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After leaving the Secret Academy on Telos, your party gather in the main hold of the Ebon Hawk:

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Now we're off that dejarik board of a planet, I say we burn sky until we see lines.
KotORII Icon T3-M4.png T3-M4: Breep-de-deet. Rreep-bewreep.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. He said there was a holo record of my trial in Atris' records. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. There is a holo record of the day I was exiled. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. If you have the holo, T3, play it. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 4. Might as well show it. It's just history now.
KotORII Icon Kreia.png Kreia: We seem to have found it.

The holo record shows your trial before the Jedi Council on Coruscant:

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Master Vash: But she may never discover the truth. And she will never know why we cast her out. KotORII Icon Dialog.png Master Vash: But he may never discover the truth. And he will never know why we cast him out.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Master Vrook: Then that is the future we must accept.

The holo record ends:

KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: Those Jedi sure like their secrets, don't they?
KotORII Icon T3-M4.png T3-M4: Dwoooooo.
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Lost Jedi
T3 found a secret holo-recording of your trial at the hands of the Jedi Council, and it also revealed the supposed whereabouts of other Jedi scattered throughout the galaxy – according to the record, Master Vrook travelled to Dantooine, Master Vash went to Korriban, Master Zez-Kai-Ell went to Nar Shaddaa, and Master Kavar went to Onderon. There is no telling if any of them are still alive, but there is a chance they know why you were exiled and know more of this Sith threat that pursues you. If you can gather them all, maybe you can kill them... or convince them to gather on Dantooine.

If your character is male, the Handmaiden now walks in:

KotORII Icon Dialog.png Handmaiden: Those are Atris' records you have stolen.
KotORII Icon Atton.png Atton: What the hell are you doing on our ship?
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Handmaiden: I have come to join you. I can help you against this threat.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. I don't care - you're going back.
Influence Lost: Handmaiden
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Handmaiden: We cannot go back. The defense screens around the Telos Academy may have allowed your shuttle through once, but they will not let another vessel through again. I possess the codes for deactivating them, but I will not give them to you.
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. I will take whatever help I can get. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. When you put it like that, then welcome aboard.
Influence Gained: Handmaiden
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. Look, forget Atton. Take the regular quarters, we have enough room. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 2. Don't let them bother you - we've just been through a lot.
Influence Gained: Handmaiden
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Handmaiden: It is no matter. I am used to worse conditions. But... thank you for your kindness.


KotORII Icon Dialog.png 3. Fine. Just stay out of our way. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 4. I know you're here to spy for Atris. So watch yourself. KotORII Icon Dialog.png 5. Not only are those going to be your quarters, but they'll be where you'll stay for the duration of our journey. Consider yourself under guard.
Influence Lost: Handmaiden
KotORII Icon Dialog.png Handmaiden: I will. If you need me, I shall be in the cargo hold.
Orphan White
Orphan White
Recruited the Handmaiden
KotORII Icon Dialog.png 1. [The Handmaiden has joined your party. She has Echani defense, which protects her against melee attacks, and is an excellent unarmed fighter.]

Crafting a Lightsaber[edit]

After T3-M4 has shown the holo record of your trial, Bao-Dur speaks to you in the garage:

KotORII Icon Bao-Dur.png Bao-Dur: General, is there a reason you don't carry a lightsaber anymore?
KotORII Icon Bao-Dur.png Bao-Dur: We need a power cell, emitter matrix, lens and focusing crystal, though I have to admit, the crystal is beyond my means - never did understand them. Those parts are fairly common, though a Jedi once told me that it's best if your lightsaber reflects you, and if it is constructed of things that identify it as your own. Just bring the parts to me before you get started building it, I'll make sure they're usable.
KotOR Icon Journal.png Journal Entry Added: Crafting a Lightsaber
You found a lightsaber energy cell fixture. Perhaps with some additional parts you'll be able to construct a new lightsaber.

Bao-Dur then turns his attention to upgrading T3-M4:

KotORII Icon Bao-Dur.png Bao-Dur: [T3-M4 has received a permanent +2 bonus to his Constitution.]

You now stand at the exit ramp of the Ebon Hawk.