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This is not that hard. For best results do steps 1 and 2 at the same time.

  1. Use long range bombardment (nuke or inferno) over the bridge to the east. Place a few bunkers and gats (with mines) on your side of the bridge any ground attack will be taken care of.
  2. Get some Tank hunters a few red guard and Black Lotus and fly with helix into the village to the north... fill the buildings with as many tank hunters and red guard as you can to keep away pesky air attacks. Lse lotus to capture the oil rig. Time your arrival so to avoid the patrol.
  3. Once you have this basic defense set up concentrate on attacking. Ground assault to the east via the bridge. You may need to make a FAST assault on the first superweapon reset building. The lower two can be hit with heli's without taking damage, if you micromanage their path.
  4. Set up a second base with power, barracks, war factory and supply point at the supply dock to the east of your base. From this second base you should be able to use the choke point to the north to obliterate any incoming armour, BOSS will likely now target your 2nd base with air. Be sure to move your bombardment units to the town north of your base to attack enemy defences.
  5. Build units, attack, repeat as necessary.

Alternate Strategy:

Build the following: Dozer, Reactor, Barracks, Supply Depot. Research one Mini-Gunner and capture building. Build three tank hunters and two supply trucks. Build Bunker about 1 diameter from bridge. Place gunner in bunker. After first wave of infantry, capture oil derrik. Load Tank Hunters in bunker. Build Bunker near Command center, but be sure it is out of range of rocket buggies. Load it with tank hunters. Build War factory and Propaganda center. Build extra Barracks and reactor. Sneak attack should happen by now. Save Game once past this point. If Buggies are sitting just out of range and hitting your buker near bridge send two after them. Load Bunker. Build Gatling Turrent near bridge and Speaker tower. Keep Dozer near entrance to repair all. Add Second Bunker and load it. Make sure you replace dozer as needed. Ensure you use general pts for level 2 shell to take out her bunkers and don't sent the shell attacks until there is 30 sec on the clock. Save after your first bunker strike. Keep all buildings close together. Try not to get too close to cliff in building or you will have vehicles pick you off from the north.

Begin pumping out hackers after one Lotus. Use Lotus to scout east and pick up crates. Have her capture derrick too and go north to get a few more crates. (It will be destroyed but the point is to get a heavy cash flow to get about 50-75 hackers) Squeeze hackers above NW corner of Supply pile and along bottom edge of screen. Be sure as each hacker gets to his station to get them collecting $$. Use up to three or four barracks and que one hacker in each barracks, then eventually two at a time and then three etc. The point is to get these guys ramping up your funds while the timer is ticking down. Once you have money coming in fast enough that a barracks queue can be loaded up with hackers off your income that should tell you you have enough hackers.

Begin dumping all warfactory output on Ourpost vehicles and set rally point across the bridge. If attacks from north are too much, an airfield is an option to employ and have them take out any troublesome targets. Keep a detector in your base and a gunner vehicle hand in case Colenel Burton pays a visit. Build a couple extra reactors and an internet center. Research both upgrades.

Move a big group of hackers (cloaked) to SE corner and get them collecting again. Keep your NW group put. The second bunker strike needs to be taken care of about now. Rebuild any as needed with the general using her own special powers. Save game after that.

Build second base. start with taking out fortified bunkers with outpost trucks... expect losses so keep war factory queue full. Use a shell strike to slow down her airfield if needed. Have abpout six dozers build second supply stash, war factory and reactors. Swarm your way towards second bridge. Use any room in your base to begin pumping out nuke silos. Get mines around them. (A good place is on the path just below where those pesky bunkers were)

Goal: get 7-8 nukes (or more!) Keep up the attack outposts out but is a couple troop crawlers. (in groups of three or more they act like a speaker tower. Don't put them on guard mode. The tank hunters will fire on their own. Now is about the time to pull out last bunker strike. Save game. AND SAVE AGAIN once you have 8 nukes ready to launch.

Strike her three command centers with one nuke each where you will get a reactor group on the side. Wait... look for dozers to come to rebuild.(A give away is the fence appearing.) The send second wave of nukes, one each. The main goal is to kill her rebuild ability! Use extra nuke or shell strike to take out any dozers that you see during satellite hack. If this doesn't work then reload last save game and try again.

Note taking out her super weapons brings her to a 5 min count down vice a 12, so leave them alone. Second load of nukes take out the scud storm with a nuke followed by a shell attack. (Doing the shell attack first will mean the scud storm rebuild itself with a 5 min timer.) Then take out reactors until she looses power. That will stop her nuke and particle cannon.

From here it's up to you.