_melee_04 Quarterstaff
w_melee_05 Vibroblade
w_melee_06 Vibrosword
w_melee_07 Double-Bladed Sword
w_melee_08 Exchange Negotiator
w_melee_09 Gamorrean War Axe
w_melee_10 Zabrak Vibroblade
w_melee_x01 Handmaiden's Staff
w_melee_x12 Ludo Kressh's War Sword
giveitem Melee weapons
w_melee_11 Rodian Blade
w_melee_12 Sith War Sword
w_melee_13 Trandoshan Sword
w_melee_14 Force Pike
w_melee_15 Vibro Double-Blade
w_melee_16 Gamorrean Cleaver
w_melee_17 Rodian Death Blade
w_melee_18 Gand Silencer
w_melee_19 Ryyk Blade
w_melee_20 Trandoshan Double-Blade
w_melee_x02 Twi'lek Spinning Blade
vibrocutter Vibrocutter
giveitem Melee weapons
w_melee_21 Echani Vibrosword
w_melee_22 Sith Tremor Sword
w_melee_23 Gand Shockstaff
w_melee_24 Shyarn
w_melee_25 Arg'garok
w_melee_26 Geonosian Electro-Staff
w_melee_27 Tehk'la Blade
w_melee_28 Zhaboka
w_melee_29 Gand Discharger
w_melee_30 Freyyr's Warblade
w_melee_x03 Twi'lek Spinning Blade


giveitem Lightsabers
g_w_dblsbr001 Double-Bladed, Blue
g_w_dblsbr002 Double-Bladed, Red
g_w_dblsbr003 Double-Bladed, Green
g_w_dblsbr004 Double-Bladed, Yellow
g_w_dblsbr005 Double-Bladed, Violet
g_w_dblsbr007 Double-Bladed, Bronze
g_w_dblsbr008 Double-Bladed, Orange
g_w_dblsbr009 Double-Bladed, Silver
g_w_dblsbr010 Double-Bladed, Cyan
g_w_dblsbr011 Double-Bladed, Viridian
giveitem Lightsabers
g_w_lghtsbr01 Lightsaber, Blue
g_w_lghtsbr02 Lightsaber, Red
g_w_lghtsbr03 Lightsaber, Green
g_w_lghtsbr04 Lightsaber, Yellow
g_w_lghtsbr05 Lightsaber, Violet
g_w_lghtsbr07 Lightsaber, Bronze
g_w_lghtsbr08 Lightsaber, Orange
g_w_lghtsbr09 Lightsaber, Silver
g_w_lghtsbr10 Lightsaber, Cyan
g_w_lghtsbr11 Lightsaber, Viridian
w_ls_x01 Visas Marr's Lightsaber
giveitem Lightsabers
g_w_shortsbr01 Short Lightsaber, Blue
g_w_shortsbr02 Short Lightsaber, Red
g_w_shortsbr03 Short Lightsaber, Green
g_w_shortsbr04 Short Lightsaber, Yellow
g_w_shortsbr05 Short Lightsaber, Violet
g_w_shortsbr07 Short Lightsaber, Bronze
g_w_shortsbr08 Short Lightsaber, Orange
g_w_shortsbr09 Short Lightsaber, Silver
g_w_shortsbr10 Short Lightsaber, Cyan
g_w_shortsbr11 Short Lightsaber, Viridian
w_sls_x02 Freedon Nadd's Short

Droid equipment[edit]


giveitem Utilities
d_interface_01 Droid Optimized Interface
d_interface_02 Droid Stabilization Subroutine
d_interface_03 Droid Machine Interface
d_interface_04 Droid Lockout Bypass
d_interface_05 Droid Parabolic Guides
d_g0t0_01 Droid Stealth Booster
d_t3m4_02 Droid Self-Sustaining Unit
giveitem Utilities
d_interface_06 Droid Motivator Booster
d_interface_07 Droid Durability Upgrade
d_interface_08 Droid Agility Upgrade
d_interface_09 Droid Wisdom Upgrade
d_interface_10 Droid Exchange Interface
d_g0t0_03 Droid Singularity Projector
giveitem Utilities
d_interface_11 Droid Remote Interface
d_interface_12 Droid Anatomy Library
d_interface_13 Droid Scavenger Upgrade
d_interface_14 Droid Source Ripper
d_interface_15 Droid Systems Upgrade
d_g0t0_04 Goto Targeting Module


giveitem Sensors
d_tool_01 Droid Motion Tracker
d_tool_02 Droid Upgrade Slot
d_tool_03 Droid Surveillance Upgrade
d_tool_04 Droid Advanced Upgrade Slot
d_tool_05 Droid Reference Database
d_g0t0_02 Droid Omniscience Unit
giveitem Sensors
d_tool_06 Droid System Fortification
d_tool_07 Droid Fighting Upgrade
d_tool_08 Droid Perception Sensors
d_tool_09 Droid Memory Upgrade
d_tool_10 Droid Warfare Upgrade
d_hk47_03 Droid Assassination Module
giveitem Sensors
d_tool_11 Droid Battle Upgrade
d_tool_12 Droid CERS
d_tool_13 Droid CESS
d_tool_14 Droid CEPB
d_tool_15 Droid Micro-Optics

Special weapons[edit]

giveitem Special weapons
d_device_01 Droid Neural Pacifier
d_device_02 Droid Repulsor
d_device_03 Droid Flame Thrower
d_device_04 Droid Toxin Emitter
d_device_05 Droid Neural Scrambler
d_t3m4_01 Droid Shock Arm
g_d_firesupres01 Fire Suppression System
giveitem Special weapons
d_device_06 Droid Ion Striker
d_device_07 Droid Molten Cannon
d_device_08 Droid Carbonite Projector
d_device_09 Droid Plasma Thrower
d_device_10 Droid Bio-Assault Spray
g_d_blowtrch01 Blowtorch
giveitem Special weapons
d_device_11 Droid Carbonite Emitter
d_device_12 Droid Ion Blast Mark I
d_device_13 Droid Ion Blast Mark II
d_device_14 Droid Ion Blast Mark III
d_device_15 Droid Multi-spectral Emitter
g_d_blowtrch02 Advanced Blowtorch


giveitem Plating
d_armor_01 Droid Impact Armor Mark I
d_armor_02 Droid Modular Plating Mark I
d_armor_03 Droid Impact Armor Mark II
d_armor_04 Droid Desh Plating
d_armor_05 Droid Impact Armor Mark III
d_hk47_02 Droid Capacitor Armor
giveitem Plating
d_armor_06 Droid Modular Plating Mark II
d_armor_07 Droid Modular Plating Mark III
d_armor_08 Droid Agrinium Armor
d_armor_09 Droid Dura Plating Mark I
d_armor_10 Droid Quadranium Armor
giveitem Plating
d_armor_11 Droid Dura Plating Mark II
d_armor_12 Droid Diatium Plating
d_armor_13 Droid Energized Armor Mark I
d_armor_14 Droid Energized Armor Mark II
d_armor_15 Droid Energized Armor Mark III


giveitem Shields
d_shield_01 Droid Deflector Mark I
d_shield_02 Droid Deflector Mark II
d_t3m4_03 Droid Renewable Shield
giveitem Shields
d_shield_03 Droid Defense Barrier
d_shield_04 Droid Energy Collector
giveitem Shields
d_shield_05 Droid Deflector Mark III
d_shield_06 Droid Unity Grid


giveitem Useable
g_i_adrnaline001 Adrenal Strength
g_i_adrnaline002 Adrenal Alacrity
g_i_adrnaline003 Adrenal Stamina
g_i_adrnaline004 Hyper-adrenal Strength
g_i_adrnaline005 Hyper-adrenal Alacrity
g_i_adrnaline006 Hyper-adrenal Stamina
giveitem Useable
g_i_cmbtshot001 Battle Stimulant
g_i_cmbtshot002 Hyper-battle Stimulant
g_i_cmbtshot003 Echani Battle Stimulant
g_i_drdrepeqp001 Repair Kit
g_i_drdrepeqp002 Advanced Repair Kit
g_i_drdrepeqp003 Construction Kit
giveitem Useable
g_i_medeqpmnt01 Medpac
g_i_medeqpmnt02 Advanced Medpac
g_i_medeqpmnt03 Life Support Pack
g_i_medeqpmnt04 Antidote Kit
g_i_medeqpmnt08 Squad Recovery Stim


giveitem Miscellaneous
g_i_parts01 Parts
g_i_progspike01 Computer Spike
g_i_secspike01 Security Tunneler
g_i_secspike02 Security Spike Tunneler
g_i_wristlaunch Wrist Launcher
giveitem Miscellaneous
w_rocket_01 Explosive Rocket
w_rocket_02 Tranquilizer Dart
w_rocket_03 Buster Rocket
w_rocket_04 Kyber Dart
w_rocket_05 Plasma Rocket
giveitem Miscellaneous
w_rocket_06 Poison Rocket
w_rocket_07 Poison Dart
w_rocket_08 Piercing Dart
w_rocket_09 Paralysis Dart
w_rocket_10 Ion Rocket
w_rocket_11 Concussion Rocket


giveitem Grenades
g_w_adhsvgren001 Adhesive Grenade
g_w_cryobgren001 CryoBan Grenade
g_w_firegren001 Plasma Grenade
g_w_fraggren01 Frag Grenade
giveitem Grenades
g_w_iongren01 Ion Grenade
g_w_poisngren01 Poison Grenade
g_w_sonicdet01 Minor Sonic Detonator
g_w_sonicdet02 Sonic Detonator
giveitem Grenade
g_w_sonicgren01 Sonic Grenade
g_w_stungren01 Concussion Grenade
g_w_thermldet01 Thermal Detonator


giveitem Mines
g_i_trapkit001 Minor Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit002 Average Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit003 Blinding Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit004 Minor Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit005 Average Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit006 Deadly Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit007 Minor Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit008 Average Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit009 Deadly Plasma Mine
giveitem Mines
g_i_trapkit010 Minor Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit011 Average Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit012 Deadly Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit013 Minor Sonic Mine
g_i_trapkit014 Average Sonic Mine
g_i_trapkit015 Deadly Sonic Mine
g_i_trapkit016 Strong Flash Mine
g_i_trapkit017 Devastating Flash Mine
giveitem Mines
g_i_trapkit018 Strong Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit019 Devastating Frag Mine
g_i_trapkit020 Strong Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit021 Devastating Plasma Mine
g_i_trapkit022 Strong Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit023 Devastating Gas Mine
g_i_trapkit024 Strong Sonic Mine
g_i_trapkit025 Devastating Sonic Mine

Upgrade items[edit]


giveitem Overlays
u_a_over_01 Heat Shielding Mark I
u_a_over_02 Armorply Plating Mark I
u_a_over_03 Sound Dampening Mark I
u_a_over_04 Ablative Plating Mark I
u_a_over_05 Energy Shielding Mark I
u_a_over_06 Ballistic Shielding Mark I
u_a_over_07 Bonded Plates Mark I
u_a_over_08 Heavy Bonded Plates Mark I
u_a_over_09 Heat Shielding Mark II
u_a_over_10 Armorply Plating Mark II
giveitem Underlays
u_a_unde_01 Environment Mark I
u_a_unde_02 Biorestorative Mark I
u_a_unde_03 Armorweave Mark I
u_a_unde_04 Strengthening Mark I
u_a_unde_05 Flexible Mark I
u_a_unde_06 Durasteel Mark I
u_a_unde_07 Environment Mark II
u_a_unde_08 Biorestorative Mark II
u_a_unde_09 Armorweave Mark II
u_a_unde_10 Strengthening Mark II
giveitem Overlays
u_a_over_11 Sound Dampening Mark II
u_a_over_12 Ablative Plating Mark II
u_a_over_13 Energy Shielding Mark II
u_a_over_14 Ballistic Shielding Mark II
u_a_over_15 Bonded Plates Mark II
u_a_over_16 Heavy Bonded Plates Mark II
u_a_over_17 Heat Shielding Mark III
u_a_over_18 Armorply Plating Mark III
u_a_over_19 Sound Dampening Mark III
u_a_over_20 Ablative Plating Mark III
giveitem Underlays
u_a_unde_11 Flexible Mark II
u_a_unde_12 Durasteel Mark II
u_a_unde_13 Environment Mark III
u_a_unde_14 Biorestorative Mark III
u_a_unde_15 Armorweave Mark III
u_a_unde_16 Strengthening Mark III
u_a_unde_17 Flexible Mark III
u_a_unde_18 Durasteel Mark III
u_a_unde_19 Environment Mark IV
u_a_unde_20 Biorestorative Mark IV
giveitem Overlays
u_a_over_21 Energy Shielding Mark III
u_a_over_22 Ballistic Shielding Mark III
u_a_over_23 Bonded Plates Mark III
u_a_over_24 Heavy Bonded Plates Mark III
u_a_over_25 Heat Shielding Mark IV
u_a_over_26 Armorply Plating Mark IV
u_a_over_27 Sound Dampening Mark IV
u_a_over_28 Ablative Plating Mark IV
u_a_over_29 Energy Shielding Mark IV
u_a_over_30 Bonded Plates Mark IV
giveitem Underlays
u_a_unde_21 Armorweave Mark IV
u_a_unde_22 Strengthening Mark IV
u_a_unde_23 Flexible Mark IV
u_a_unde_24 Durasteel Mark IV
u_a_unde_25 Environment Mark V
u_a_unde_26 Biorestorative Mark V
u_a_unde_27 Armorweave Mark V
u_a_unde_28 Strengthening Mark V
u_a_unde_29 Flexible Mark V
u_a_unde_30 Durasteel Mark V


giveitem Firing chambers
u_r_firi_01 Broadening Chamber Mark I
u_r_firi_02 Amplifying Chamber Mark I
u_r_firi_03 Precision Chamber Mark I
u_r_firi_04 Beam Splitter Mark I
u_r_firi_05 Mandalorian Chamber Mark I
u_r_firi_06 Broadened Chamber Mark II
u_r_firi_07 Amplifying Chamber Mark II
u_r_firi_08 Precision Chamber Mark II
u_r_firi_09 Beam Splitter Mark II
u_r_firi_10 Mandalorian Chamber Mark II
u_r_firi_11 Broadened Chamber Mark III
u_r_firi_12 Amplifying Chamber Mark III
u_r_firi_13 Precision Chamber Mark III
u_r_firi_14 Beam Splitter Mark III
u_r_firi_15 Mandalorian Chamber Mark III
giveitem Power packs
u_r_powe_01 Ion Charger Mark I
u_r_powe_02 Power Pulsator Mark I
u_r_powe_03 Basic Rylith Power Cell
u_r_powe_04 Ion Charger Mark II
u_r_powe_05 Power Pulsator Mark II
u_r_powe_06 Standard Rylith Power Cell
u_r_powe_07 Ion Charger Mark III
u_r_powe_08 Power Pulsator Mark III
u_r_powe_09 Advanced Rylith Power Cell
u_r_powe_10 Ion Charger Mark IV
u_r_powe_11 Power Pulsator Mark IV
u_r_powe_12 Superior Rylith Power Cell
u_r_powe_13 Ion Charger Mark V
u_r_powe_14 Power Pulsator Mark V
u_r_powe_15 Pure Rylith Power Cell
giveitem Targeting
u_r_targ_01 Pinpoint Scope Mark I
u_r_targ_02 Accuracy Scope Mark I
u_r_targ_03 Targeting Scope Mark I
u_r_targ_04 Crippling Scope Mark I
u_r_targ_05 Pinpoint Scope Mark II
u_r_targ_06 Accuracy Scope Mark II
u_r_targ_07 Targeting Scope Mark II
u_r_targ_08 Crippling Scope Mark II
u_r_targ_09 Pinpoint Scope Mark III
u_r_targ_10 Accuracy Scope Mark III
u_r_targ_11 Targeting Scope Mark III
u_r_targ_12 Crippling Scope Mark III
u_r_targ_13 Pinpoint Scope Mark IV
u_r_targ_14 Accuracy Scope Mark IV
u_r_targ_15 Targeting Scope Mark IV


giveitem Energy cells
u_m_cell_01 Ion Cell
u_m_cell_02 Vibration Cell
u_m_cell_03 Enhanced Energy Cell
u_m_cell_04 Sonic Discharge Cell
u_m_cell_05 Ion Cell Mark II
u_m_cell_06 Vibration Cell Mark II
u_m_cell_07 Enhanced Energy Cell Mark II
u_m_cell_08 Sonic Discharge Cell Mark II
u_m_cell_09 Ion Cell Mark III
u_m_cell_10 Vibration Cell Mark III
u_m_cell_11 Enhanced Energy Cell Mark III
u_m_cell_12 Sonic Discharge Cell Mark III
u_m_cell_13 Ion Cell Mark IV
u_m_cell_14 Vibration Cell Mark IV
u_m_cell_15 Enhanced Energy Cell Mark IV
giveitem Edges
u_m_edge_01 Mild Devaronian Edge
u_m_edge_02 Basic Ionite Edge
u_m_edge_03 Basic Mullinine Edge
u_m_edge_04 Basic Neutronium Edge
u_m_edge_05 Moderate Devaronian Edge
u_m_edge_06 Improved Ionite Edge
u_m_edge_07 Improved Mullinine Edge
u_m_edge_08 Improved Neutronium Edge
u_m_edge_09 Severe Devaronian Edge
u_m_edge_10 Superior Ionite Edge
u_m_edge_11 Superior Mullinine Edge
u_m_edge_12 Superior Neutronium Edge
u_m_edge_13 Deadly Devaronian Edge
u_m_edge_14 Quadranium Edge
u_m_edge_15 Ostrine Edge
giveitem Grips
u_m_grip_01 Agrinium Grip
u_m_grip_02 Contoured Grip
u_m_grip_03 Zabrak Grip
u_m_grip_04 Basket Hilt
u_m_grip_05 Nagai Grip
u_m_grip_06 Advanced Agrinium Grip
u_m_grip_07 Advanced Contoured Grip
u_m_grip_08 Advanced Zabrak Grip
u_m_grip_09 Advanced Basket Hilt
u_m_grip_10 Advanced Nagai Grip
u_m_grip_11 Superior Agrinium Grip
u_m_grip_12 Superior Contoured Grip
u_m_grip_13 Superior Zabrak Grip
u_m_grip_14 Superior Basket Hilt
u_m_grip_15 Superior Nagai Grip


giveitem Energy cells
u_l_cell_01 Discharge Energy Cell
u_l_cell_02 Diatium Energy Cell
u_l_cell_03 Ion Energy Cell
u_l_cell_04 Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark I
u_l_cell_05 Improved Discharge Energy Cell
u_l_cell_06 Improved Diatium Energy Cell
u_l_cell_07 Improved Ion Energy Cell
u_l_cell_08 Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark II
u_l_cell_09 Superior Discharge Energy Cell
u_l_cell_10 Superior Diatium Energy Cell
u_l_cell_11 Superior Ion Energy Cell
u_l_cell_12 Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark III
u_l_cell_13 Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell
giveitem Emitters
u_l_emit_01 Deflection Emitter
u_l_emit_02 Disrupting Emitter
u_l_emit_03 Crude Phobium Emitter
u_l_emit_04 Fencing Emitter
u_l_emit_05 Improved Deflection Emitter
u_l_emit_06 Advanced Disrupting Emitter
u_l_emit_07 Synthesized Phobium Emitter
u_l_emit_08 Improved Fencing Emitter
u_l_emit_09 Expert Deflection Emitter
u_l_emit_10 Superior Disrupting Emitter
u_l_emit_11 Phobium Alloy Emitter
u_l_emit_12 Expert Fencing Emitter
u_l_emit_13 Refined Phobium Emitter
giveitem Lenses
u_l_lens_01 Synthesized Kunda Lens
u_l_lens_02 Dragite Lens
u_l_lens_03 Synthesized Byrothsis Lens
u_l_lens_04 Beam Gem Lens
u_l_lens_05 Vibration Lens
u_l_lens_06 Pure Kunda Lens
u_l_lens_07 Adegan Lens
u_l_lens_08 Pure Byrothsis Lens
u_l_lens_09 Improved Beam Gem Lens
u_l_lens_10 Improved Vibration Lens
u_l_lens_11 Ossus Dueling Lens
u_l_lens_12 Pontite Lens
u_l_lens_13 Enhanced Byrothsis Lens
giveitem Crystals
u_l_colo_01 Crystal, Blue
u_l_colo_02 Crystal, Green
u_l_colo_03 Crystal, Yellow
u_l_colo_04 Crystal, Red
u_l_colo_05 Crystal, Violet
u_l_colo_06 Crystal, Cyan
u_l_colo_07 Crystal, Silver
u_l_colo_08 Crystal, Orange
u_l_colo_09 Crystal, Viridian
u_l_colo_10 Crystal, Bronze
giveitem Crystals
u_l_crys_01 Crystal, Adegan
u_l_crys_02 Crystal, Rubat
u_l_crys_03 Crystal, Ruusan
u_l_crys_04 Crystal, Nextor
u_l_crys_05 Crystal, Dragite
u_l_crys_06 Crystal, Firkrann
u_l_crys_07 Crystal, Phond
u_l_crys_08 Crystal, Bondar
u_l_crys_09 Crystal, Velmorite
giveitem Crystals
u_l_crys_10 Crystal, Sigil
u_l_crys_11 Crystal, Jenruax
u_l_crys_12 Crystal, Kasha
u_l_crys_13 Crystal, Opila
u_l_crys_14 Crystal, Eralam
u_l_crys_15 Crystal, Stygium
u_l_crys_16 Crystal, Damind
u_l_crys_17 Crystal, Sapith
u_l_crys_18 Crystal, Pontite
giveitem Crystals
u_l_crys_19 Crystal, Upari
u_l_crys_20 Ultima-pearl
u_l_crys_21 Crystal, Solari
u_l_crys_22 Lorrdian Gemstone
u_l_crys_23 Barab Ore Ingot
u_l_crys_24 Ankarres Sapphire
u_l_crys_25 Crystal, Kaiburr
u_l_crys_21x Crystal, Qixoni
u_l_crys_x23 Crystal, Hurrikaine
Name Crystal
Level Black, Very Dark (0) Dark, Dark (1-39) Grey, Neutral (40-60) Light, Light (51-99) White, Very Light (100)
1 qcrystal_1_0 qcrystal_1_1 qcrystal_1_2 qcrystal_1_3 qcrystal_1_4
12 qcrystal_2_0 qcrystal_2_1 qcrystal_2_2 qcrystal_2_3 qcrystal_2_4
15 qcrystal_3_0 qcrystal_3_1 qcrystal_3_2 qcrystal_3_3 qcrystal_3_4
18 qcrystal_4_0 qcrystal_4_1 qcrystal_4_2 qcrystal_4_3 qcrystal_4_4
21 qcrystal_5_0 qcrystal_5_1 qcrystal_5_2 qcrystal_5_3 qcrystal_5_4
24 qcrystal_6_0 qcrystal_6_1 qcrystal_6_2 qcrystal_6_3 qcrystal_6_4
27 qcrystal_7_0 qcrystal_7_1 qcrystal_7_2 qcrystal_7_3 qcrystal_7_4
30 qcrystal_8_0 qcrystal_8_1 qcrystal_8_2 qcrystal_8_3 qcrystal_8_4
33 qcrystal_9_0 qcrystal_9_1 qcrystal_9_2 qcrystal_9_3 qcrystal_9_4

Nintendo Switch[edit]

Click in the left joystick three times and a cheats menu pops up, allowing you to scroll through and select the following options:

  • Add 1000 experience
  • Add 5000 experience
  • Add 10000 experience
  • Toggle Turbo Speed
  • Create Item
  • Toggle Invulnerability
  • Increase Alignment by 5
  • Decrease Alignment by 5
  • Toggle Hologram