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Jumping islands is no problem when you have Sneak Attack tunnels and Scud Storms to fly across the friendly skies. This mission is a lesson in patience of taking two steps forward and one step back as the Particle Cannons slowly take apart your base.

Patiently build up funds, build Scud Storms and you can then methodically destroy the Particle Cannons. You may actually want to destroy the Command Center before the PC’s to stop the A10 Missile Strike planes from strafing your base.

The Stealth General is not quite as effective as the other GLA generals on this map as offensive efforts are hampered by the lack of Scud Launchers, Marauders and Scorpion tanks.

Good luck!

Key strategies[edit]

  • Build a few spare Barracks to give cheap targets for the Particle Cannons.
  • Consider destroying the Command Center first or before some of the Particle Cannons. The A10 Missile Strikes do more damage than the Particle Cannons.
  • Station defenses in the very back of your base to help destroy sneak attacks in this area.
  • Build six Stinger Sites evenly spaced along the front of your base. Add an extra row of Stingers as funds permit. Your Quads will be easy targets for the Aurora Bombers.


Start by building a Barracks in the far southeast corner, to make a nice, tempting isolated target for future Particle Cannon strikes. Queue up six or more extra workers.

Immediately research Capture command and recruit two Rebels, setting the Rally Point by the two oil derricks. Capture the two oil derricks. Pick up the supply crate by the oil derricks.

Start building the first two Stinger Sites along the ocean front. You will eventually want six evenly spaced out along the front of your base.

Important: Don’t build the Supply Stash until after the first A10 Missile Strike, or it will be destroyed along with most of the workers. Repair the damage if your Command Center is attacked. Have the collectors start collecting supplies.

Continue building Stinger Sites until you have five or six along the ocean front. Build an Arms Dealer, and build a few Quad Cannons and space them out along the beach front.

Using the GPS Scrambler will help keep your Quads alive once you reach Level 3. Also, once you reach level three, select Cash Bounty to the level you desire.

The fake structures don’t seem to confuse the Particle Cannons, as they seem to always target the “real” structures. They don’t even confuse the A10 Missile Strikes. It might be more productive to build extra Barracks as a decoy rather than fake structures.

It will be two steps forward, one step back. You will constantly be replacing your structures — Barracks, Arms Dealers, Supply Stashes and Palaces. Just keep rebuilding them. Your Scud Storms are not targeted, perhaps because the Superweapon General realizes a single PC strike will not destroy it.

Start building a Scud Storm immediately upon completing the Palace, as the Palace is one of the first structures to be targeted by the Superweapon General. Unfortunately, through attrition of forces, it may be necessarily to completely rebuild the chain of buildings in order to build a second Scud Storm. If finances permit, build two Scud Storms at the same time to prevent this.

This mission seems to be a bit more difficult with the GLA than with the Chinese and USA generals as the Particle Cannons will target your higher-value targets more often, since they are not distracted destroying Reactors.

You can destroy the first Particle Cannon to the east once you have a single Scud Storm. Launch the Scud Storm centered on the PC, then drop a Rebel Ambush in the area to either capture or finish destroying the structure. If you are harassed by Comanches in the area, build a Sneak Attack tunnel when they arrive to distract them until your Rebels can finish capturing or destroying the structure.

Build a second Scud Storm and use a strike from both Scuds to destroy the second Particle Cannon located above the Command Center.

Afterwards, place a Sneak Attack tunnel on this isolated plateau and unload five or more Quad Cannons in the area. With luck, you will destroy any Comanche Helicopters and Avengers in the area. Afterwards, attack and destroy the Artillery Platform and the Command Center. This will cause the A10 Missile Strikes to cease. If there are any dozers in the area, be sure to target them too.

You can then target the last PC when your Scud Storm recharges.

The Particle Cannons and Command Center will not be rebuilt but the War Factory and Airfield will. Watch for dozers returning to the area of the War Factory and destroy them before they have a chance to rebuild.

At this point, it still may be difficult to place a Sneak Attack tunnel on their main base because of the high number of Patriots in the area. Focus future Scud Storm attacks on their Reactors until the power is down, then launch your forces through the Sneak Attack.

It is not necessary to destroy Fire Bases, Artillery Platforms and Patriots to complete the mission.

The only building necessary to destroy on the northwest island is the Supply Center.

Mission accomplished!

Alternative Strategy[edit]

  • Destroy the Supply Center on the northwest island first. It will not be rebuilt.
  • Next destroy the Airfield. It will not be rebuilt because she lacks the Supply Center in the chain of buildings.
  • You should have more Scud Storms by now, so kill the Command Center and then the Particle Cannons.

Cheap Tricks[edit]

  • Place the sneak attack tunnel immediately, sometimes the choppers will target it instead of something you had to pay for
  • Early on, send a rebel to under the closest particle cannon - often he can run past all teh things shooting there and make it safely behind it where nothing can target him - it's about 50/50. If he makes it, have him capture the PC - sometimes he will succeed (in which case she mocks you for having low power), otherwise she will sell it - if this gambit works you can eliminate the first PC before it even fires once, and for the cost of a mere rebel. You can also use rebel ambush to insert rebels under it. In any case she is extremely sell-happy and will almost invariably sell this PC within a minute or so of units coming near it - even if she successfully killed off the units.
  • You can hijack or Jarmen Kell the avenger to the east to assist you in anti-air defenses. The sneak attack tunnel can be used to distract the EMP patriot while you steal your prize. Also try to steal other avengers around the map.
  • You can rebel ambush behind her power plants and steal the central one - keep the other ones to protect the one you stole from the EMP patriots. While you won't put her in low power this way, you do gain the benefit of having a power plant (doubled build speeds) and for some reason she'll never destroy it.
  • Often the best targets for your scud storms are actually the EMP patriots on the cliffs - once you can get a sneak attack into her base, quads and buggies can clean her up.