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You play as T3-M4 as he navigates the Peragus Hanger Bay. You begin in an area called the Storage Room.

There's two footlockers, one in the southeast and one in the west, where you can find supplies, as well as a broken droid.

Item(s) Received: Footlocker


Chemicals (2)

Sonic Grenade

Item(s) Received: Footlocker


Components (3)

Item(s) Received: Broken Droid

Repair Kit (2)

There's a sealed door on the east side, but you won't be able to open it even by bashing.

Someone has purposely welded this door shut. You'll need to blast it open with explosives.

You'll have to pick one of the two Low Security Doors. Going through the west one first will open a room with two Mining Droid Mark I units, but T3 should be able to slowly pick them off. One of them may drop some remains:

Item(s) Received: Remains

Minor Sonic Detonator (2)

Going down the ramp, you'll encounter two more of these droids in the next room. There's a container here that you might also want to loot.

Item(s) Received: Plasteel Cylinder

Adrenal Alacrity

Repair Kit

The corridor leads down to the Peragus Fuel Depot sub-level. You will need to go down there in order to get repair parts.

There's a broken droid in your field of view when you enter.

Item(s) Received: Broken Droid

Components (3)

Past the two doors:

Item(s) Received: Corpse

Datapad: Peragus Depot Survey

Deadly Sonic Mine (3)

Droid Ion Striker

Item(s) Received: Broken Droid

Parts (2)


Droid Ion Blast Mark I

Collecting from this droid gives the following popup.

This wrecked droid contains a special droid-based item that when equipped, allows droids to perform special attacks against opponents. This destroyed droid contains an ion blaster, which is extremely effective against droid opponents and energy shields. It only has a limited number of charges, after which it is destroyed.

When you return from where you came, the two droids that you cleared to get there will respawn with shields, which are much harder for T3 to kill. You should either equip the loot you found, or use ion grenades to one-shot them.

Back at the storage room, opening the south door will grant you a cutscene that pans to a view of the Ebon Hawk. You won't be able to open the doors on either side of the ramp:

This emergency blast door is magnetically sealed, and no amount of security or explosives will open it. You'll need to override it from a console.

On the platform there is a computer with two footlockers on either side. You can use T3-M4's security skill to get access; they have identical contents.

Item(s) Received: Footlocker

Repair Kit

You should turn your attention to the Hanger Control.

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Hanger Control: PERAGUS HANGAR CONTROL
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Hanger Control: [Repair] Several parts have been removed from this console and a laser drill has been used on a number of sub-systems.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Hanger Control: [Repair] Despite the sabotage however, the console's basic functionality was intended to be restored quickly by replacing the missing parts.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Log out.


KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. [Repair] Replace the missing parts. [1 Part(s)]
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Hanger Control: [Failure] You'll need some basic parts to restore this console. KotORII Icon Dialog.png Hanger Control: PERAGUS HANGAR CONTROL

Once you repair the system,

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Hanger Control: PERAGUS HANGAR CONTROL