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This is an introductory mission that allows the player to familiarize himself with the game while not under the stress of full combat.

Take the train to the GLA base and destroy it to win the mission.

Key Concepts[edit]

  • Don’t forget to choose your General’s Powers.
  • Highlight all vehicles and click on War Factory. Only damaged units will leave the area to be repaired.
  • Research the Capture command at the Barracks to capture important revenue sources and enemy structures.
  • Research the Flash Bang command at the Barracks to have Rangers easily clear fortified structures.
  • Upgrade armored units with battle drones to help combat infantry units.


  • Take out the GLA infantry on the bridge with Sentry Drones.
  • To practice repair technique, highlight all units involved in combat and click on the War Factory. The units will return repaired to the battle front if the waypoint is positioned to that area.
  • Pick your General Power from the upper-right corner of the command panel.
  • Research both the Capture and Flash Bang abilities at the Barracks.
  • Use your Rangers’ capture command, once researched, to capture the oil derrick and oil refinery.
  • Take a slight detour to the right to discover abandoned Chinese vehicles, including an Overlord tank. Have Rangers enter the tanks to reactivate them.
  • Upgrade your tanks with battle drones to help combat infantry. Use the tanks to destroy the Stinger sites.
  • Practice the Flash Bang technology of the Rangers by clicking on a Ranger or Rangers, selecting the Flash Bang command on the unit, then target the two fortified buildings to the west. Just a single shot can clear out the entire structure!!
  • Build extra units to your choosing and go west and destroy the GLA in the area.

The train will now arrive, where you can “sneak” your troops to the main GLA base.

  • Load the train with mostly heavy armor. Many of your lighter units will be destroyed immediately upon getting off the train.
  • A Humvee full of infantry counts as only one unit in the train. If you like, try loading several Humvees with a mix of Rangers and Rocket Launchers, then load these Humvees into the train.
  • Destroy the upper portion of the GLA base. Air power will destroy the lower portion of the base in a cut scene.

Mission accomplished!