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This mission is not as difficult as it might be if the Nuke General had better aim. Just park a few vehicles in front of your base and your main infrastructure may never be attacked.

The main challenge is handling the numerous Nuke Cannons and Overlord tanks headed toward your base. Jarmen Kell will stay extremely busy sniping these units. You can also run up your Marauders toward the Nuke Cannons when you are a bit overextended.

Expect the first Overlord to roll toward your base with two minutes before launch of the first nuke. Snipe it and then capture it. You should eventually have three, four, five or more Overlords in your control.

A Radar Van should be obtained. A close eye needs to be kept on all incoming units. One missed Nuke Cannon can mess up your whole day.

Quickly capture the three oil derricks on the bottom of the map and you will soon have enough supplies to build two, three, then four Scud Storms in rapid succession.

Destroy the first Nuclear Missile with two of your Scud Storms, then critically damage the second one with your third Scud. Set a Rebel Ambush in the area and have them capture this nuke. (The toxin Rebels are extremely inept at destroying structures.)

Finish annihilating the base with your Scud Storms and units sent in through your Sneak Attack tunnels.

Key strategies[edit]

  • Consider destroying the Propaganda Center with a single Scud Storm midway through the mission if you are tired of chasing Nuke Cannons and Overlords. The structure will not be rebuilt.


Queue up eight workers so you can quickly build your defenses and Scud Storms. Build the Supply Stash to the west so the workers will have access to both supply piles.

Build a Barracks and immediately research the Capture command. Queue up three Rebels and have them capture the three oil derricks on the bottom of the map. The two oil derricks furthest east will soon be destroyed if you don’t send units to protect them. That’s up to you. You can win the mission without worrying further about them.

Build Stinger Sites to the east and north of your base. Build an Arm’s Dealer and station two Marauders and a Quad Cannon at each Stinger Site. Add a few additional troops when you get the chance.

Immediately build a Palace and station Jarmen Kell way in front of your base. Put him in Guard mode to snipe infantry. Snipe any Nuke Cannons and Emperors that come your way. If you miss an Emperor and he gets through to your base, it might be best to go back to your last saved game.

Capture the sniped Emperors with your Rebels and add them to your front lines. Be careful that they are not destroyed by Nuke Cannons.

After the Palace is built and you have sufficient funds, start your first and second Scud Storms immediately. When you have the funds, start a third and fourth nuke.

Add a few extra Stinger Sites along the perimeter of your base, together with Quad Cannons, to help control the Comanches. Have the captured Overlords stationed just a bit in front of these Stinger Sites so they will be protected from the air assault.

Add a few extra units to buff up your defenses when credits allow for it.

You should be able to destroy the first Nuclear Missile with a double Scud Storm blast before it launches — and the second one with a combination of your third Scud Storm and a Rebel Ambush. Use the Capture command on this nuke as opposed to trying to use your toxin weaponry.

Consider destroying the Propaganda Center before you finish destroying all of the nukes. The tank rush on your base is quite intense and presents more of a threat than the “misguided” nukes.

Continue dismantling the base with a combination of Scud Storms and Sneak Attacks.

Mission accomplished!