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Liberate the U.N. supplies from the villagers. Our need is greater than theirs.

"Mow down the sheep and take what is rightfully ours."


Level 2 is introductory in nature. Collect 40,000 credits by stealing UN supplies to win the mission. This can be accomplished by attacking aid convoys, destroying civilian structures and by shooting down aid planes once quad cannons are introduced.

Approximate time required: 15 minutes.

Getting Started[edit]

The player starts with a small base. Build an Arms Dealer and crank out massive Technicals, Scorpions and Marauders. It is necessary to choose the General’s Power upgrade to build Marauder tanks. Marauders become more powerful by scavenging spare parts on the battlefield.

Although armed resistance is minimal in this level, it is recommended to have about ten vehicles to quickly destroy civilian structures and collect their supplies.

Set the Rally Point at midtown to block the path of aid convoys zipping across the map. Collect the supplies once the aid trucks are destroyed.

Eventually it is announced that civilians have absconded with these supplies and their homes should be destroyed to recover them. It is not necessary to wait for this message to start razing the village and collecting the supplies.

Air Drop[edit]

Shortly into the mission, the announcer broadcasts that air drops will start. You are provided three quad cannons to destroy these aircraft. Once the aircraft are destroyed, you can collect the supplies dropped for additional credits. Don’t wait around to collect them. Villagers will come along and pillage them.

There is a glitch though, if there are enough RPG Troopers around to destroy planes you won't get Quad Cannons and they will give it to you at the end of the air drop. However, there's a good chance that the announcer will say raid the U.S. Base for money. When 40,000 credits are accumulated, the mission is accomplished.