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Nar Shaddaa on the Galaxy Map

After leaving hyperspace, your party gathers in the main hold of the Ebon Hawk:

Atton: Well, here we are... the smuggler's moon. It's the gaping maw of Nal Hutta, swallowing all the cargo and space port thugs the galaxy has to offer. Mandalorians, mercenaries, war veterans, and pilots from the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War ended up on Nar Shaddaa, from all sides of the conflict. When the last war ended, there was no place left for them to go.
Mandalore: Too many Mandalorians were scattered after the war. Without purpose and without direction, most became little more than raiders.
Atton: Nar Shaddaa's a rough place and easy to get lost in... or for someone to get lost. If we wanted to keep out of sight from the Sith for a while, you couldn't pick a better spot.
1. What's Nal Hutta?
Atton: It means "glorious jewel" in Huttese, but don't let that fool you. It's the central breeding grounds of the Hutts - Nar Shaddaa orbits it. Nal Hutta's as slimy as the Hutts, lots of swamp and bloated gas. It's where those slugs reach out and grab chunks of the galaxy. Trust me, we're not going to go anywhere near the place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next few years.
2. So there's lots of ex-soldiers on Nar Shaddaa?
Atton: Yeah, some came looking for work running freight and cargo. Still, there's only so many ships to go around and so many workers. So others lend their weapons to the Hutts and the Exchange. It's become a prime base for raider recruitment across the galaxy.
3. How hard would it be to find a Jedi here? 4. How hard will it be to hide here?
Atton: It won't be easy. There's so much traffic on Nar Shaddaa, finding anyone on the moon's surface is going to be hard. Atton: Shouldn't be too hard. There's so much traffic on Nar Shaddaa, finding anyone on the moon's surface is going to be hard.
Atton: We're going to touch down in the Refugee Sector. There's a lot more traffic there, and it's harder for people to spot you coming in... or find you once you arrive.
Awareness 2. [Awareness (5)] You sound like you've been here before. Kreia: You speak of this place as if it is familiar to you.
Atton: Anyone flying the star lanes has docked on Nar Shaddaa at least once. I wouldn't want to live there, and I doubt anyone does by choice.
1. What's the Refugee Sector?
Atton: Not everyone who came to Nar Shaddaa were soldiers. A lot of worlds were destroyed by the Mandalorians... and the Jedi. It left a lot of people wandering the galaxy.
5. Then let's take the Ebon Hawk in for a landing.
Atton: I've plotted a course for the Refugee Sector, and we should touch down within the hour. Once we're down, we should finally be able to breathe easy. There's no way anyone's going to find us here.

Meanwhile, the Exchange boss Goto addresses a motley crew aboard his yacht:

Goto: Perhaps you have heard that the Jedi comes to Nar Shaddaa.
Goto: While she walks upon the smuggler's moon, she is not to be harmed. Observe her, track her, but do not eclipse her movements - or I shall eclipse yours. Goto: While he walks upon the smuggler's moon, he is not to be harmed. You may watch him, observe his movements, but nothing more.
Hanharr: Why must we watch?! We have hunted them so long - now we must wait?
Goto: You must because one Jedi attracts others. It is the way of things.
Azanti Zhug: Goto's head is filled with madness. Zhug family hunt the galaxy, look for Jedi. Jedi finally comes here, and we can no longer hunt? There is no sense to it.
Twin Suns: If you wish to live, you should respect Goto's wishes.
Twin Suns: The beautiful Jedi has run for years... she will not stay on this moon forever. Twin Suns: The handsome Jedi has run for years... he will not stay on this moon forever.
Hanharr: Hnnhr... let the Zhugs defy Goto. And after I've collected their bounty, I'll keep their heads as trophies.
Azanti Zhug: You best leave threats unspoken, Hanharr. You were carried too far from world of trees, maybe too far. I hear you not even collect life-debt from little red-maned human female. She make fool of you twice. If she had crossed Zhugs, she would be very dead now.
Hanharr: Goto or not, I will carve a bloody swatch through your entire family, Zhug - I swear it to you.
HK-50: Request: If Goto's vessel is no longer neutral ground, inform us so that we might initiate assassination protocols and commence firing at once.
Twin Suns: It would be unwise to commit violence here. Goto's order was clear.
Twin Suns: We are not to harm the beautiful Jedi while she walks on Nar Shaddaa. Twin Suns: We are not to harm the handsome Jedi while he walks on Nar Shaddaa.
Twin Suns: Unless we are attacked first. We are permitted to defend ourselves.
HK-50: Observation: Jedi follow the self-destructive path of pacifism and tolerance. They will not attack first.
Twin Suns: This Jedi is different.
Twin Suns: Yes, there is a darkness in her. Twin Suns: Yes, there is a darkness in him.
Twin Suns: Goto told us to leave the Jedi alone, it is true.
Twin Suns: But he said nothing of the Jedi's companions.

Ebon Hawk ID Signature[edit]

Your party has disembarked from the Ebon Hawk in the Refugee Landing Pad:

Atton: Ah... the beautiful stench of decay and desperate living.
Kreia: This moon... it teems with life. It is difficult to center oneself.
Visas: Never have I been to a place so alive with the Force, yet so dead to it. The contrast is like a blade.
Atton: Welcome to Nar Shaddaa: towering buildings kilometers high and miles deep, with canyons so wide you could have a dogfight in them. Word of warning - watch where you step, or you'll fall for hours.
1. Are we going to be okay on this landing pad?
Atton: Sure, most of the landing pads around here are unclaimed... or should be. They're pretty badly maintained, so they're not safe to land on. Well, I mean, not this one, but they all have the reputation, so we should be all right. I think.
2. The Ebon Hawk looks a little exposed.
Atton: Maybe a little, but landing here means we didn't have to transmit our ID signature, and you know what trouble that always brings. In fact, while we're here, we should get those signatures changed. Wouldn't make us such a target when we enter a new system.
3. Any problems with the docking authorities?
Atton: No, but I forgot to tell them we were landing. The Refugee Sector's a dead zone, no one cares too much who flies in and out of here as long as they're not carrying cargo that the Exchange or the Hutts might want a piece of.
4. Is this the Refugee Sector?
Atton: Yeah, in all its glory. Don't get your hopes up from what you see here, though - as soon as we hit the main sector, that's when the smell... and the mobs... can get pretty bad.
5. Then let's move on.
Atton: All right, then, let's move out. Uh, where are we headed, exactly?
Kreia: It does not matter where we go... if what we seek is here, we shall come upon it in due time.
Atton: Uh... yeah. If you want to stay on the ship and meditate some more, don't let us stop you.

If Atton hasn't already said you should get the Ebon Hawk's ID signature changed while you're here after you comment on it looking a little exposed, he does so now:

Atton: Whatever we do, I say we get the Hawk's ID signature changed while we're here. Might keep us from being a target when we enter a new system.
Disciple: It is not your choice, Atton, it is hers. What is it you wish to do? Atton: What is it you wish to do? Handmaiden: It is not your choice, Atton, it is his. What is it you wish to do?
1. I'm just looking for a place to lay low.
Atton: Then just being here should be enough. People in the Refugee Sector don't tend to ask too many questions, we should be safe enough.
2. I wouldn't mind getting some new equipment.
Atton: There should be a central trading hub up ahead - their stock's probably not the best, but they may have some things worthwhile.
3. I want to find out more about this bounty on Jedi.
Atton: Well, that means finding either a bounty hunter, a ranking member of the Exchange, or someone willing to talk - none of which are too appealing. Bounty hunters and the Exchange are going to want to shoot you, and someone who is willing to talk is willing to talk to anyone, which means trouble.
Kreia: The bounty is a waste of our efforts. All that matters is the Jedi - the intentions of the thugs of this moon are of no consequence.
Disciple: Forgive me, but these bounty hunters pose a threat to her. Their persistence is unusual - and if they are not stopped, one of them may prove lucky. Handmaiden: This bounty poses a threat to him. We do not need two beasts at our back when the Sith are enough.
Visas: I agree. They are nothing more than a distraction, but even a distraction may prove fatal at a critical moment.
Visas: We must protect her. Visas: We must protect him.
Handmaiden: I do not wish your support, Dark Jedi - your words only undermine my arguments.
Kreia: If you are so certain of your path then do what you will; I care not. Kreia: If you are so certain of your path then do what you will, servant of Atris.
Atton: It's up to you. There's bound to be someone in the Sector willing to spill their guts for a credit or two.
4. If Zez-Kai Ell is here, I want to find him.
Kreia: Finding a Jedi or anyone else touched by the Force here will be difficult... the mass of people, the rush of their emotions... it makes detection difficult.
Visas: The moon is a swarming cloak, a shadow of emotions. It is an effective shield - but if we come near the Jedi, I may be able to see him. Kreia: But this moon does not get any smaller while we wait. This sector is as good as any place to begin our search, so let us begin.
Disciple: If you come within striking distance of the Jedi, then the search may be over before it's begun. Handmaiden: You will not come near the Jedi - I will not allow it.
Visas: You mistake my intentions. I care nothing for this Jedi. But if finding him will speed our journey, then I will aid you in your search.
Disciple: It is not my place to say whether you should aid us in our search. If you do, however, you may cause the Jedi we seek to mistake our intentions. Handmaiden: We do not need your assistance, Dark Jedi.
Kreia: Enough. This moon does not get any smaller while we debate. This sector is as good as any place to begin our search, so let us begin.
Atton: Well, if we're going to search a moon of a few billion inhabitants for one Jedi that even our own can't sense, might as well start as soon as possible.
5. Be silent and come with me. 6. Let's see where our path takes us.
Atton: All right. If you have any questions, just ask. We should be able to leave the ship here as long as we want, no one supervises these landing pads anymore.
Journal Entry Added Ebon Hawk ID Signature
Atton mentioned that while on Nar Shaddaa, it would be a good idea to get the ID signature of the Ebon Hawk changed.

You can enter Tienn Tubb's Shop in the bottom left quarter of the landing pad and ask Tienn Tubb if he can change a ship's ID transponder codes, but you cannot get the transponder card required for him to do so until you've done enough on Nar Shaddaa to gain the attention of Visquis of the Exchange.

Landing Rights[edit]

As you might be coming to expect, Atton's wrong about no one supervising these landing pads anymore, as you're approached by Quello, the landing pad master:

Quello: You! You there!
Atton: Uh-oh.
Quello: What's with you, letting that piece of junk sink its struts into my landing pad?
Impossible 1. [Force Persuade] I think it'll be fine where it is. 5. It's a landing pad - ships land on it. 6. Is there some kind of problem? 7. I don't have time for this.
Quello: [Success] It'll be fine where it is? Yeah, I guess you're right. Quello: No? Really? Thanks for the insight. And here I was, thinking you were a smart human. Quello: The problem is, you're on my landing pad. Quello: Neither do I, so stop wasting mine.
Quello: [Failure] ...and by right, I mean you're wrong. Telling me it'll be "fine" where it is, what, you think I'm stupid?
Quello: I got another ship coming in, and unless you want that piece of junk's hull crushed flat, you'd better move it. Got it? Quello: Now, either get that piece of junk off my piece of junk, or you're going for a two-kilometer walk to the ground.
1. What other ship?
Quello: That's none of your business. All you need to know is that they're going to be firing up their quad lasers if they find your ship squatting there when they arrive.

You move closer to the dark side of the Force if you try to persuade him that the Hutts or the Exchange told you you could land here, even if you fail, but you only receive experience if you succeed:

Persuade 2. [Persuade/Lie (11)] The Hutts told me I could land here. Persuade 3. [Persuade/Lie (9)] The Exchange told me I could land here.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Quello: [Failure] Yeah? And the Hutts told me one day I'd own all of Nal Hutta. Looks like we both been told wrong. Quello: [Failure] Does it look like there's a blaster hole in my head? You haven't had any dealings with the Exchange - you're too green.
Quello: Now, either get that piece of junk off my piece of junk, or you're going for a two-kilometer walk to the ground. Quello: You keep that piece of junk here, then you gotta pay. Cough up the credits, and there won't be any trouble.


Quello: [Success] Yeah? Well, this is the first I've heard of it. Hutts don't do business down here - this is Exchange territory. Quello: [Success] Yeah? Well, this is the first I've heard of it. Tell you what, let me check it out - if you're cleared, then you're clear, no trouble.
1. They're doing business down here now, and that's all you need to know. 2. Times are changing. So should you. 3. I don't have time for this. Stand aside. 1. Go ahead, contact them. I'll wait here. 2. Check it out. I'll be sure to let the Exchange know you delayed me from making my drop.
Quello: Hmmm. Ah, never mind, it's not worth the trouble.
Quello: I got a ship that's supposed to dock on this pad any hour now. What am I gonna do? Quello: I gotta tell you, though, I got another one of your ships docking here within an hour... I'm not sure what to tell them.
1. Divert it to another landing pad. 2. I'm sure you'll think of something. 3. Let them burn their engines until we've left, then they can land. 4. I couldn't care less. I'll be going now.


7. Get out of my way, or they'll never find your body. 3. The Exchange also told me if you gave me any trouble, I could kill you.
Dark Side Points Gained: -1
Quello: Eh, well, heh-heh! Don't let me hold you up, then, hm?
Quello: You call the shots... but this is gonna be trouble, I can feel it.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Persuaded Quello the Hutts or the Exchange told you you could land here

If you fail to persuade him you were told you could land here, or you're unwilling to move closer to the dark side of the Force, it's easier to persuade him if you offer to pay for the space (although it's not necessary to pay him then and there, so don't):

Persuade 4. [Persuade (4)] I can pay for the space... and your time.
Quello: [Success] Yeah? Right now, all I'm hearing is talk. How much you offering? Quello: [Failure] You couldn't afford it, even if I was interested. Now clear that wreck waiting to happen off my landing pad.
7. I've got some equipment I can trade you.
Quello: What do I look like, a flying backpack? Credits is the language around here, not scrap.
4. 200 credits... when I return. 5. 100 credits... when I return. 6. 50 credits... when I return. Awareness 6. [Awareness (5)] 50 credits... and I'm guessing you can wait until I return.
Quello: Hmmm. Well, I got your ship, and that's worth more than that if you decide to cheat me. All right, it's a deal.


1. 200 credits. 2. 100 credits. 3. 50 credits. Awareness 3. [Awareness (4)] I'm guessing 50 credits ought to be enough.
Quello: Done! Pleasure doing business with you.
Credits Lost: 200 Credits Lost: 100 Credits Lost: 50

If all else fails, the following is the quickest and easiest way to end this dialog:

4. Junk? You're lucky my ship's gracing your trash heap. 5. You're lucky my ship's gracing your trash heap.
Quello: Eh? My trash heap? Hnh. Fine, land there! My trash heap's all that's keeping your ship from making the final plunge. And trust me, it won't be long in coming, I promise you.
Quello: I got some visitors booked for your space, but I'm sure the two of you can work it out when they arrive.
Journal Entry Added Landing Rights
You managed to convince the landing pad master, Quello, to let the Ebon Hawk dock on the Refugee Sector landing pad. He said it would cause some trouble, since another ship was scheduled to dock there.

If you try to speak to Quello again before he leaves:

[Quello seems to be ignoring you.]

You can only complete this Landing Rights quest after entering and exiting the Refugee Quad in the bottom wall of the landing pad.