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File:KotORII Map Khoonda.png
Map of Khoonda

Khoonda Plains[edit]

When you first use the Khoonda Main Entrance, you overhear a conversation between two female settlers standing in the corner to the left of the entrance:

Settler: I think Tarn has finally cracked. Running around like a madman, raving that he was being chased by a Jedi!
Settler: Tarn is an idiot to be sure, but he seemed genuinely frightened. Perhaps he did see something.
Settler: Do you actually believe a Jedi would return here? After all they've done to us... they wouldn't dare.
Settler: They certainly would. You remember how they were - always so superior, so arrogant. And never lending a hand when we really needed them.
Settler: I still don't believe it.
Settler: You should. My cousin's friend? He used to tend the gardens around the Enclave. He swears he saw a Jedi in Khoonda. Could be hiding anywhere.
Settler: Well I hope it's true. I hear there's a bounty on them, and we could certainly use the money.
Settler: Unless somebody beats you to it.

If you try to speak to any settler while equipping a lightsaber:

Settler: [The settler notices your lightsaber.] [This settler won't talk to you.]


The salvagers keep coming here and bothering the militia. That Gerevick is the worst of them.
If it weren't for the Jedi we'd be a prosperous community. They've brought us nothing but trouble.
Zherron keeps goading the mercenaries. I think he should let the little things slide. He's making things worse for everyone!
Salvagers are just thieves and scavengers. I can't wait until the last of them leaves.
It's getting dangerous to even come to Khoonda. I hear the kinrath are attacking swoop bikes now.
I'm sick and tired of those mercenaries. Some people say Zherron is antagonizing them too much. I think he should do more!
It's not smart to speak badly of Azkul and his mercenaries. Some of the most vocal have gone missing.
We should try getting along with the mercenaries. If we push them, they will make our lives miserable!
Don't play pazaak with Pato. He's either lucky or cheats, or both!

A receptionist stands behind a desk between two trees opposite the entrance:

Receptionist: Welcome to Khoonda. You're a salvager, right? You'll need to see Administrator Adare to get access to the ruins. If you need directions to anything else, just ask.
1. Do you know who Gerevick is?
Receptionist: Gerevick is a salvager. The worst one of the lot. Try to stay clear of him. He's a dangerous one to cross.
5. I have to go.
Receptionist: Welcome back to Khoonda. How can I help you?
2. Where is the Administrator?
Receptionist: Her office is directly behind this room. You really can't miss it. She can see you now if you like.
3. Why does everyone think I'm a salvager?
Receptionist: You're not? The only heavily armed people that visit us are either salvagers or mercenaries. And you don't look quite... gritty enough to be a mercenary.
4. What do you have in Khoonda?
Receptionist: The things that would most interest you are our weapon merchant and Zherron, the leader of our militia. Akkere is still around here somewhere, too. He sells droid components.
1. Where can I find the weapon shop?
Receptionist: Just go to the central corridor and make a right. His shop is the first on the right.
2. Why would I need to see Zherron?
Receptionist: If you get into any trouble, he's the person you'd contact. Unfortunately recent problems with the salvagers and mercenaries have kept him quite busy.
1. Where can I find Zherron?
Receptionist: He's at the militia headquarters. Just make a right at the central corridor and the headquarters is one of the rooms furthest in the back.
2. Recent problems? Like what?
Receptionist: The mercenaries cause disruptions for some of our out-lying settlers. They are a constant source of friction for us. I hear the salvagers are having some internal problems, too.
1. Could you go into more detail?
Receptionist: No, I couldn't. If you're really interested in that just speak to Zherron.
3. What exactly is Khoonda?
Receptionist: We hope it will become the new center of government for the settlers. The Administrator has been trying to organize us in the wake of the Jedi Civil War.
1. It's not a very big building for a center of government.
Receptionist: We're a small group of settlers on the edge of Republic space. The building isn't large, but it's only the beginning.
4. I'd like to ask you about something else.
Receptionist: Certainly. What do you want to know?

There are two doors in the wall behind the receptionist, one to the left and one to the right of the trees flanking his desk. Standing by the left wall in the waiting room beyond the left door is a male settler, and a salvager named Gerevick:

Gerevick: Your look is not of the hapless settler. You are the newcomer that lands in a battered ship, yes? No friendly greetings are here for you.
1. My ship isn't battered. 2. What are you doing in Khoonda? 3. Didn't you ever learn manners?
Gerevick: You act like I have insulted your man. Gerevick: You act like I have insulted your woman. Gerevick: I come here to speak to the militia and make them understand a truth. Something of mine they have in their possession. It's very unwise to stand in my way. Gerevick: Many of the weak are skilled in manners. But I am not weak. Do not seek to insult me again.
Gerevick: Your ship I haven't seen, but if it takes after you it can't be in perfect condition.
Gerevick: I am done being inconvenienced by you.
Another interruption. You must not have heard who I am. Waste another's time, not mine. Someone less important.

Beyond the door to the right of the receptionist, a farmer named Suulru stands to the right and a member of staff stands to the left:

A lot of people here hate Jedi. But when they were here, they tried helping us. I don't blame them.
The Administrator's the only hope we have. Without her the settlers would just squabble amongst themselves like they used to.
The kinrath populations are out of control. Everything we try just gets them angrier.
My brother owed money to Gerevick. He disappeared a week ago.
The settlers don't understand that if Zherron didn't enforce all the laws with the mercenaries, that things would have been even worse.
I'm leaving this planet the first chance I get. I can't see things ending well for us here.

Terena Adare's Chamber[edit]

At the back of each waiting room is another door, beyond which is a corridor. Beyond the only door in the opposite wall, Khoonda's Administrator, a woman named Terena Adare, stands in her chamber, flanked by a militia member to the right.

Don't cause any more trouble for Dantooine. We've had enough of it for a lifetime.
I heard a rumor that the Administrator met with a Jedi. If that's true I'll quit. I'm not going to work for someone that associates with them.
Some young, idiot scholar went unarmed into the ruins of the Jedi Enclave! I doubt we'll be seeing him again.
The mercenaries have been more hostile recently. The settlers on the outskirts are scared to say anything when we visit them.
Three settlers have died coming to Khoonda recently. I don't think all of those deaths can be blamed on animals.
Berun is much more sensible than Zherron. Zherron's going to get us into trouble if he doesn't back down.
We're no longer even trying to curb the kinrath and kath hound populations. There's just too many of them.
That Ithorian is a pazaak master. Don't be fooled if he goes easy on you at first.
We think Gerevick's killed at least three people here. Some say he used to be an assassin of some sort. We can't prove anything, though.
If another salvager comes into our headquarters begging for that sublevel claim, I'm going to scream. I mean it!
Terena Adare: A visitor. Please come in. Welcome to Khoonda. I am Administrator Terena Adare. You're the owner of the, um... ship that just landed?
1. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Name.
Terena Adare: Depending on you business here, the pleasure may be mutual. But you didn't answer my question. Is that ship yours?
2. That ship is one of the fastest in the galaxy. 3. I came in that ship, yes. 4. Why do you want to know?
Terena Adare: I meant no disrespect at all. It is in fact a remarkable vessel. Terena Adare: I'll take it as a given that the vessel is indeed yours.
Terena Adare: And unless I'm much mistaken that's the Ebon Hawk. That vessel has been on Dantooine before, during the war. That was a Jedi vessel.
1. I'd prefer if you keep that quiet, Jedi don't seem to be liked here. Or practically anywhere these days. 2. Don't tell me you want to collect the bounty? 3. Get to the point.
Terena Adare: That is an unfortunate truth. And a wise request, which of course I will honor. Most settlers here hold bitter memories of the Sith occupation. Terena Adare: Of course not, I'm trying to stabilize an entire planet. An Exchange bounty, no matter how abundant, is little use in that endeavor. But if a Jedi were here, that would best be kept secret. Terena Adare: My point is that the previous owner of that ship was a very... influential Jedi. And Jedi are not as admired here as they once were.
Terena Adare: Right or wrong, our settlers blame the Jedi and their hidden Enclave for their suffering. I remember the old Jedi Masters and the considerable help they lent to Dantooine. I still maintain... discreet... connections with Jedi. I suppose your arrival here is no coincidence.
1. What do you mean by that? 2. I'm looking for Jedi. Could you tell me who you're talking about? 3. The Force seems to have guided me here for a reason.
Terena Adare: Indeed, true coincidence seems very rare in the affairs of Jedi. But I should tell you...

If Alignment 30 or less:

Terena Adare: I feel I must step carefully here. You are not like other Jedi I have known. You seem darker somehow.
1. Times have been difficult for the Jedi. 2. I have strayed from the path of the light. But I seek to find my way back. 3. You would change your appearance too, if you were being hunted across the galaxy!
Terena Adare: Yes, I understand. Say no more. For good or ill, I feel you are the only one remaining who can help me with the present situation.
Terena Adare: My friend... Let's just call him Vrook. We've known each other for many years. And our continued friendship could create many problems in the current political climate. He came to Dantooine not too long ago. He was looking into something quite important. He's gone missing recently. Did he send for you in case something went wrong?
Persuade 2. [Persuade/Lie (9)]: He sent for me. He said you'd fill me in on the situation when I arrived.
Terena Adare: [Success] We need the skills of a Jedi more than ever. He was helping investigate Azkul and his mercenaries. But he had his own errand to run in the Enclave. Jedi business of some sort. He went into the sublevel, which isn't without its dangers. And he hasn't returned.
1. Go on. 2. What are the dangers of the sublevel? 3. Get to the point.


Terena Adare: [Failure] Many mistakingly believe that Jedi are paragons of honesty. I've dealt with far too many to be fooled by this reputation. You want answers I'm not comfortable giving right now. But in time, with trust, we may be able to communicate more freely. I do need your help.
1. He didn't send for me, but I would like to meet with him. 3. Master Vrook was here? What happened to him? 4. Vrook, eh? I'd very much like to see him.
Terena Adare: Vrook and I had a mutually beneficial arrangement for several weeks. He went to the Jedi Enclave's sublevel recently and hasn't returned. I know the sublevel is dangerous.
Terena Adare: I'm starting to fear the worst. Would you be willing to go to the ruins of the Enclave to look for him?
1. I will make it my first priority. 2. I actually came here to search the Enclave ruins, anyway. 3. I could use some supplies to ward off the dangers of the Ruins. Or credits.
Terena Adare: We are fortunate that you've come. Don't expect it to be easy, though. Things rarely are with Jedi. Terena Adare: This could work to both of our advantage. You can search for artifacts for your... own interest and also for Vrook at the same time. Terena Adare: From what I know of your 'type,' you have all of the equipment you need to deal with the sublevel. I do realize the Jedi Order disbanded so you must find credits yourself, however. The sublevel is dangerous enough that the salvagers have not managed to properly search it. There are many artifacts of value. Normally I ask for a percentage of all salvage. In your case, however, you can take whatever you find without the customary tithe.
Terena Adare: I will have one of the militia transmit permissions to the Enclave's security door. Go expecting danger, for you will most certainly find it there. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
8. I'll be going now.

Relics of the Past[edit]

Journal Entry Added Relics of the Past
You got permission from Administrator Adare to go to the Enclave ruins.

This quest is completed when you first enter the Enclave Sublevel.

Lost in the Shadows[edit]

Journal Entry Added Lost in the Shadows
Administrator Terena Adare was in secret contact with Jedi Master Vrook. She had to keep her involvement secret for fear of the political backlash that would erupt if it were discovered. Vrook went to investigate the Enclave ruins before you arrived. He hasn't been seen since.
Terena Adare: I hope that you haven't run into any difficulties you couldn't deal with. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

If you persuaded her that Master Vrook sent for you:

1. What was Master Vrook doing for you?
Terena Adare: He was investigating the mercenaries for us. We've been increasingly concerned about them. Their behavior has always been antagonistic, but recently they've been behaving differently. Vrook was investigating this when he disappeared. We were counting on any hard intelligence he could provide. Our other assets have been.. unavailable recently. If you find any information on the mercenaries during your stay on our planet, please report it to Zherron or myself.
1. Could you tell me anything more?
Terena Adare: I believe I've told you everything I can. Please find, and rescue Vrook.
4. What are the dangers of the sublevel?
Terena Adare: Like many parts of Dantooine, the sublevel of the Enclave has become infested with dangerous creatures. Large, vicious insects called laigreks have made the sublevel their home. Several salvagers have reportedly been injured or killed by the laigreks. I would expect a Jedi to fare better against the creatures than the salvagers. But Vrook has not returned in some time.
5. Is there any work I can do here?
Terena Adare: There are plenty of opportunities to assist people on Dantooine. Too many, I'm afraid. I would go to the militia headquarters and make your intentions known there. Besides that, just listen and ask around.

She can also tell you about the settlers, salvagers and mercenaries on Dantooine:

7. What can you tell me about the people of Dantooine?
Terena Adare: Who do you want to know about? There are three groups of people on the planet right now. The settlers, salvagers, and the mercenaries.
1. I'd like to know about the settlers.
Terena Adare: Dantooine is one of the younger worlds of the Republic. A couple of generations ago this world was still untamed. We made great progress, in no small part due to the Jedi. But recently we have been losing ground. During the war the most prominent settler families either fled or were executed by the Sith. Losing their resources and the Jedi was too great a loss. But now we are organizing and starting to truly work together. Once we achieve that, I am confident that Dantooine can be safe and prosperous again.
Awareness 1. [Awareness (6)] You don't seem convinced by that.
Terena Adare: No, I suppose I'm not. We need the Republic, and always have. We aren't self-sufficient yet and we need aid. The fate of the Telos project is intimately tied to our own. The most humanitarian elements of the Senate have put their careers at stake in the rebuilding of Telos. If those efforts succeed, their prominence will grow and further aid will be given freely. But if they fail... There are colder, more authoritative elements in the Senate that could come to power. They would think nothing of leaving the strategically unimportant worlds to their own devices. That would be a tragic day for Dantooine and many other worlds. The Republic is in flux, its final shape is uncertain.
2. What are salvagers doing on Dantooine?
Terena Adare: They are a necessary inconvenience. Money has been a great concern to us ever since the Sandrals and Matales were... removed during the Jedi Civil War. The agricultural exports we produce just cover basic maintenance. To expand and prosper we needed credits. So we had to exploit a valuable resource we had. The ruins of the Jedi Enclave. It was not a decision lightly made, and even then we couldn't do the work ourselves. Too dangerous, and every settler matters on our small world. So we opened the door to enterprising salvagers. The salvagers you see now are the last remnants of that force. The tithe we took from their claims sustains what semblance of government you see now.
1. What are you going to do when the ruins are empty?
Terena Adare: We plan on using those credits to improve production and protect our world. We have enough to sustain ourselves until more prosperous times.
2. And you coexist happily with them?
Terena Adare: We tolerate their presence because we must, and they generally follow our laws. But their time is almost over. The Jedi Enclave's sublevel is the only place left with reasonable salvage. And it has too many dangers for them. The salvagers aren't warriors. Generally they are out of work miners or cast-offs from other worlds.
3. What about the mercenaries?
Terena Adare: Mercenaries have been a problem for Dantooine since the end of the Mandalorian Wars. When the Jedi Enclave was here, they were firmly kept in check. But now... Relations are uneasy between us. Their leader, Azkul, was a Sith Trooper during the war, and I have no doubt he was very good at his job. Until they find work, tensions will grow. If you want to know more, I suggest you talk with Berun in the militia headquarters. He would have more details.
4. Can we talk about something else?
Terena Adare: Certainly.


6. Do the people of Dantooine really hate the Jedi?
Terena Adare: To most people in the galaxy, the distinction between Sith and Jedi is a blurry one. Especially since most Sith were once Jedi. It is complicated by the fact that Malak and Revan were great heroes of the Republic and famed Jedi Knights. But a few years later they were leading an armada which threatened everyone. And here on Dantooine the Jedi Enclave provoked a brutal occupation by the Sith. It could've been far worse, but even now the damage has not been fully mended.
1. Can anything be done about it? 2. Their hatred makes it more difficult for Jedi to help them.
Terena Adare: I don't think everyone hates Jedi. If just a few people changed their minds or spoke up... it could make a great deal of difference. I think that we need the help of the Jedi. If the Jedi's reputation isn't redeemed, the consequences could be quite regrettable. Until then I would keep your identity secret.
Journal Entry Added Redemption
Jedi have an extremely bad reputation on Dantooine, even worse that it is in the rest of the galaxy. The secret Jedi Enclave on Dantooine provoked a brutal Sith occupation during the Jedi Civil War. If that reputation isn't redeemed, it could lead to problems down the road.

This journal entry isn't added if you've already revealed yourself as a Jedi to the mechanic Tarn by the Ebon Hawk, and he lived to tell.

Farm Equipment[edit]

A farmer named Suulru stands to the right in the waiting room beyond the door to the right of the receptionist, in the wall opposite Khoonda's main entrance:

Suulru: Are you waiting for the Administrator, too? You won't have to wait too long. But if you want results - now that you may never get here.
3. Can you tell me about Dantooine?
Suulru: Before the Mandalorian Wars we were making great gains in civilizing this world. The kinrath and kath hounds were mainly under control. We were small but prosperous. Then the Republic gets invaded by those flaming Mandalorians. Then a few years after that the Jedi Civil War. We're lacking in manpower and supplies.
Mandalore: I sincerely hope that history doesn't remember our wars as a footnote to Revan and Malak's. But it's good to see that people still remember it with fear.
Suulru: Add to that the mercenaries. I feel a certain empathy with them, but that doesn't make them any less of a problem for us.
1. You don't hate them? Most people around here seem to. 2. Why do you feel for the mercenaries?
Suulru: War is brutal, and the Jedi Civil War was worse than most. After that a lot of us veterans didn't even have a home to go to. Others just got... lost. The war trained us to fight and some of us just wanted to look for the next battle. It was easier than dealing with what was waiting at home. Many of the mercenaries here were just foot soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Now they're just trying to make a life for themselves.
1. Even so, it's clear that the settlers and mercenaries don't get along. 2. I've heard they're causing a lot of grief.
Suulru: That's true. Discipline is the only thing that keeps an army from becoming an armed mob. And these mercs don't seem to have much discipline at all. That could mean disaster for all of us.
3. What's the problem with the Administrator?

Mandalore comments if present. Otherwise:

1. Why not? 2. What are you waiting for?
Suulru: Khoonda is like a droid without its power cell - useless. We have problems all over, and the most you can get out of the Administrator is a pat on the back. Suulru: I'm here to get another pat on the back from the Administrator and hear how unfortunate my situation is. That my problem is "important" and they'll get around to it.
Suulru: I'm sick of all their excuses and empty words. I need justice now. I fought in the war, and I know how to use my blaster rifle. If the Administrator or Zherron doesn't do something, then I will.
3. You fought in the war?
Suulru: Yes, I fought in the Jedi Civil War. I guess we 'won'. You couldn't tell here, though. It feels like we've been forsaken by the Republic. The war was very unkind to Dantooine. That hidden Enclave cost us a great deal. A great deal.
1. What exactly is your problem? 2. You're planning on killing someone? 2. So, you're going to kill someone?
Suulru: Salvagers are the problem. They strip bare the ruins that belong to the people of Dantooine, and then they sell what they find back to us at inflated prices. Suulru: What am I supposed to do? Salvagers keep trespassing on my land and stealing my farming equipment. They grab anything they can get a hold of.
Suulru: I'm not a violent man. I've had my share of it in the war. I sincerely hoped I could just hang my blaster rifle on the wall as a souvenir for my grandchildren. But I can't farm without my equipment!
1. The salvagers stole your equipment?
Suulru: Well, yes and no. I brought my moisture vaporator to Khoonda to be serviced. On the way back to my farm, I took a shortcut next to the Enclave ruins. Damned laigreks came out of nowhere, I had to run before they made a meal of me. When I returned to retrieve my equipment, the salvagers had already stripped it bare! I went to their camp to get back my moisture vaporator. This smug fellow, Jorran, told me that he found it within the ruins, and by law it belongs to him now. He said he'd give it to me for the "bargain" price of 500 credits! I wasn't very happy about it, but the law was on his side. So I paid the scoundrel. Now the moisture vaporator doesn't work because it is mysteriously missing its modulator. Jorran is offering to sell me a modulator he 'found' for another 500 credits.
2. Why doesn't the Administrator help?
Suulru: It's hard to deal with womp rats when you got a gundark on your back. I believe she'll get around to it, but I think by then it'll be too late. I understand that the wheels turn slowly on this sort of thing, but my crops are in immediate danger. The salvaging laws on Dantooine are a mess, and in my mind they favor the salvagers.
4. I'll be going now.

If you return:

Suulru: I don't suppose you got any help from the Administrator. It seems to me like she's the one that needs help these days.
1. The Administrator hasn't been able to help you?
1. Is there anything I can do to help?
Suulru: I suppose you could. Actually you almost look like a salvager. If you could go to the salvager camp and convince the salvager Jorran to return my modulator, I would be very grateful. I'm not rich, but I have some souvenirs from the war I could give you.
1. Where is the salvager camp?
Suulru: It's right next to the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. Just follow the smell. You can't miss them.
2. If you want my help, you'll have to cough up more than a couple of dusty old war trophies.
Suulru: These 'war trophies' are advanced weapons that some of the Sith troopers had. Heavy ordinance which wouldn't be much good for defending my home. I might be able to offer more if you take care of the problem, though. Can you help me out?
3. I'll see what I can do. 4. That's terrible, but it's not my problem.
Suulru: That's great. I'm certainly not getting any help around here. If you need to know anything more, just ask me. Suulru: At least you're direct about it. The flaming Administrator won't even give me that courtesy.
Journal Entry Added Farm Equipment: Bonus Mission
Suulru is a war veteran turned farmer who is having trouble with Jorran, a salvager who sold him back his own salvaged moisture vaporator, minus its modulator, for the "bargain" price of 500 credits.
Suulru: Any luck on getting my modulator back from Jorran? I don't think anyone here will be able to help me.
1. I had some questions about that, actually.
Suulru: What do you want to know? If you're really going to help me, I'll tell you anything you want to know about it.
1. Where is the salvager camp? 2. It's going to take more than a few musty war trophies to buy my help.
2. Not yet. I'll let you know if I find it.
Suulru: I'm just glad that someone is actually doing something.

Once you've recovered his modulator from Jorran in the enclave sublevel or its courtyard (where you may also recover the 500 credits extorted if you can be persuasive):

1. I've recovered your modulator. 2. Here is your modulator and the 500 credits that were extorted from you.
Light Side Points Gained: +2
Suulru: Excellent! How did you deal with Jorran? Suulru: Fantastic! I had only hoped to get the modulator back. I never imagined you would get my money back too! How did you do it?
Light Side Points Gained: +2
1. It was a salvager. He's been dealt with. 3. It doesn't matter - I just want the reward.
Suulru: Really? You must have been very persuasive. I'm relieved this situation is finally resolved. You have more than earned this reward! Suulru: Suit yourself. As long as the problem is dealt with, I guess I really don't need to know the particulars.
Journal Entry Added Farm Equipment: Bonus Mission
You gave Suulru the missing modulator for his moisture vaporator.
Credits Lost: 500
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 400 Gave Suulru the missing modulator
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 450 Gave Suulru the missing modulator and 500 credits
Item(s) Received Suulru

The two blaster pistols received depend on your experience level:

Levels Blaster pistol
1 Sonic Pistol
1-2 Disruptor Pistol
2-3 Heavy Blaster
3-4 Scout Enforcer
4-5 Systech Aural Blaster
5-6 Republic Blaster
6-7 Aratech Droid Oxidizer
7-8 Arkanian Heavy Pistol
8-9 Mandalorian Blaster
Levels Blaster pistol
9-10 Systech Static Blaster
10-11 Arkanian Sonic Blaster
11-12 Sith Disruptor
12-13 Mandalorian Heavy Blaster
13-14 Heavy Sonic Blaster
14-15 Watchman Blaster
15-16 Zabrak Blaster Pistol
16-17 Mandalorian Ripper
17-18 Aratech Ionmaster
Levels Blaster pistol
18-19 Onasi Blaster
19-20 Dashade Sonic Blaster
20-21 Zabrak Heavy Blaster
21-22 Systech Electric Blaster
22-23 Micro-Pulse Blaster
23-24 Elite Watchman Blaster
24-25 Mandalorian Disintegrator
25-26 Dashade Sonic Disruptor
26-27 Freedon Nadd's Blaster

At level 27 two Freedon Nadd's Blasters are received, but at level 28 and beyond nothing is received.

However, if a blaster pistol normally selected is already equipped by your main character or in your inventory, then the next highest you don't already have is received instead: this should not happen for any equipped by your party or in containers elsewhere.

For example, at level 24 an Elite Watchman Blaster and Mandalorian Disintegrator are normally selected and received, but if you already have one or the other on your main character or in inventory then a Dashade Sonic Disruptor is received instead; if you already have both, then a Freedon Nadd's Blaster is also received instead.

Suulru: Thanks for the help. I plan on going back to the farm shortly.

Otherwise, if you don't complete this quest before the Battle of Khoonda begins:

Journal Entry Added Farm Equipment: Bonus Mission
Considering the conflict surrounding Khoonda, Suulru's moisture vaporator doesn't really matter any more.

Changing of the Guard[edit]

As you stand in the corridor facing the door to Terena Adare's Chamber, to your left is the corner of Khoonda's top corridor, extending to the right. There's no point in going there yet, but if you do then there are two private doors in the bottom wall of this corridor:

[This door is magnetically sealed and cannot be opened.]

The Medical Lab is beyond the security door in the top wall, and the Defense Droid Station & Workbench are beyond another security door at the right end:

[It looks like you will require a card key to open this door.]

A man named Berun Modrul stands at the corner of Khoonda's bottom corridor:

Berun Modrul: What brings you to Khoonda? Do you have any troubles to report? I'm here to help! I just hope you aren't here about Gerevick.
1. Gerevick?
Berun Modrul: Oh, sorry. If you're brand new to these parts, you may not have any issues with Gerevick, unlike most everyone else.
4. If he gets in my way, he'll have the problem.
Berun Modrul: I didn't hear that. And I'll continue not to hear that if anything does happen to Gerevick. We think he may have murdered a couple of folks. But he's not some feral Wookiee. He's got brains. We can't prove anything. But if he isn't your problem, who is causing you trouble?
Hanharr: Was that a challenge, human?
Berun Modrul: Oh. I. Ah. Ah ha. I... I chose my words poorly. Uh. I... I mean... I didn't mean it. I'm very sorry.
Hanharr: This one smells of fear - the pleasure of killing him would be soured by his stench. If we are done with him, let us go elsewhere and hunt.
Berun Modrul: Um, is there anything else I can help you with?


1. Who is Gerevick? 2. I haven't had any problems with Gerevick. 3. Why does Gerevick cause so much trouble?
Berun Modrul: You're fortunate not to know him. He's a salvager. His purpose in life seems to be causing us headaches. Berun Modrul: Well, that's good news. I keep expecting someone to come barging in saying Gerevick threatened them or something. He causes endless headaches. Berun Modrul: Most people follow the rules and just try to get by in life. He's a salvager. His purpose in life seems to be causing us headaches.
Berun Modrul: I can tell he's back in Khoonda just by the pounding in my head. If you're not here about Gerevick, do you have some other problem?
2. I've got a problem with one of the salvagers.
Berun Modrul: Let me guess, you were tricked out of some credits. Sorry, friend, but we don't do anything about that anymore. Don't you know our rules?
6. I might cause some trouble of my own, actually. 1. Rules? What rules?
Berun Modrul: I see... Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go over the militia rules then. Khoonda and the salvager camp are under militia protection. Berun Modrul: Glad you asked. So here are the militia rules then. Khoonda and the salvager camp are under militia protection.
Berun Modrul: So a friendly scuffle is all right, but if any blasters are drawn there will be hell to pay. But if you buy some Jedi trinket and you're not satisfied, you're on your own. I'd stay away from the mercenary camp. We've had... difficulties with them. We don't patrol or investigate there any more. A trip there, and you're on your own. Follow the rules and we don't have any problems. Oh - and Pato Ado doesn't cheat as far as we can figure. So don't complain about the Ithorian, either.
5. Seems like Dantooine has had a lot of trouble.
Berun Modrul: I don't even want to get into it. Ask around if you want to know the details. It'll just make my headache worse if I talk about it. I don't know what we'd do without Administrator Adare. She managed to plow through a lot of the family bickering once the Sith left during the war. She's kept us together. Oh, and uh, Zherron, too, I suppose.
1. It sounds like you don't approve of Zherron.

You can ask about other people:

7. I've got a few questions about the other people here in the settlement.
Berun Modrul: I'll tell you anything that's public knowledge. Most militia news passes by me and Zherron. I might be able to help.
1. I want to visit the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. 2. You mentioned Gerevick?
Berun Modrul: You should see Administrator Adare about that. She'll be able to set you up. You're not a typical salvager, so I don't expect you'll have any trouble there.
3. I wondered if you knew anything about Suulru's problem.
Berun Modrul: Oh, you heard about that? We have so much to look into that Suulru's concern is pretty low on our list. We asked the salvagers, but they claim that the salvager responsible is nowhere to be found.
4. I'm looking for atmospheric sensors for Saedhe.
Berun Modrul: I don't know what Saedhe is up to. He's working directly with Zherron on that investigation. Sorry I can't help.
6. I'd like to talk about something else.
Berun Modrul: I'm here to help. What do you need?
5. I've heard rumors there's a Jedi around here.
Berun Modrul: I've heard that rumor, too. People get really riled up about Jedi around here. Some people seem to have a selective memory. During the war, the Jedi were a big help here. They did everything for us, from clearing out dangerous beasts to solving a murder investigation. I try to stay out of it, though. Standing up for Jedi is one way to become unpopular around here.
1. Do you know if the rumor is true?
Berun Modrul: Maybe. Although I don't know why a Jedi would come back here. The only reason why people ever came here before was the Enclave. And with that gone...
2. Doing what's right isn't always popular. 3. If no one says anything on their behalf, the rumor can feed on itself.
Berun Modrul: Heh. Easy to say for someone that doesn't live here. I'd rather grab an unshielded power coupling than get involved in that debate. The militia is dealing with enough already.
Persuade 1. [Persuade (6)] If good men say nothing then the dark side triumphs.
Berun Modrul: [Success] You're not wrong there. For what good it'll do, if it comes up I'll say what I think is right. You happy? I hope so. You may be my only friend in a few days.


Berun Modrul: [Failure] Life isn't so dark and light, I'm afraid. Most people's minds never change. So I don't see how me ruining my reputation would really help.
2. Is there anything I can do to change your mind?
Berun Modrul: This means a lot to you, does it? If someone could just make a difference around here. We keep fighting the good fight, and risking our hides for the settlers. And it just doesn't feel like we're making progress. Things keep getting more broken, not fixed. Well. If you can make a difference, I'll try making one too.


4. The Jedi are a blight, their time is over. 5. I'd like to talk about something else.
Berun Modrul: Eh. I've heard all that before. I don't agree with you. But there are plenty of people who would.
Berun Modrul: Talking about Jedi is just depressing these days. Any other cheerful problems you want to talk about?

However, he has the most to say about Zherron, as he's the militia captain's right hand man:

3. I've had no problems the militia needs to worry about. 4. Who are you?
Berun Modrul: You haven't? Well, that's something. I'm the second in command over here, and we keep getting "incidents." Our staff is stretched thin. Too thin. If you do have trouble, I'm not the one to talk to. You'd need to talk to Zherron. He takes a hands-on role as the militia captain. Berun Modrul: Well call me a defective protocol droid. Manners, right? I'm Berun Modrul, I'm Captain Zherron's right hand man. I help run the militia here. Well, that makes it sound more important than I am. Zherron takes a hands-on role in running the militia. If you have any real trouble, you'd have to go to him anyway.
1. Isn't being hands-on a good thing? 2. It sounds like you don't approve of him. 3. Nobody likes their boss hanging over their shoulder.
Berun Modrul: Uh, this is... sensitive. It's not really a secret, though. A lot of people are upset with Zherron. He's a hard man and doesn't answer to anybody, except I suppose the Administrator.
Berun Modrul: The thing is, he expects everyone to follow all the laws. That's not normally a bad thing. But the mercenaries are used to having a bit more freedom. So it's like Zherron keeps prodding a rancor with a stun stick. To a rancor it's just a minor nuisance, but if you keep at it he's going to fight back. The mercenaries aren't unreasonable. They're mostly just war veterans looking for work. But Zherron just keeps poking them. So he has to get involved to make sure that the militia does what he wants. Otherwise, we'd probably give the mercenaries some room.
5. This really isn't my concern.
Berun Modrul: No, it really isn't. It's one of the many Dantooine problems grown right here at home. If we could export them, we'd be rich. Maybe we should just talk about something else.


2. With some people, if you give them a little room, they'll take a lot more.
Berun Modrul: Dantooine has had mercenaries on it for years. I've talked with some, and they're not unreasonable. There's got to be some sort of compromise we can both live with.
4. You might be right.
1. You can't bargain with a rancor. 2. Most people seem to think the mercenaries are up to something. 3. I hear they've been making a lot of mischief lately. Maybe even murder.
Berun Modrul: Heh. Using my own analogy against me? The mercenaries aren't rancors. They're people like you and me. But if you keep provoking them... Berun Modrul: We haven't been able to prove the mercenaries have done anything terribly wrong. And I believe them, I don't think they're involved. The kath hounds and kinrath are everywhere.
Berun Modrul: It's just dangerous. I think we should be working on getting along. It's hard to follow orders that have you make things worse.
Persuade 1. [Persuade (11)] That attitude is dangerous. When you're outnumbered on a hostile world, you've got to stay a team.
Berun Modrul: [Success] That's a good way of looking at it. I may not agree with the captain, but... I guess I should make everyone fall in line. I still worry that he may provoke the mercenaries into something more dangerous. But... I suppose he may know something I don't. Thanks.


Berun Modrul: There's danger everywhere. I think the direction we're headed may be even more dangerous. I can see we don't agree on this. 2. They probably aren't as innocent as you think. 3. I don't think we're going to agree on this.
Berun Modrul: You might be right, you might be wrong. There's no easy answers on this one. Berun Modrul: Yeah, you're probably right. There's no obvious solution to this.
Berun Modrul: Maybe we should just talk about something else.


1. Can't anyone do something about it? 3. That doesn't sound like a good situation. 4. Has the Administrator talked to him about it?
Berun Modrul: Maybe. It's hard to say. They meet a lot. But it seems to me they let each other alone for the most part. I'm sure there's a lot going on with the militia that the Administrator doesn't even know about.
Berun Modrul: It's tricky. You see, I think Zherron may be taking this whole thing a little personal. I'm not sure. Just a guess.
Berun Modrul: I also think he's doing more to provoke them than just investigating every complaint against them hard. He's up to something. If someone could just ask a few questions, turn up some answers, maybe see if Zherron isn't being completely honest with the rest of us? Well, then maybe he should be replaced.
1. So what could I do to help? 2. What makes you suspicious? 3. Wouldn't that make you captain? 4. If I look into this, is there any chance I could get a reward?
Berun Modrul: Just look around, see if Zherron's up to something on the side. Something that'll hurt the fragile peace we got with the mercenaries. Berun Modrul: Just a lot of little things don't add up. It could just be a surprise party. But I think Zherron takes this problem very personal. Berun Modrul: I don't want to be made captain that way. But if my hunch is right, he's just about the worst person to leave in charge. Berun Modrul: Definitely, the militia makes sure to reward anybody that helps out Dantooine. And if he's doing something risky...
Berun Modrul: So if you happen to find something out like that, you should see Administrator Adare. If you have to do some footwork to check into things, you'll be compensated. We should probably talk about something else. I hate going behind the captain's back. I just feel... I just have a feeling about it.
8. I'll be going now.
Berun Modrul: All right. Stay out of trouble now!
Journal Entry Added Changing of the Guard: Bonus Mission
Berun Modrul thinks Zherron has been provoking the mercenaries for months, and has increased the tension between the settlers and mercenaries. Berun has more amiable relations with the mercenaries and thinks it would be in everyone's best interest if Zherron stepped down. Berun is certain that Zherron is up to something, but doesn't know what it is. If you could find proof that Zherron is endangering diplomacy with the mercenaries, then Berun could use it to hopefully repair the damaged relations between the two camps, before it is too late.
Berun Modrul: Hello there! You haven't had any new troubles, I hope?
8. I have evidence that Zherron's actions are endangering Khoonda.
Berun Modrul: I'm not the one to talk to. You should see Administrator Adare about that. We should probably talk about something else. I hate going behind the captain's back. I just feel... I just have a feeling about it.

You can go to Militia Headquarters and tell Zherron about this, although you only get one chance to convince him to trust you:

5. Berun asked me to investigate you.
Zherron: He did, did he? What's this about? Zherron: We've already talked about that. I don't have anything more to say about it.
4. He wants me to find some dirt so he can take your job.
Zherron: I know people, and that isn't like Berun. I have no patience for people like you. We're not going to talk about this again.


1. He wants to try reaching a compromise with the mercenaries. 2. He's concerned that you might provoke the mercenaries. 3. He's got a hunch you're up to something secret that could get everyone in trouble.
Zherron: You can't compromise with those people. They're like mynocks on a power converter, sucking the life out of us. Zherron: I know we don't agree on this, but he's crossing a line. He lives in his sheltered settler world. He doesn't know what some people are capable of.
Zherron: So he's asked you to go looking into what I'm up to? If I didn't need every last man here...
Persuade 1. [Persuade (11)] I think he's wrong, and I think I can help you. Persuade 2. [Persuade/Lie (16)] I think he's wrong, and I think I can help you.
Zherron: [Failure] I appreciate the offer. There are things I need help with. This isn't one of them.
3. What are you up to? 4. Any chance for a reward for letting you know? 5. Can we talk about something else?
Zherron: Not your concern. This is something you should just stay out of. Zherron: No chance at all. Zherron: Maybe later. I have to think about some things.
Zherron: You've helped enough. Just go.


Zherron: [Success] I appreciate... hmm... All right, I can use your help. But you can't tell anyone. There's a mercenary captain near what's left of the Jedi Enclave's Courtyard. His name is Dopak. Just tell him that I said "go ahead." That's all. You have questions, but it's like this conversation never happened, got it? Just do it. It'll help out Khoonda. We can talk more later.
Journal Entry Added Changing of the Guard: Bonus Mission
You convinced Zherron to trust you. He asked you to give Dopak in the mercenary camp a message. If you don't trust Zherron's motives, then Berun or Terena may wish to know of Zherron's secret messages to the mercenaries.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Convinced Zherron to trust you

If you give Dopak his message in the Mercenary Camp at the other end of the plains to the Enclave courtyard:

4. I gave Dopak your message. Zherron: I don't have anything to say about that. We can talk more later.
Journal Entry Added Changing of the Guard: Bonus Mission
You told Zherron that you delivered his message to Dopak, but Zherron wouldn't say anything more about it.

If you go to Terena Adare's Chamber, you can also tell the Administrator about this:

2. Berun believes that Zherron is up to something.
Terena Adare: I have no doubt that Berun means well, but I have every confidence in Zherron. I would ask you to ignore anything Berun asked of you. He doesn't see the full scope.
1. What is going on?
Terena Adare: I realize that I am asking you for help, but you must also know that I am the head of this nominal government. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to divulge all information to you.
3. I have evidence that Zherron's actions are endangering Khoonda.
Terena Adare: What have you learned, Jedi?
3. Nothing. Never mind.
2. Zherron told me to give the message "Go ahead" to Dopak of the mercenary camp.
Terena Adare: Forgive me if I seem to doubt your word, but I won't impugn Zherron on the basis of hearsay. So unless you have any physical evidence...
2. Never mind.
Journal Entry Added Changing of the Guard: Bonus Mission
You told Terena about Zherron's secret message to the mercenary Dopak, but she says she cannot take any action against Zherron without hard proof.

Once you've spoken to Saedhe in the Khoonda plains and agreed to join his Sensor Search, then found them in the Crystal Cave, you can bring them to her (you and Bao-Dur don't actually have to discover the hidden surveillance devices to do so):

1. I found these atmospheric sensors - Zherron has been using them to spy on the mercenaries.
Terena Adare: Very well. I will deal with this situation as I must. Guard, please bring Zherron and Berun here immediately.
Zherron: What is it Terena? I'm very busy.
Terena Adare: I'll get straight to the point. I have found evidence that you are unbalancing our precarious relations with the mercenaries. Do you deny this?
Zherron: I deny nothing. You know I have done everything for the good of Khoonda. The mercenaries are a real threat, though many here are blind to it.
Terena Adare: I have no choice but to err on the side of diplomacy. Until further notice, I am giving command of the militia to Berun. I... I hope, Zherron, that you will continue to serve as Berun's second in command.
Zherron: I believe you're making a mistake, Terena, but I will not let my pride compromise the militia. I will still serve.
Terena Adare: Thank you, Zherron. You are dismissed.
Berun Modrul: I'm grateful for your support, Administrator. As the new leader of the militia I swear to support your goals of peace and compromise.
Terena Adare: That will be all, Berun.
Journal Entry Added Changing of the Guard: Bonus Mission
You brought the atmospheric sensors to Terena. Presented with solid evidence that Zherron was endangering relations with the mercenaries, Terena had no choice but to relieve Zherron of command, and enstate Berun to take his place as leader of the Militia.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Brought atmospheric sensors to Terena

Zherron now stands at Berun's corner in the corridor outside:

Zherron: You're making a big mistake. There's good reasons for what I did. Berun is gonna get all of Khoonda killed. You don't know the whole story.
2. I'll be going.

Berun has taken Zherron's place in the Militia Headquarters:

Thanks for your support. I've been waiting for some time to get my chance to lead the Militia the right way.

Otherwise, if you haven't complete this quest before encountering the mercenary captain in the encampment within the crystal cave:

Journal Entry Added Changing of the Guard: Bonus Mission
It turned out that Zherron was right all along about the mercenary threat. Any evidence you may have gathered against Zherron doesn't matter now.

Sensor Search[edit]

Journal Entry Added Sensor Search: Bonus Mission
Having discovered the hidden surveillance devices in the atmospheric sensors, you brought them to Terena Adare.

Adum Larp[edit]

The lower corridor extends beyond Berun Modrul to the left. Adum Larp stands at the back of the room beyond the door in the right wall to Berun's left: since he's a merchant, save game before speaking as most of his inventory is selected the first time you do so.

Adum Larp: Greetings, fellow sentient! I notice that you are not heavily armed... or at least, not heavily armed enough!
Adum Larp: Please allow myself to introduce myself. I am Adum, a simple merchant with a noble purpose! The settlers and other fine humans of Dantooine have been plagued by war, kath hounds, kinrath, mercenaries and other fearsome troubles of late. It is much, much too sad to see these things happen to such humans. Therefore, my mission is clear.
1. What's your mission? 2. Selling arms, right?
Adum Larp: You are astute, human! And quite correct.
Adum Larp: To overcome their troubles, they must be able to defend themselves. Therefore, I offer the highest of quality weapons at the lowest of low prices for them! I am here, offering you much in the way of weaponry at low, low prices! How can any sentient pass up such a bargain? They cannot!
Adum Larp: Weaponry it is, and weaponry I have! What is it you would like from me this fine day?
1. Let me see what you're selling.
Adum Larp: Yes, yes! Here is the best you can find anywhere on this world!
Adum Larp
Buy Item Cost Amount Buy Item Cost Amount
Advanced Medpac 80 4 Battle Stimulant 100 Infinite
Antidote Kit 49 3 Adrenal Alacrity 50 Infinite
Medpac 40 Infinite Adrenal Stamina 50 Infinite
Crystal, Ruusan 980 1 Adrenal Strength 50 Infinite


The rest of his inventory was selected when you first spoke to him.

2. I would like to ask you some questions.
Adum Larp: I shall endeavor to be of service to whatever endeavor you are on. What is it you wish to ask?
1. How long have you been here?
Adum Larp: I started my business here during the Jedi Civil War. I worked hard on my mission by helping the hardy settlers here. But things got bad for the humans here. The Sith invaded and killed lots of Jedi. Settlers were arrested and executed. Fortunately I was spared, but many important sentients were not. After the war, I stayed and helped the Administrator and the militia by providing quality weapons at low prices. As thanks they gave me this fine office. But my mission is not done. Too many kath hounds, kinrath, and other troubles. More arms are needed to make things safe.
2. What do you know about the mercenaries?
Adum Larp: They are looking for work, but they get restless. If they get too restless they are dangerous. It is best to be well-armed!
3. Nice banter - you try the same line on everyone?
Adum Larp: If you have something that works, why change it, I ask?
4. Why are there so many kinrath and kath hounds around?
Adum Larp: Because brave humans do not buy enough of my weapons. But even with my good weapons, I fear there are not enough sentients to use them. Wild kath hounds have been a problem for many years, but the kinrath have been burrowing and making life difficult only recently. I sold some of my finest explosives to Zherron to blow up their caves and tunnels. But they made more tunnels and more ways out. When traveling outside, always carry weapons! It is very dangerous out there.
5. Actually, I'd like to see what you have in stock.
4. I think I should be going now.
Adum Larp: Not everyone can have the best... but I can offer it! Come back if there is ever any need.

There's a private door in the bottom wall of the bottom corridor between Adum Larp's door and the entrance to the Militia Headquarters, and another at the end of the bottom corridor:

[This door is magnetically sealed and cannot be opened.]

The Turret Control Station is beyond the security door in the top wall at the end of the corridor:

[It looks like you will require a card key to open this door.]

Militia Headquarters[edit]

The entrance to the militia headquarters is in the bottom wall close to the end of the bottom corridor. Another militia member stands to the left and his captain, Zherron, stands at the back of the room:

Zherron: I'm the militia captain here. Are you here because you're in trouble or looking for it?
2. Neither one.
Zherron: I see. Well what's your reason for coming to militia headquarters?


1. I've had a spot of trouble, yes. 3. I prefer to call it a challenge, not trouble. 4. I can't seem to avoid getting into trouble. 5. I'm looking for it. For the proper price.
Zherron: Talk to Berun first. If your situation needs militia involvement, he'll send you my way. Zherron: There is often opportunity in challenges, if you know how to look for it. I might have something for you. But first... Zherron: If you're looking for help from the militia, talk to Berun first. If we can help you, he'll send you back my way. Zherron: Depending on how greedy you are, we might have some work for you. Before that, though...
Zherron: You got any other reason for coming to militia headquarters?
1. Just exploring and getting to know people. 3. My affairs are my own concern, not yours. 2. I wanted to see if anyone needed a hand. 4. I'm looking for information.
Zherron: Hmm... There are better places to explore, and better people to know. I'm sure you have your reasons, though. Zherron: I suppose you're right, as long as you don't break any laws. Zherron: Rare thing a visitor wanting to help out. Looks to me like you're here to "explore" the Jedi ruins. But we have a thing or two that need doing. If you seriously want to help, just ask about it. Or any other questions you might have. Zherron: You could pick worse places to look for that. Berun is normally the one to go to with questions. But I can answer a few things for ya. If you're interested, I might have some work for you, too.
Zherron: I'm sure you got questions of your own. And if you're interested I might have some work for ya.
Zherron: You want something?
1. What sort of work do you have? 1. Could you tell me about the kinrath job again?
Zherron: I've seen a lot of visitors come through Khoonda. You're the first one in awhile that looks the capable sort.
3. What's Gerevick's connection to the militia?
Zherron: Some of the salvagers went deep into the ruins and found a lot of Jedi relics. It's the most valuable haul the salvagers ever got. But all the salvagers that went down there are dead. So it seems every day or so some salvager comes claiming they're owed by such and such, or that they're related. The whole thing makes me sick. Gerevick says he won the whole claim in a pazaak game with the last survivor... right before he killed him. But that was a fair fight. There were witnesses. But nobody remembers Gerevick ever playing pazaak. I just hope someone takes this blasted claim off my hands. I'm tired of those low-lives pestering me. We've got real work to do.
6. Can I ask you some general questions?
Zherron: You really should talk to Berun about general questions.
1. How is the militia doing?
Zherron: There aren't more than a dozen of us, and there's too many problems. People keep hoping that the Republic sends help, but we got to help ourselves.
2. What do you know about the Administrator?
Zherron: She's smart. She gets things done. The whole place would fall apart without her. Dantooine isn't the center of much of anything. Our most talented people sometimes leave. Hard for someone to stay a farmer when they have the itch to do something greater. So we're lucky the Administrator never went elsewhere. I bet she'd make a decent Senator even.
3. Could you tell me about Khoonda?
Zherron: It's our home. Might be the start of an honest capital some day. Right now it's not much more than a swoop bike stop.
4. How do you feel about the mercenaries?
Zherron: I don't have anything to say about that.
5. I'd like to talk about something else.
7. I'll be going.

Cave Crawling[edit]

Zherron: We have a small problem with kinrath. Maybe you've already seen some of them. They're coming from a cave on the Khoonda Plains. I'd take care of it myself, but there aren't many people in the militia. We'd lose too many men. There's a reward if you do it.
1. Why is this place so overrun with kinrath?
Zherron: Kinrath are normally just pests. We think somethin' happened to their nest. It started near the end of the Civil War. Nobody knows for sure. Even the Ithorian, and they're smart about such things.
2. How dangerous is it?
Zherron: Very. The kinrath you see on the plains aren't as tough as the ones inside the caves. They may not look much different, but they are tough.
3. How much is the reward?
Zherron: 2000 credits.
Persuade 1. [Persuade] With so few settlers, lives are much more important than credits.
Zherron: [Failure] I agree with you. But I don't barter. I've got more important things to do.
4. What do you know about the cave?
Zherron: We used some explosives to seal the cave a couple years back. Just made them angrier. They burrowed another entrance even closer to us. I know there are crystals in there, too. Some of the salvagers once thought about going in there to get some extra credits. Too many kinrath, though. Cave is on the southeast side of the plains. Shouldn't be hard to find.
5. I'll see what I can do.
Zherron: That's all I can ask.
Journal Entry Added Cave Crawling
Zherron, the militia leader of Khoonda, said there's a reward for anyone who can clear the kinrath caves that are located off the Khoonda Plains.

Once you've killed the kinrath matriarch that now appears in the crystal chamber at the back of the Crystal Cave, you can return for your reward:

1. I cleared out the kinrath cave.
Zherron: So you did. Here's the credits I told you about. Even with the caves cleared I imagine it'll take some time before the kinrath aren't on the plains. That was very helpful of you. You've saved some lives today.
Journal Entry Added Cave Crawling
Zherron rewarded you killing the Kinrath Matriarch, and diminishing the kinrath threat.
Credits Received: 2000 Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 250 Rewarded for killing kinrath matriarch

Ghosts to Rest[edit]

If Daraala in the salvager camp by the Enclave courtyard has asked you to look for the remains of two dead salvagers in the Enclave sublevel, or you've already found them both without speaking to her:

2. I want to talk about the dead salvagers' claim. 2. I want to ask you about the salvagers who died in the Enclave
Zherron: I'll tell you what I tell all those grubby salvagers - no body, no claim. I'm no longer even looking at wills or credit notes. And if you think that's gruesome, then go space yourself.
1. I'll look for the salvagers' bodies then.
Zherron: The Enclave sublevel is dangerous. I'd stay out of there if I were you. Going after those bodies isn't worth it.

Save game beforehand if you tampered with the will back in the Enclave sublevel:

1. I have the bodies right here. One of them had a will.
Zherron: Let me see the will. I'll be glad to get rid of this claim and get those salvagers out of my headquarters.
Zherron: He left all his possessions to one of the other dead salvagers? Will I ever get rid of that damn Jedi garbage? I guess nobody gets them now. The Administrator will have to figure out what happens to them. And until then the salvagers are going to keep bothering me. Zherron: Let me see... He left his claim to you? How'd he even...? You know, at this point I don't even care. I'll have one of the militia get the claim for you. Here's your claim. I'll go let the salvagers know that it's been taken care of. Hopefully this is the last I hear of it.
Light Side Points Gained: +2 Dark Side Points Gained: -2
Journal Entry Added Ghosts to Rest: Bonus Mission
You delivered the two bodies to Zherron. The will indicates all of their possessions go to each other. Since both of them are dead, Zherron says that nobody has a claim to their salvage.
Journal Entry Added Ghosts to Rest: Bonus Mission
You delivered the two bodies to Zherron. He didn't seem convinced your "modified" will was legitimate, but he gave you the salvage all the same.
Experience Points (XP) Received:
  • 500 Delivered two bodies to Zherron
Item(s) Received Zherron

The lightsaber upgrade item received depends on your experience level:

Levels Energy cells Emitters Lenses
1-7 Discharge Energy Cell Deflection Emitter Synthesized Kunda Lens
8-9 Diatium Energy Cell Disrupting Emitter Dragite Lens
10-11 Ion Energy Cell Crude Phobium Emitter Synthesized Byrothsis Lens
12-13 Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark I Fencing Emitter Beam Gem Lens
14-15 Improved Discharge Energy Cell Improved Deflection Emitter Vibration Lens
16-17 Improved Diatium Energy Cell Advanced Disrupting Emitter Pure Kunda Lens
18-19 Improved Ion Energy Cell Synthesized Phobium Emitter Adegan Lens
20-21 Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark II Improved Fencing Emitter Pure Byrothsis Lens
22-23 Superior Discharge Energy Cell Expert Deflection Emitter Improved Beam Gem Lens
24-25 Superior Diatium Energy Cell Superior Disrupting Emitter Improved Vibration Lens
26-27 Superior Ion Energy Cell Phobium Alloy Emitter Ossus Dueling Lens
28-29 Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark III Expert Fencing Emitter Pontite Lens
30-31 Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell Refined Phobium Emitter Enhanced Byrothsis Lens

At level 32 and beyond, if an energy cell, emitter or lens is selected then nothing is received. However, since all of these can already be created at a Workbench, if you receive one you may want to load game until you receive a power crystal instead:

Level Power crystal
1-4 Crystal, Adegan
5 Crystal, Rubat
6 Crystal, Ruusan
7 Crystal, Nextor
8 Crystal, Dragite
9 Crystal, Firkrann
10 Crystal, Phond
11 Crystal, Bondar
12 Crystal, Velmorite
Level Power crystal
13 Crystal, Sigil
14 Crystal, Jenruax
15 Crystal, Kasha
16 Crystal, Opila
17 Crystal, Eralam
18 Crystal, Stygium
19 Crystal, Damind
20 Crystal, Sapith
21 Crystal, Pontite
Level Power crystal
22 Crystal, Upari
23 Ultima-pearl
24 Crystal, Solari
25 Lorrdian Gemstone
26 Barab Ore Ingot
27 Ankarres Sapphire
28 Crystal, Kaiburr

At level 29 and beyond, if a power crystal is selected then nothing is received. Color crystals can always be selected. However, if an upgrade item normally selected is already in your inventory, then the next highest you don't already have is received instead: this should not happen for any in lightsabers equipped by you or your party, or in containers elsewhere.