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Hard Difficulty[edit]

Start this mission by building a second dozer, barracks, 2 cold fusion reactors, supply center, 2nd supply copter, 2 laser patriots (North of your base), and a war factory.

When your barracks are complete, train one or two rangers and the capture building upgrade. Have one ranger capture the oil derrick next to your starting position and send the second one to capture the oil derrick at the north end of your land mass. Warning: If you capture the north oil derrick at the start of the mission, It will be targeted and most likely destroyed in the first attack wave. Do not bother with missile infantry in the early game. They are nearly useless against the point defense lasers installed on all of the Air Force General's planes.

When your War Factory is completed build one Humvee and then start pumping out as many laser avengers as you can afford. The humvee will be used to defend against all of the paradropped rangers in the initial attack. The laser avengers and laser patriots are your main defense against the massive air assault that will be coming after you. I would equip the avengers with repair drones to help them survive. Spread out your avengers and patriots so bombing attacks can only take out one unit at a time. You need at least two laser patriots so that you can see stealth fighters before/after they attack. Laser patriots can also cut down enemy rangers with ease. In this mission it helps if you get the recon drone general ability at the start and position the drones all around your base. This way you can see stealth fighters even if your patriots are destroyed. Also, you can protect your dozers by keeping them just south of the War Factory and the Command Center. This way a bomb attack on a dozer gets absorbed by the building and the dozers will repair the building before it is destroyed(hopefully).

When the air assault is over it is time to start expanding your base. From this point on the mission is a lot easier. Build any structure that you have not had the chance to yet. Move a small garrison to protect the bridge to the east of your base. There are 5 large supply piles on this map. One next to your base, one in front of the Air Force Generals base and 3 spread out in the middle map. When your first supply pile is empty, I suggest that you start using the two small piles between your base and the bridge, then move to the larger pile to the East of the Bridge. At this point in the game chances are you can put a supply center here with minimal protection (one or two laser Patriots and a path finder should be adequate.)

When the Air Force General finishes with his main supply pile he will start to use the center pile. You can either patrol this area with some raptors, strategically place laser avengers next to the supply pile, or garrison a few nearby buildings with Missile infantry in order to destroy his economy here. In any case it is also helpful to have a recon drone in the area to see stealth comanches before it is too late. As you move troops into this area be careful because he does have a few buildings garrisoned.

When you get your 5 star general power pick MOAB and drop the bomb over his supply center next to his main supply pile. With luck you can take it out along with many of his supply choppers, and a good portion of his air arsenal(raptors, stealth comanches, and bombers.)

At this point I would concentrate your general powers on his airfields to eliminate his offensive capability. Also, a little well planned destruction and he is vulnerable to running out of power which will turn off his patriot system. If you made it this far, destroying the remnants of his base should be a piece of cake.

It really is not needed in this mission after the initial air assault; but there are two Oil Derricks on the path to his base from the east and three oil derricks to the west of his base. There is also a money crate near the center of town.