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The air strike arrives only after Stinger sites have been destroyed.
  • GLA has constructed a Bio-Toxin Factory.
  • Locate factory with help of operative Black Lotus.
  • Air strike will aid in its destruction.

There are a total of five Stinger sites that must be destroyed before an air strike can eliminate the Toxin facility. Black Lotus and Hackers assist on this mission, as Tank Hunters and Red Guard provide the needed firepower. Reinforcements will be dropped from the air at various points along the way. Vehicles cannot be built until a War Factory is captured midway in the mission.


Define Unit Assignments
Being able to quickly call upon units' specialized abilities is key to an easy victory for this mission. Instead of trying to sort things out in the heat of battle or attempt to locate a unit left behind, assign a number to a selected unit or group. This is done by selecting unit(s) and pressing Ctrl+(1 thru 9).

Getting ready[edit]

  1. Create at least three Hackers. Have them "hack the internet" for cash. Assign a number to one of them, he will come in handy later.
  2. Use General's Points for 'Red Guard Training' and 'Cluster Mines'.
  3. Augment the troops already provided with an additional four to six of each type from Barracks. Note: Red Guard are created in pairs.
  4. Use combined troops to destroy Stinger site to the east. First drop Cluster mines around the area; there are some troops and a Technical to deal with. Double left-click any one of the Red Guard to select all of the same type, and assign a number to the group; do likewise for the Tank Hunters. For best results, have the Tank Hunters directly attack the Stinger site as a group, while the Red Guard guard the area to take out additional threats at their discretion.

Capture Oil Derrick[edit]

Black Lotus captures the oil derrick.
  1. Use Black Lotus to capture oil derrick. Beware of enemy hiding nearby.
  2. While moving troops north along river, you will encounter a few enemy units. Target suicide bombers first, they can do a lot of damage! Destroy the two Stinger sites on this side of the bridge, using same technique as above. Once this side of the bridge is clear, highlight everybody and click on the Barracks, only those injured will return to be healed. Meanwhile, Black Lotus can find a UN supply crate hiding in the far northwest. Create more troops if needed, a total of 8 to 10 of each type is plenty.

Capture War Factory[edit]

Black Lotus disables the toxin tractor, or use Cluster mines; then take out Stinger site.
Capture the Weapons Factory with Black Lotus and garrison troops in civilian buildings.
  1. Use Black Lotus to disable toxin tractor or use Cluster Mines to destroy it.
  2. Move across the bridge and destroy the Stinger site. This time don't have anybody set to guard the area, they will needlessly attempt to destroy barricades. Attack all forces along the way to War Factory located to the west. Sometimes, but curiously not always, a Hacker will be included with the reinforcements dropped here. If not provided, bring up the Hacker previously assigned.
  3. Use Black Lotus to capture War Factory. While capturing, Black Lotus is vulnerable. To prevent enemy vehicles from emerging, the Hacker can disable the building, but this is not necessary this time; consider trying it just for practice. Immediately start building at least two Gatling tanks one Dragon tank and one Battlemaster; more is better. Upgrade to Chain Guns.
  4. Clear and hold the town. Use Battlemasters vs. vehicles, Gatlings vs. troops and Flame tanks to clear garrisoned buildings.
  5. Garrison troops in civilian buildings, progressing to the tower northwest of town.
  6. Hold off GLA attack. Do not let Weapons Factory be destroyed.
  7. Use Cluster Mines north of town to slow attack.
  8. Move and park your vehicles north of town. Oil derrick in middle of town is now safe for capture by Black Lotus.
  9. (Optional) Hack supply stash for cash. A Gatling can secure the area around the Supply dock, taking out Toxin trucks lurking there, as well as workers. With troops garrisoned in the tower north of town, and tanks nearby, the town is secure. There is a safe place around to the right where Black Lotus can hack the Supply stash for cash. Meanwhile, ...
  10. Highlight all vehicles and click on weapons factory. Damaged vehicles will return to weapons factory. Set waypoint to return to staging area north of town.
  11. The GLA base can be destroyed immediately, or use Black Lotus to capture buildings while being disabled by the Hacker. With the GLA Barracks captured, your troops can heal here instead of trudging all the way to your base and back. The Arms Dealer can be used for acquiring one or two Toxin trucks, but this is optional; Flame tanks perform the same task.

Attack Bio-Toxin Facility[edit]

After crossing the bridge to the east, vehicles clear the area at the final Stinger Site.

Tank Hunters are your best option here, there is not room for many vehicles. The town needs a minimum of clearing first.

  1. Before crossing the bridge, drop Cluster mines in front of the Tunnel entrance, preventing troops from later attempting to occupy buildings.
  2. Assemble assault force:  Tank Hunters (about ten of the highest veterancy), a Gatling tank, a Toxin truck or Flame tank, and a worker.
  3. Attack facility:
    • First, clear tower across the bridge with Toxin truck or Flame tank. If there are no occupied buildings, simply move it out of the way.
    • Next, bring across a Gatling to eliminate a couple of troops hiding behind buildings on the north side of the road.
    • Finally, assemble Tank Hunters in the safe area behind the buildings, along with the worker. Garrison troops in the building nearest to the Stinger site, with the worker behind for repairs. Once the firefight begins, vehicles can assist. The tunnel will be destroyed and the final Stinger site is doomed.

Soon, a cut scene will appear — with air power delivering the final destruction.

"Delivery is free today only!  Hah hah hah hah!"