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This mission is very challenging – but manageable – as there is no great defense against the Rocket Buggies. Even a pack of your own Rocket Buggies with maximum upgrades from the Black Market on Guard mode will take extensive damage from attacking Buggies without reacting. It can be a bit frustrating.

At the beginning, the Artillery Platform captured in front of your base is of great assistance and the assault is not too intense. After the enemy Scud Storm is destroyed, the Artillery Platform will probably be lost and you must be very hands on to deal with this nuisance.

The second main issue to deal with is the Sneak Attacks in the back of your base. Three or four Marauders and a Quad Cannon stationed in this area can handle this menace.

The third issue is dealing with the Anthrax attacks that hit your base. After the first batch of Anthrax is dropped on your base, you should be able to avoid the toxins by stationing five or six Quad Cannons east of the Artillery Platform.

Good luck!

Key strategies[edit]

  • Build eight extra workers so you can quickly build up enough credits for an adequate defense and the ability to build two Scud Storms before the Stealth General launches his own Scuds. The Scud Storm is located in the middle of the “cornfield.” You will need to destroy it twice.
  • Keep any ground units you build stationed on the outer edge of your base to protect them from Anthrax attacks.
  • At the back of your base, put your buildings fairly close together so that the Sneak Attack tunnel is forced to come out on the “side” of these buildings. Have your Marauders waiting for them in this location so they can destroy the enemy vehicles as they leave the tunnel. A Quad Cannon in the area will aid against Rebel Ambushes in the area.
  • UPDATE - Angry Mobs will stop the Rocket Buggy attacks! Put two Mobs each in both the north and south valleys - the Buggys will try to drive by them to hit your Stinger Sites and get thrashed (it's actually pretty funny to watch.)
  • Build tunnels by your Stinger sites and inside your base - leave some Quads and Buggys in the tunnel to respond to emerging threats. Send damaged units to the tunnels. You can also save units from the Anthax bomb by putting them in the tunnels.

Additional Tips[edit]

  • You only really need 1 scud storm to destroy theirs, leaving them with a GLA hole. They will rebuild either way. Later rebel ambush can be used as backup. Ambush can be left there, in front of their palace to stop rebuilding by killing workers and destroying the palace. The SCUD storm should have destroyed any defenses within range.
  • Ambush can be placed at the bottom left corner to attack their supply stash and capture/sell their barracks
  • Early game you will want to rush around 8 quad cannons and line them behind your defenses ASAP to stop the anthrax
  • Right after the first sneak tunnel is a good time to build your 1st SCUD storm
  • SCUD launcher is also a good way to stop rocket buggies
  • Rebel ambush can also counter tunnels if you are fast enough. Place the rebel ambush and have them suicide.
  • Fake buildings can be used to plug up holes in your base to avoid tunnels, and sold as you need space.
  • Leaving a tunnel sized hole between your SCUD storm and fully rocket staffed palace can potentially stop your tunnel problems.


Build eight extra workers. Build a Barracks and Supply Stash. Research the Capture command and capture the Artillery Platform and the oil derrick.

Build two Stinger Sites, above and below the Artillery Platform. Place them a bit closer to the base than the actual Artillery Platform, so that they will be safer from Rocket Buggies.

Build a third Stinger Site by the oil derrick to control any Ambushes that pop up.

Keep a worker near the front of the base to repair the Artillery Platform and Stinger Sites for as long as possible.

Build an Arms Dealer and Palace. Start cranking out about three Marauders and one Quad Cannon to help defend each of the Stinger Sites.

As soon as the Palace is built, recruit Jarmen Kell and put him in Guard mode in the western valley leading toward your base to snipe infantry.

You will experience about two Sneak Attack tunnels before you experience the Anthrax attack. At least one of these will probably be in the back of your base. Because of this, you will need to recruit another three Marauders and a Quad Cannon to patrol this area. Have your forces target the actual vehicles versus the actual tunnel for a more effective defense.

You can replace some of your lost vehicles, but you can’t waste too many resources. You must build two Scud Storms immediately upon having sufficient credits. Start below the oil derrick and slowly building southward, leaving no room in between structures for Sneak Attack tunnels to appear. This will force the attacks to appear exactly where your defensive units are located.

Before your Scud Storms are completed, you will experience your first and hopefully only Anthrax attack. Your forces in the back of your base should be out of the range of the Anthrax. Hopefully, most of your units in the front of the base will survive.

After the attack, replace your workers and get them back to work.

When you have the funds available, you may want to add another Stinger Site to the back of your base, but, again, not until after both Scud Storms have started building.

If you have stayed on schedule, you should be able to complete both Scud Storms before the Stealth General’s WMD can launch. You will have to destroy the Scud Storm twice.

The next two issues to deal with are the stepped-up Rocket Buggy attacks and stationing six Quad Cannons behind the Artillery Platform to shoot down the plane carrying the Anthrax before it reaches your base.

This is the most hectic part of the mission. It is going to be a joint effort between building additional Rocket Buggies, Marauders and other units to help combat this threat. Jarmen Kell can snipe a few of these units, but they will come in packs of four and will carry quite a punch. Try to be proactive so that large number of units are not destroyed while you are distracted elsewhere. If you reach a panic mode, you can even use an Anthrax attack to destroy these units.

Throughout the mission, when time permits, you can be sniping enemy vehicles with Jarmen Kell and capturing the vehicles with your Rebels, but it is difficult to do this consistently with all of the distractions.

Also, when you have the time and inclination, pick up “scraps” from the battlefield to beef up your armored units.

When you have sufficient funds, build the Black Market and obtain all four upgrades that will strengthen your vehicles. They are all extremely beneficial.

You may consider building a third and fourth Scud Storm to speed up offensive operations.

Build a Tunnel Network and load it with offensive vehicles of your choice. Launch a Scud Storm in an area you wish to place your Sneak Attack tunnel to help destroy any Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks that are in stealth mode. Rocket Buggies will be reasonably effective in destroying these structures.

Here is a list of the eleven buildings that must be destroyed to finish the mission:

  • In the southwest base, going clockwise from the bottom:
    • Arms Dealer
    • Barracks
    • Black Market
    • Supply Stash
    • Command Center
    • Palace
  • In the northwest base, going counterclockwise from the top:
    • Barracks
    • Arms Dealer
    • Command Center
    • Black Market
    • Palace

By sheer perseverance, you will eventually be able to overwhelm the GLA. Send actual troops into destroyed areas to be sure structures are not rebuilt.

Mission accomplished!