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For some reason, the Laser General seems to fight more effectively in this mission than others. Of all the generals, I have never experienced the Laser General targeting the same WMD three times in a row, assuring its destruction. Because of this, the solution I finally came up with was building three Scud Storms at exactly the same time. Two should survive long enough to discharge their missiles and destroy the three Particle Cannons.

Put a few soldiers in the civilian structures in the middle of the map, back them up with a few units, and your defense can be put on auto-pilot. (Be sure to have a worker in the area to repair the buildings.)

One strategic difference on this mission versus the other GLA generals is that the Scud Storm discharges Anthrax but is not as destructive against structures. Because of this, it will take three Scud Storms to destroy the Command Center, or use your Sneak Attack troops to help destroy the structure. Also, a single Scud Storm will not destroy a Weapons Factory.

It will take a long time to reach Level 5 to reach your Sneak Attack General’s Power, so sit back, relax, and keep rebuilding lower-price structures until you can afford to obtain multiple Scuds.


Queue up eight workers for fast construction of your base. Build a Supply Stash and Barracks. Load up the two civilian buildings closest to your base with a total of eight RPG Troopers and six Rebels.

Key Strategies
  • Load up only the two civilian buildings closest to your base and keep empty the other three. The structures closest to the Laser General’s base will act as buffers to enemy attacks. Put four RPG troopers and three Rebels in each of the two structures. Have a worker in the area to repair the buildings. Place Jarmen Kell and a Scud Launcher in the middle of these structures on Guard mode. Park a Quad Cannon on each side of the garrisoned buildings and this area is extremely secure.
  • The Quad Cannon parked to the east of the garrisoned structures should also be close enough to attack Colonel Burton coming down the ramp to the east. Either a Stinger Site or Toxin Network will act as a detector unit to spot him.
  • Build two Stinger Sites northeast of your base to protect it from Comanche attacks. Alternatively, build one Stinger Site and one Toxin Network. This will be enough to stop the Comanches and you will get two RPG Troopers in the process to load in the garrisoned buildings.
  • Rebuild your barracks if it is destroyed. It is a cheap target for the Particle Cannons.
  • It is not necessary to destroy garrisoned civilian buildings, Laser Turrets, Fire Bases and enemy units to win the mission.
  • Extra note: There are four oil derricks and an oil refinery located in the northeast corner of the map.

Choose the Scud Launcher General’s Power.

Station a worker in the area of the garrisoned buildings to keep them repaired.

Build an Arm’s Dealer and a Palace. Place all buildings reasonably spaced out to avoid losing two buildings at once from the PC’s.

Immediately place a Scud Launcher on Guard mode in the middle of the garrisoned buildings. When the Palace is completed, recruit Jarmen Kell and place him on Guard mode in the same area.

Place a single Quad Cannon on each side of the garrisoned buildings, set back slightly, and this “bottleneck” is now secure.

The only additional base defenses that must be prepared are setting up a couple of Stinger Sites to the northeast of your base to fight off Comanches. Alternatively, make one of these a Toxic Network so you can receive two RPG Troopers in the process. If one of these are placed near the ramp coming down in this area, this will prevent Colonel Burton from possibly sneaking through in this area.

On this particular mission, the Laser General is absolutely merciless at targeting the same Scud Storm over and over until it is destroyed, even with a worker repairing it nonstop. Wait until you can afford three Scud Storms and build them all at the same time to overcome this problem.

Keep workers close on hand to immediately repair the Scud Storms after they are hit by the PC’s. You should be able to keep two of them in operation.

After you destroy the Particle Cannons with the two Scud Storms, build another Scud Storm or two to destroy the Command Center. You will need three Scud Storms to destroy the Command Center, without the help of your Rebel Ambush or Sneak Attack tunnel. It is also necessary to destroy any dozers that return to the area.

Once the dozers are destroyed, the Laser General’s structures cannot be rebuilt. All structures that must be destroyed to win the mission are enclosed with the ring of garrisoned round towers surrounding the base. Carefully avoid these towers while destroying the base and victory will be yours.

Mission accomplished!

Alternative Strategy[edit]

Laser General is extremely restrained in the forces he deploys and the way he uses his particle cannon, by exploiting his gentlemanly manners he is easily humiliated.

  • Start by building supply stash, barracks and arms dealer. Garrison some nearby buildings for defense, you want a lot of RPGs in a building but don't train them in a barracks: see the next point.
  • Build a lot of toxic networks, laser general strongly prefers to target base defenses, a tunnel costs $800 and you get two RPGs to garrison in a building - that means he is only destroying $200 per particle cannon strike! It doesn't really matter where you build the tunnel networks, just scatter them around being careful not to place them near things you don't want to become collateral damage.
  • As soon as possible send a toxic rebel or tractor up the side of the map clearing buildings, then send a technical with a worker and RPGs up to claim the supply stash - the RPGs garrisoned in a building should handle the choppers he sends. Build more tunnel networks here to get more RPGs and distract the particle cannons.
  • Then proceed across the top of the map, clearing buildings until you reach the oil derricks: RPGs in buildings should handle the choppers just fine, allowing you to capture and keep the derricks and refinery. Build more tunnel networks - note he does send squads of infantry to this location, the tunnels will handle them fine as long you you remember to rebuild after PC strikes.
  • Now you have a very strong income and his particle cannons have been neutralized by the "decoy" base defenses. His attacks are pretty weak and easily countered by 6+ RPGs in a building (you need enough to damage avengers), include a toxic rebel to counter infantry and a worker behind the building to repair it.
  • Laser General is incredibly weak to sneak attack so there is no need to build scud storms, but you can if you like. The main challenge to getting sneak attack is that the Laser General sends few attackers, so you'll be twiddling your thumbs for a while waiting to get enough XP - using a scud storm will speed this up.
  • Once you get sneak attack, deploy it next to the particle cannons and unload about 20 quad cannons into his base. Since he has no interior defenses at all you can completely hollow it out from the inside and defeat him, while his defensive structures and garrisoned towers are out of range of your units.