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Change from Generals[edit]

  • MiG Fighters now cost $1200 to build

New China structures[edit]

  • Internet Center - The Internet Center can hold up to 8 Hackers and increases their Cash Hacking speed abundantly. Satellite Hack 1 and Satellite Hack 2 are upgraded from here.

New China units[edit]


  • Listening Outpost - This low-cost surveillance vehicle can detect stealth units and enemy movement within a wide radius (marked with an orange line). In addition, it comes with 2 garrisoned Tank Hunters, who can fire from within it, although for some reasons, the Outpost sometimes fail to fire.
  • ECM Tank - The advanced electronic warfare. The ECM Tank can disable enemy vehicles very quickly with its beam, and disrupt any incoming missiles, causing them to miss their targets. However, a single ECM Tank cannot handle several barrages of missiles, neither can they disrupt missiles fired by Tomohawk and SCUD Launchers. It can also disable enemy vehicles with its powerful electronic beam, although it has to target the vehicle continuously therefore cannot move or disrupt missiles during the process.


  • Helix - Large and slow, the Helix is resilient for a helicopter, and can be useful in cleaning soft ground targets. It can also transport 5 infantry, or a single vehicle. Like the Overlord Tank, it can be upgraded with a Bunker, Gattling Gun or Speaker Tower. It can also be upgraded to drop napalm bombs at the ground, each of these upgrades will make the Helix even more formidable.

New China upgrades[edit]

  • Neutron Mines - Available for all China Structures after Landmine is upgraded for it. Neutron Mines take out infantries instantly and renders enemy vehicles driverless and available for takeover.
  • Neutron Shells - Available at the Nuclear Missile, enables Nuke Cannons to toggle to fire Neutron Shells, which deals a similar effect as Neutron Mines, only wider in radius.
  • Satellite Hack 1 - Upgraded from the Internet Center, reveals all areas around each Command Center.
  • Satellite Hack 2 - Upgraded from the Internet Center after Satellite Hack 1 is purchased, periodically reveal all the enemy can see for a short while.

New China generals abilities[edit]

3 Star generals abilities[edit]

  • Carpet Bomb - Call in a high altitude bombing at a straight line, which can release volleys at enemy installations. Very ideal against close packed structures.
  • Frenzy - Turns friendly units into a frenzy, which temporarily increases their firepower and armour. There are 3 levels of Frenzy.

Build orders[edit]

10,000$ game
  • Dozer 1: Power > Primary Supply > 1nd War factory
  • Dozer 2: Secondary Supply > 2nd War Factory
  • Sell command center to get 1,000$ dollar.
  • Both War factories: Gatling tanks
  • Both Supply Centers: Truck
Which tanks should you build?
  • vs USA Humvees - Gatlings
  • vs GLA Quads - Gatlings.
  • vs GLA Tunnels - Dragon Tank + Firewall(F shortcut)
  • vs GLA Scorpions + Quads - Outposts mixed with Gatlings
  • If you're vs GLA, send 1 fast dragon tank and use the firewall to kill his buildings.
  • If you're vs USA, try sending 2 Gatlings to both if his supplies to kill his Chinocks to stop his money.
  • Build power on place, don't send it far to build it, to save some time.