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The Global Liberation Army is a terrorist organization that towers over anything in the real world, networked all over the Eastern Hemisphere and attacking the superpowers wherever they are stationed. The GLA's weapons are limited by tech: they piece units and equipment together in outdated designs, which naturally come cheaper, but prove to be no match for the likes of Chinese and American units. The more effective units of the GLA are biological weapons, stealth units and self-destructing units. Its lightweight and low-cost units force it to scavenge resources and use tactics to compensate its lack of firepower. The GLA's main advantage is its strong economy, and its ability to quickly rebuild its base on the ruins of the previous one. Also, all its units can benefit from collecting the remains of destroyed enemy units.

Their various tactics, early, mid, and late-game alike, all loop back to map control; control the map, and you control the game.

GLA Structures[edit]

Although poorly-reinforced and no match for heavy firepower, GLA structures have significant advantages over the other two factions. The major one being they require no power supply, and therefore will not cease to function due to shortage of power. Another advantage is that they are cheap to construct, and when they are destroyed, the structures leave behind a GLA hole. If the enemy fails to destroy the hole, a GLA worker will emerge from it and starts rebuilding the structure on the wreckage - at no cost. However, if the ground is contaminated by radiation or toxin, the worker will die, forcing the player to wait for it to dissipate before they can send in another worker to finish the job.

  • Command Center
Base of the GLA, the Command Center trains Workers to build constructions and collect supplies. It will also allow the player to deploy Generals Abilities.
  • Supply Stash
The resources storage, comes with a GLA worker, who automatically starts gathering supplies when the Supply Stash is built. Can also train workers.
  • Barracks
Train and heal all the GLA infantries. The Capture Building upgrade is purchased here.
  • Tunnel Network
Through a series of Tunnel Networks, the GLA can transport its troops to anywhere on the map where an exit is built. The Tunnel can hold up to 10 units and heal them while garrisoned. The Tunnel exit is guarded by a gun turret and two RPG Troopers who come with it.
  • Stinger Site
The GLA anti-air structure, relying on 3 RPG Troopers fortified with sandbags to defend against armored units and aircraft. It is highly unreliable because the soldiers can be killed by Pathfinders, flame and toxin attacks, radiations and even basic infantry if they are close enough, and render it harmless. However, the troopers will be eventually replaced after a while if the attack stops. When built in quantity, Stinger Sites can be annoying for aircraft and armored units.
  • Demo Trap
A more effective defence. The Demo Trap is cheap and is ideal to block choke points. Invisible to the enemy, the high-explosive bomb can heavily damage unsuspecting enemy units. When set in Proximity mode, The Demo Trap automatically detonates with the enemy is within range. When in Manual Mode, the player can wait for the enemy to close in, and detonate the bomb for maximum effect.
  • Arms Dealer
Where the GLA acquire armored units, also used to repair vehicles. The Scorpion Rocket upgrade is developed here.
  • Palace
The secret technology center of the GLA. It cannot be captured by enemy units, and provide spaces for five infantry to garrison inside it to protect the building. Upgrade includes Anthrax Beta, Camouflage, Toxin Shells and Arm the Mob.
  • Black Market
Through the Black Market, the GLA can earn a steady stream of income, which can be handy when supplies are ran out. Player can also purchase Armor Piercing Bullets, Armor Piercing Rockets, Junk Repair, Radar Scan and Buggy Ammo upgrades from here.
  • SCUD Storm
The GLA superweapon. The nine SCUD missile launched from here are armed with biological warheads, and can spread anthrax around the ground for a long time. SCUD Storm strikes randomly at the target and is ideal to destroy scattered units and structures.

GLA Units[edit]

GLA units tend to be light-weighted and poorly-armored, as a result, they are difficult to maintain a steady attack at the enemy and have to rely on numbers and tactics rather than the strength of the units. However, the GLA is the expert in scavenging outdated weapons and upgrade them with salvaged parts of the enemy. When an enemy unit is destroyed by the GLA, they leave behind scraps piles to be collected by the GLA. While scraps piles are collectible by all GLA units, only Marauder Tanks, Technicals, SCUD launchers and Quad Cannons can upgrade their weapons by collecting them. If collected by other units, a small amount of cash is added to the GLA budget. When Scorpion Tanks collect scraps piles, however, they gain experience rather than bounty.


  • Worker - The Worker, deployable from both the Command Center and Supply Stash, is the GLA's take on the Construction Dozer. Although less efficient than Dozers, Workers are very cheap to train. In addition to being able to construct buildings and collect supplies, the Worker can also remove mines and small explosives. The weaponless worker is an easy target to enemy vehicles and should be protected by armored units at all times.
  • Rebel - Although outmatched by both the Ranger and the Red Guard, the Rebel is expendable and works well when attracting enemy fire. Like all basic infantry he can be trained to capture enemy structures. When the Tech Tree is developed, GLA generals can purchase the Camouflage upgrade for the Rebel from the Palace, which hides him from the sight of the enemy when he's not firing. His firepower can also be improved by purchasing the AP bullets upgrade at the Black Market, making the Rebel more useful on the battlefield.
  • RPG Trooper - Arguably the weakest of the rocket infantry. In the late game their weapons can be upgraded with more damaging AP Rockets. The RPG trooper remains a main component of the GLA effort for the entire game. Two free RPG troopers are provided when a Tunnel Network is built.
  • Terrorist - A suicide unit. They do notable damage, and move faster when told to attack. You can also put them in civilian cars, increasing their speed and damage. Beware, as the cars can still be run over by tanks. Very useful against vehicles and large groups. Note that if the Terrorist is killed by flame or cannon shells, they will still detonate and harm nearby units.
  • Hijacker - Require 3 Star Rank and one Generals Point to train. Although unarmed, the Hijacker is stealthed when idle, and when an enemy vehicle is nearby, he can jump in to kill the driver and take control of the wheel. He cannot take Elite or Heroic units, or transports which have troops in them.
  • Angry Mob - A deadly force against infantry and structures, require the Palace to train. Consisted of five people at the start and gain numbers as they gain Veterancy, the Angry Mob operates much like units such as Rifle Squads in C&C 3. They attack units with handguns and structures and vehicles with cocktails. Unlike the Rifle Squad, the Angry Mob will heal itself when left idle, and cannot be garrisoned, transported or move between Tunnel Networks. GLA generals can increase the Mob's firepower by upgrading Arm the Mob from the Palace, which places AK-47s in their hands.
  • Jarmen Kell - The GLA hero unit, feared for his exclusive ability to neutralize vehicles. When a vehicle is neutralized, all units inside spill out, making for easy sniping for the revealed Jarmen Kell. As of the recent patch, Jarmen Kell cannot detect other stealthed units. Kell, Like the USA Pathfinder, can hide in structures and snipe at enemy infantry without revealing his location. For some reason, Jarmen Kell doesn't automatically attack enemy infantry when left idle.


  • Technical - This very fast unit is the GLA's transport. It can carry 5 soldiers to any place on the map, and can also make for a decent combat unit, with an anti-infantry machine-gun turret in the rear. The turret can be subject to a salvage upgrade, offering increased firepower as a cannon, or with another salvage, a rocket launcher, which is effective against vehicles, infantry, and structures alike. Each of the three possible weapons benefits from the AP Bullets. The technical sees use throughout the game playing many roles, but should normally carry infantry, preferably RPG Troopers or Terrorists, for an effective high-speed assault against structures and tanks.
  • Scorpion Tank - The fastest and cheapest tank in the game. They don't have any chance in a stand-up fight vs other tanks, but have many upgrades. The rocket upgrade is menacing to anything on the ground, but reloads very slowly. You can get Toxin Shells via the Palace to increase their effectiveness vs Infantry, and light vehicles. Anthrax Beta increases the effectiveness of their Toxin Shells, and AP Rockets bolsters their Rocket upgrade.
  • Marauder Tank - Requires a General point and is slower than the Scorpion. This is more of a stand up tank, and can't fire on the move. However, after two scrap salvages twice it gets a dual cannon comparable to the Overlord in power. The Toxin Shells upgrade affects it like the Scorpion Tank. The Marauder is less flexible than the Scorpion once the rocket has been removed, but proves quite useful against China.
  • Quad Cannon - Armed with four heavy guns, the Quad tears apart infantry and airplanes with little difficulty, and is effective against light vehicles and buildings. Because of its wide range of targets despite its thin armor, many a GLA strategy focuses on the mass production of these units. It benefits from the AP Bullets upgrade.
  • Radar Van - Unarmed, fragile, and slow, this vehicle provides radar for the GLA, and also serves as the GLA's only mobile stealth detection unit. With the Radar Scan upgrade, Radar Vans can temporarily reveal an area of the map, detecting stealthed units in that area. The Radar Van cannot function at all from the safety of a tunnel.
  • Toxin Tractor - Lightly armored, but resistant to rockets and immune to anthrax and radiation, the Toxin Tractor is a utility, annihilating infantry at short range, even those inside civilian structures. Their toxin nozzles are also effective against vehicles, but does little damage to dozer-built structures. The Toxin Tractor can contaminate a considerably large circle with anthrax toxins, reducing the health of any infantry that cross it. Benefits from the Anthrax Beta upgrade.
  • Rocket Buggy - This miniature unit is the GLA's main siege weapon. When in range, the buggy fires an impressive barrage of small rockets at a distant target, dealing significant damage to anything that doesn't flee. After firing, the Buggy has to reload, forcing it to hit-and-run against enemy vehicles. Its rockets can outrange defensive structures, therefore is ideal for siege attacks. The thin-skinned Rocket Buggy cannot withstand much damage so require protection from other units. The Buggy Ammo upgrade at the Black Market increases the amount of rockets it fires at a time.
  • SCUD Launcher - A deadly long range unit. Requires a Generals point and a Palace to build. You can choose between a Anthrax warhead, and a High Explosive one. The HE warhead is deadly vs Groups of vehicles, while the anthrax SCUD pollutes an area to hinder approaching infantry. The Launcher itself is thin-skinned and slow, not to mention expensive, so these units must be well-supported.
  • Bomb Truck - This unit delivers a significant explosive charge to its destination, and can disguise itself to appear as any friendly or enemy vehicle, making it easy to hide in an oncoming force. Moderately fast, its primary function is to soften up incoming ground forces or to finish off a crippled enemy. They can be individually upgraded with extra explosives, an anthrax compliment, or both. These units are expensive, and should not be used in excess when the more dependable tech-terror strategy is available. The Bomb Truck loses its cover when an enemy detects for stealth.

GLA Generals Abilities[edit]

See also: Generals Abilities

1 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • SCUD Launcher - The ability to build the SCUD Launcher at the Arms Dealer. The Palace is also required.
  • Marauder Tank - The ability to build the Marauder Tank at the Arms Dealer.
  • Technical Training - All Technicals are built at Veteran level.

3 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • Hijacker - The ability to train Hijackers at the Barracks.
  • Rebel Ambush - The ability to deploy a Rebel Ambush anywhere on the map from the Command Center. There are 3 ranks to it, a higher rank deploys more Rebels.
  • Cash Bounty - The ability to earn a bounty after destroying an enemy unit or structure. The amount of the bounty is based on the cost of the destroyed unit and the rank of the Cash Bounty.
  • Emergency Repair - The ability to repair friendly vehicles within a small area. There are 3 levels of Emergency Repair.

5 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • Anthrax Bomb - The ability to call in a transport plane to drop an Anthrax Bomb on a targeted area. After detonating, the bomb spreads anthrax over a large area, which quickly damages ground units and lingers over for a long period of time.

GLA upgrades[edit]

  • Capture Buildings - Available at the Barracks, enable Rebels to capture enemy and tech structures.
  • Armor Piercing Bullets - Available at the Black Market, increases the damage of Rebels, Technicals, Quad Cannons and Jarmen Kell by 25%.
  • Armor Piercing Rockets - Available at the Black Market, increases the damage of all rocket units by 25%.
  • Camouflage - Developed at the Palace, Rebels become stealth units after upgrading.
  • Arm the Mob - Purchased at the Palace, increases the firepower of Angry Mobs by arming them with AK-47s.
  • Rocket Buggy Ammo - Purchased at the Black Market, increases the amount of rockets fired per volley by Rocket Buggies by 25%, so they do more damage.
  • Scorpion Rocket - Available at the Arms Dealer, add a side-mounted rocket to Scorpion Tanks, increases their firepower vastly. After firing, the rocket requires a few seconds to reload. Highly recommended to purchase, if the Marauder Tank is not to be used instead.
  • Anthrax Beta - Developed at the Palace, increases the damage of all Toxin Units by 25%.
  • Toxin Shells - Developed at the Palace, the shells of Scorpion and Marauder Tanks leave behind a small amount of Anthrax when detonated, making them more useful against infantry.
  • BioBomb - Upgraded by each Bomb Truck, add biological toxins to its payload, which contaminates the surrounding for a long time. Can be used in conjunction with the High Explosive Bomb.
  • High Explosive Bomb - Upgraded by each Bomb Truck, increases the damage done by Bomb Trucks by 100%. Use it in conjunction with the BioBomb for a better effect.
  • Junk Repair - Purchased at the Black Market, allows all GLA vehicles to auto-repair themselves, even if they are not Elite or Heroic units.
  • Radar Scan - Purchased at the Black Market, allows each Radar Vans to reveal a small part of the map and stealthed units within radius for a limited time. It requires time to recharge after using. Build multiple Radar Vans to reveal more parts of the map.

Building Order[edit]

Beginner build order for use against the computer in a skirmish
  1. First use your promotion star to get the Technicals. Get the Marauder Tank later.
  2. Build a supply stash with your first worker.
  3. Build 6 or 9 more workers depending on how much money is around.
  4. Put all except 2 workers onto your supply pile.
  5. Build 2 barracks.
  6. Make one-three new worker at command center;set one of the others to a arms dealer.
  7. Use your idle workers to make stingers and tunnel networks: Remember the GLA is second to none in base defense.
  8. Build a palace once your arms dealer is complete.
  9. You should now build 5-10 rebels and a 2-5 rpg troops to start your army.
  10. once your palace is done buy the "Arm the mob" upgrade.
  11. Build a black market.
  12. Start pumping out mobs as fast as possible with both barracks. Note: make sure to mix in a few rpg's for anti air.
  13. Buy Ap rounds
  14. as soon as you have 5-10 mobs and 7-15 rpg's rush forward.
  15. While your mob of troops is demolishing there base DON'T stop building troops. In the unlikely event that they are still alive you want a second army to finish them off.
  16. Even the U.S. cannot stand up to this defense, and as soon as their attack has been defeated, you should have a bunch of money and be able to attack however you want.
  17. Protect the air! Build some Quad cannons for their anti aircraft capabilities and more stinger sites, and of course more rpg troops.
  18. It's time for a retaliation; one attack strategy at this point is to build as many terrorists from both of your barracks as you can, and set the rally points next to each other in an open space. Build as many technicals as you can and build another arms dealer (try to do this as early as you can because they will be building their superweapon soon!); that way you can produce twice as many troops and vehicles. Load up as many terrorists as you can and simply drive all the technicals directly next to an enemy building (re-group close to the enemy's perimeter before attacking so you go in a large force, not a long drawn out line!). When you get all or most of them near a building, deploy all troops, re-select the whole group, and attack the building. This usually works out to be timed so that you leave your base around the enemy's superweapon's 2 minute mark to give you enough time to get to their base and re-group and attack to take out their superweapon before they can use it. Once you do this, you can easily build up whatever troops you want, build a whole bunch more workers, build your palace, (you should have around $10,000-$20,000 by this point on large money maps) then build your black market and scud, then purchase as many of the upgrades at both that you can afford.
  19. Continue to dominate however you wish!