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Note: Some of the commands are only available in Zero Hour.

Command & Conquer: Generals is played using a mouse and keyboard hotkeys. Select units to see what actions can be performed at the bottom of the display. Assign units to the number keys to quickly select them with one keypress.

Selection Commands[edit]

Control Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Select units / perform action from menubar
PC Mouse Right Click.png perform active cursoraction
Shift+PC Mouse Left Click.png Add a unit to a selection
Ctrl+(1 - 0) Define selected units as a group
1 - 0 Select numbered group
Double Tap 1 - 0 Select and jump to numbered group
Ctrl+( or ) Select previous/next unit
Ctrl+( ↑  or  ↓ ) Select previous/next dozer/worker
E Select on-screen units of the same type
Double Tap E Select units of the same type on the whole map
Q Select all combat units on the screen
Double Tap Q Select all combat units on the map
W Select all air combat units on the screen
Double TapW Select all air combat units on the map
Alt+(1 - 0) View numbered group without selecting them
Space Jump to the last radar event
H Jump to your Command Center
Hold PC Mouse Right Click.png and drag Rapid Scroll
 ↑   ↓  Scroll the screen

Unit Modes[edit]

Control Action
Ctrl+PC Mouse Left Click.png Force-Fire mode
A+PC Mouse Left Click.png Attack-move mode
G+PC Mouse Left Click.png Guard mode
S Stop selected units
X Scatter units
Alt+PC Mouse Left Click.png Set waypoints for selected units
Ctrl+F Set formation for selected units

Screen and Pop-Ups[edit]

Control Action
Tab Toggle Diplomacy/Communicator screen in multiplayer/skirmish games
Toggle Mission Objectives in Single Player
F9 Toggle Command Bar
ESC Options Screen
F12 Capture screenshot


Control Action
Ctrl+(F1-F8) Set Camera Bookmarks
F1 - F8 Jump to Camera Bookmarks
Ctrl+H Jump to Hero unit
(numeric keypad) 4 or 6 Left/Right rotate camera
(numeric keypad) 8 or 2 Zoom in/out camera
(numeric keypad) 5 Reset Camera


Control Action
Enter Chat with everyone
Backspace Chat with allies
Ctrl+B Place beacon
Ctrl+C Selected unit's cheer