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File:KotORII Map Ebon Hawk.png
Map of the Ebon Hawk

Party interactions can take place when you enter the Ebon Hawk: some take precedence over others rather than following immediately afterward, so you may need to leave and return to the Ebon Hawk to trigger later interactions.


The cockpit is at the top end of the Ebon Hawk, where Atton sits on the top left side of the cockpit.

Galaxy Map[edit]

The Galaxy Map on the bottom left wall of the cockpit allows you to travel to different worlds.


Communications is through the doorway on the right side of the corridor between the cockpit and the main hold of the Ebon Hawk. The security system allows you to access cameras to locate party members:


T3-M4 moves between communications and the engine room at the bottom end of the Ebon Hawk, and if Hanharr joins your party on Nar Shaddaa then he paces around the bottom half of the Ebon Hawk: both will only stop moving if you tell them to do so.

At some point after HK-47 is fully repaired, he enters communications as T3-M4 works there alone:

HK-47: Statement: My memory core has suffered some damage.
HK-47: Statement: Yet somehow, a gap in my circuits makes me feel as if I should remember you.
HK-47: Statement: This is all the more important since during my routine inspection of all potential escape routes from this vessel, I made an interesting discovery.
HK-47: Observation: The navicomputer is voice-locked. As a consequence, you are now responsible for course corrections and astrogation.
HK-47: Statement: That is indeed a great burden. It also raises many questions.
HK-47: Query: Why would someone lock the navicomputer? Answer: Presumably to hide where one has been.
HK-47: Statement: I believe you've been somewhere, somewhere you wish to keep hid-

T3-M4 shocks HK-47 until he drops to the deck, smoking:

T3-M4: Dwooooooooo.

Main Hold[edit]

The main hold is in the center of the Ebon Hawk. Once G0-T0 joins your party on Nar Shaddaa, he's found on top left side of the main hold. Once Mandalore joins your party on Dxun and Onderon, he's found on the bottom left side of the main hold.

If < 26 Influence > 74 with T3-M4 then, when you enter the Ebon Hawk, T3 and Atton are making repairs in the main hold:

T3-M4: Dee-deeet. Atton: Well, check it again. It can't be anything else.
T3-M4: Dee-deeet. Atton: Just check the damn connector. I don't trust the diagnostics anymore than I trust you.
T3-M4: Deee-reet? Atton: Because I don't like droids. They break. In the head.
T3-M4: Dee-deeet. Atton: Well, whatever you call that thing on your... head.
T3-M4: Dee-deeet. Atton: Yeah, well, if I'm mean to you, it's because I care.

Storage Compartment[edit]

The storage compartment is open on the top right side of the main hold. A damaged HK unit is found here until fully repaired. If Mira joins your party on Nar Shaddaa, then she's also found in this storage compartment.


The medical bay is through the doorway on the left side of the corridor between the main hold and the engine room. If your character is female then once the Disciple joins your party on Dantooine you find him here.

Port Dormitory[edit]

The port dormitory is on the left side of the Ebon Hawk, and Kreia is found here.

Exit Ramp[edit]

The exit ramp is in the top side of the corridor between the main hold and the starboard dormitory. If you try to use it after leaving Peragus II or the secret academy on Telos before using the Galaxy Map to travel anywhere:

[You may not leave the Ebon Hawk while in transit.]

Starboard Dormitory[edit]

The starboard dormitory is on the right side of the Ebon Hawk. Once Visas joins your party she's found here.

Cargo Hold[edit]

The cargo hold is on the bottom left side of the Ebon Hawk. If your character is male then once the Handmaiden joins your party she's found here.

Garage & Workbench[edit]

The garage is on the bottom right side of the Ebon Hawk, with a Workbench by its top left wall. Once Bao-Dur has joined your party he and his remote are found here, as is HK-47 if fully repaired.

Once G0-T0 joins your party on Nar Shaddaa, when you enter the Ebon Hawk G0-T0 and Bao-Dur's remote encounter each other in the main hold before G0-T0 speaks to Bao-Dur in the garage:

G0-T0: Iridonian, if I might have a moment? Bao-Dur: What is it, Goto?
G0-T0: I have spent some time in the presence of your remote, and the upgrades you have performed on him are quite adequate... I am impressed with your work, though less so with your remote itself.
Bao-Dur: What's wrong with my remote?
G0-T0: I find his use of resources - energy spent on frivolous things - to be an unsightly waste. But it is obvious you have some skill, however slight, in the upgrading of machines. I want you to provide me with similar upgrades.
Bao-Dur: I should be able to do something. I will see what I can do next time I have a free moment.


Bao-Dur: If you've got some time, I'd like to see what I can upgrade for you.
G0-T0: Yes, I do have a few moments to spare for your work. I would like to know what he is doing here, though.
Bao-Dur: He helps me out with repairs. That isn't a problem, is it?
G0-T0: I suppose not. Perhaps in working on my circuitry, your assistant will learn something about how a fully-functional droid is constructed.
Remote: Beep-bop-bop-BIP-BIP-BIP!
Bao-Dur: Just ignore him and let's get to work.
G0-T0: I would appreciate that. Our group has little in the way of time to spare, and I would not want to delay you from your other duties.
Bao-Dur: Right, let's get you open and see what you can do.
Bao-Dur: I have to say, you are put together quite well. There wasn't much to do.
G0-T0: As I told you, my design is streamlined and efficient, though I am pleased that you were able to make some improvements, and this was not just a waste of my valuable time.
Bao-Dur: There were a few things from my Remote that I was able to integrate into your construction.
G0-T0: I see... Well, thank you. I'll let you get back to your work.
G0-T0: [G0-T0 has received a permanent +1 bonus to his Dexterity.]

Once HK-47 is fully repaired:

G0-T0: Ah, HK-47. I did not realize that you still existed... especially now that the other generations are activated.
HK-47: Query: What is it you wish, fat one?
G0-T0: I see that your recent re-assembly has not affected your behavior core - nor your attitude.
HK-47: Statement: If I require a similar diagnostic in the future, I shall seek out the Iridonian.
G0-T0: Oh, I do not think so. There is much work that needs to be done first.

Engine Room[edit]

The engine room is at the bottom end of the Ebon Hawk.