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File:KotORII Map Dormitories.png
Map of the dormitories

Airlock to Asteroid Exterior[edit]

Airlock to Dormitories allows you to enter from the asteroid exterior at the south end of the dormitories. If you try opening the airlock outer door behind you:

The airlock door has sealed and locked behind you.

However, you'll be able to return to the dormitories later once Kreia and Atton have joined your party upon returning to the administration level, so they can help do anything optional that you couldn't do by yourself.


Shift Assignment Console[edit]

West Dormitory[edit]

East Dormitory[edit]


Turbolift Access Console[edit]

Code to open turbo lift. ... = 3 -x.. = 17 -... = 13 X = 5 X.. = 7 This is the correct code 7, 5, 13, 17, 3

Turbolift to Administration Level[edit]

The turbolift to Peragus dormitories is at the west end of the administration level. As you approach the emergency blast door in front of you, it opens to reveal Kreia:

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: I have felt a disturbance... our enemy is here. We must leave at once.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Then let's go.


KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Enemy?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: The one that fired upon the Ebon Hawk as we attempted to rescue you... and he will not let us go without blood being shed.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. If he didn't bring an army with him, then he's the one in trouble. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. So what? If he's willing to bleed a little, that's more entertainment for me. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Wait - who is this enemy?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: You know much of battle - enough to know that this is a battle you cannot win. KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: The story is a long one, and time is short. Come - we must go, and quickly.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. We'll see. Where should we go? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Then you stay here and rot - I'll take care of this "enemy." KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. All right. Let's go.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. "We?" There is no "we" here.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: We are together in this matter, you and I... what affects you, affects me. There can be no division in our actions, or everything is lost.
KotOR Icon Dark.png Dark Side Points Gained: -1
1. I'm not letting some old scow hold me up - I travel alone.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: I realize that you have traveled alone ever since the Mandalorian Wars, but that time of self-reflection is over. ...and if you cannot see beyond yourself and your own needs, then you should know that I have the only means of accessing the Ebon Hawk's navicomputer. Without it, we both are trapped here.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. As soon as we're off this rock, I'm going to find a nice little asteroid to drop you off on for the rest of your short life. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. All right, then - let's go.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Kreia: We need to make our way to the docking area on this level. I fear the airlock has already opened, and if so, we must be on our guard. If we cannot reach the Ebon Hawk, then we must find a way to escape on the ship that has docked here.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. [Kreia has joined your party. When she is in your active party, her Mentor special ability gives everyone a bonus to earned experience points.]

If you try to remove her, and later Atton, from your party:

You are unable to change your party at this time.

If you speak to her again at any point before moving into the Harbinger's engine deck:

KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: What is it? This is not the time for questions.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Your cryptic stand-offish routine is starting to anger me.
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: And your stubborn blindness to our situation is equally frustrating. I would have expected more from a war veteran, but yet you disappoint me.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. It's time for answers. Who's pursuing us? And why? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Maybe if you told me who these attackers chasing us are, we could settle this.
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: They are assassins, and they are responsible for attack on the Ebon Hawk - and the Harbinger. I did not expect them to find us so quickly. We must escape this facility. If we remain here, then we will die.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Very well. Let's keep moving.

Go straight ahead to return to Atton in the communications blister to the east. As you approach the emergency hatch, two Sith assassins decloak behind you, but take no action before continuing to follow you and cloaking once more: you won't encounter them again in this level, but forewarned is forearmed...

Medical Bay Murders[edit]

As you and Kreia enter the administration level's communications blister and run towards Atton:

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Atton: What in space is going on? Who's this? Another Jedi? What, did you guys suddenly start breeding when I wasn't looking?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. It'll take too long to explain. We have to leave. Now. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Atton, there's no time to explain - grab a weapon, and follow me. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Shut up and get out of my way, Atton.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Atton: Uh... all right. I'm guessing that Republic ship that just docked isn't carrying friends of yours.
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: I hope your talent for understatement is offset by your skill with a blaster. If not, then I fear our time together will be short indeed.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Atton: Yeah, and I'm also good at running and drinking, your majesty. And even if you two aren't big friends of the Republic, that warship's the only way off this station.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. [Atton has joined your party. As long as he isn't the last party member standing, he can't be knocked out, and his saving throws improve the more he's wounded.]

As you all run out of the communications blister, you're confronted with a new arrival from the turbolift to Peragus fuel depot to the east:

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Good thing we have a clear run to the shi...
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Threat: Master, perhaps I did not enunciate clearly the last time we spoke. I suggested that you should shut down, stay put, and wait for rescue.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. What do you mean?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Clarification: Master, your well-being is of the highest importance to me. I was forced to intercede here on Peragus to ensure your survival.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. No, you were clear, I just don't listen to assassin droids. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Since when do assassin droids care about preserving life? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. I don't need any lectures on right or wrong from an assassin droid.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Clarification: 'Assassin droid' is such a crude term, master, reserved for durasteel drones uploaded with only the most archaic kill-programs. The function I perform has been referred to as 'wanton slaughter.' I prefer to see it as a means of facilitating communication, resulting in the termination of hostilities.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. After all the deaths you've caused, "rescue" is hardly the term I would use. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. If by "intercede," you mean murder, then you've got your definitions mixed up. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Whatever you say, "murder" still means "murder" to me.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Correction: I am not here to be argue semantics, master, so I will simply inform you that you are wrong - as were those recently-corrected miners.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Are you the one who killed all the miners in the medical bay?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Indignant Answer: Master, the miners intended to place you in jeopardy. I could not allow that to take place, so I was forced to negotiate a termination of hostilities. After reprogramming the mining droids to "mine" any organics they perceived, they began to kill the miners one by one. Then a series of flawlessly timed explosions drove the miners into their dormitories - where I was able to gas them all at once without wasting time hunting them through the mining tunnels. I then administered a large dose of sedatives to the remaining miners in the medbay, enough to kill them but ensure you slept peacefully. Of course, against my calculations, you awakened from your tank prematurely. I am ashamed by the inconvenience that caused for both of us.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. And so you ordered the mining droids to kill me?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Answer: You misunderstand me, Master. Those droids were there to guard you. As I said, I did not anticipate you awakening from the tank. You are quite a hardy specimen for a Jedi, a ronto among humans, if you will indulge me the metaphor. Besides, as you proved, Master, such droids could never pose a threat to a Jedi... the droids were custodial in nature, cleaning the facility of other distractions.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Why did you want to capture me?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Answer: It is beyond the scope of my programming to probe the motivations of my clients, master. Suffice to say that I am being well compensated for my services. You have been a difficult target to find. You have been wandering the galaxy since the end of the Mandalorian Wars, leaving little record of your passage. It is as if you did not wish to be found... by hunters such as myself, or more likely, the Jedi Order.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. You found me. Obviously I didn't do a good job. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. How did you find me? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. How did you manage to find me in the first place?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Admission: It was a matter of chance, Master. I happened to be serving as a protocol droid on the Harbinger when you booked passage. After that, it was a simple matter to sabotage the Harbinger and call for a retrieval.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Irritated Statement: However, when the Ebon Hawk appeared and salvaged us from the wreckage, I was forced into a series of rapid recalculations, culminating in our current situation.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Who is this client of yours?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Chiding Answer: My programming renders me incapable of revealing the indentity of my client, master. However, I am free to say that my client is wealthy, and very interested in possessing the last of the Jedi.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. So what now? Are you going to kill me?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Answer: No, Master, killing you was never the intention. If you resist my attempts to return you to your kolto tank, however, I may inadvertently fracture your skeleton in several places to incapacitate you.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 4. I don't want to fight you, but I will if you leave me no other choice. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 5. Enough of this - you won't take me without a fight. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 6. I'm tired of listening to you - prepare to be scrapped.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png HK-50 Assassin Droid: Resignation: Very well, Master. If inflicting pain is the only means to resolve this matter, then you leave me no choice.
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Medical Bay Murders: Bonus Mission
You discovered that the "protocol droid" that stowed away on board the Ebon Hawk was a sophisticated assassin droid called HK-50. HK-50 admitted to killing the miners in an attempt to keep you sedated long enough for him to ship you off the station and collect the bounty on your head. You are not certain how he did it, however.
KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 200 Discovered HK protocol droid was an assassination droid

Four floating mines appear in a line between you. If you simply continue running up the ramp in the southwest corner to the docking port, you'll find the docking door is sealed. If you try to open it:

[This airlock door looks like it has been sealed by the assassin droid - you will need to defeat him to gain access.]

KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received: KotOR Icon Item(s) Received.png Item(s) Received: HK-50 Assassination Droid
KotOR Icon XP.png Experience Points (XP) Received:

This device looks like an HK vocabulator unit that allows a droid to speak and communicate with others.

If you speak to Atton again at any point before leaving Peragus:

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: What is it? Why are we stopping?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. What do you know about Peragus? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. I need to know what you know about Peragus.
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: I know we need to get out of here. Like I said, it's a minefield looking for any excuse to blow.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. So why were you locked up again? KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Can you tell me why you were locked up here, at least?
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Look - I'd be happy to share my whole life story with you when we aren't getting chased by assassin droids, all right? KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Look - I'd be happy to share my whole life story when we aren't getting chased by assassin droids and Sith troops, all right?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Nothing. Let's keep moving. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. All right. Let's keep moving, then.

When you go up the ramp in the southwest corner to the docking port, the docking door is now open and you can enter the Harbinger command deck.