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General Alexis Alexander's army is centered around the capacity to delay an opponent's progress until her devastating technology finally kicks in. She requires a lot of time and funds to maintain her army, which offsets her late-game dominance enough such that she is often considered the weakest general in Zero Hour.

Army Modifications[edit]

  • Particle Cannons are built at $2500
  • Barracks, War Factory, and Airfield are expensive to built
  • Aurora Bombers carries Fuel Bombs, which deals more damage.
  • Paladin Tanks are unavailable.
  • Crusader Tanks are unavailable
  • All vehicles, infantry and aircraft cost more to build, apart from the Avenger.
  • Colonel Burton costs only $1200 to train.
  • Has more potent Spectre Gunship General Ability, like the Air Force General, which is divided into 3 ranks and rank 5 is available as a 5 Star Ability

Army Units[edit]

  • Aurora Alpha - This advanced aircraft carries a Fuel Bomb, which deals a tremendous amount of damage within a considerable range. It can even one-hit KO an Emperor Overlord, and a full airfield of them can destroy anything, including Command Centers.

Army Structure[edit]

  • EMP Patriot - When the missile detonates, it delivers an EMP shockwave which disables all vehicles (including allies) within a small radius. Deadly to aircraft, as they fall immediately when hit (except for some support power aircraft in order to regulate OP-ness).

Army Upgrade[edit]

  • Advanced Control Rods - When upgraded, it boosts the output of power plants three times(15 units of energy).

Build Orders[edit]

Use your first Dozer to start a Reactor, then queue up another Dozer, and when it's ready start a Barracks. Use your free Dozer once your Reactor is finished to start a Supply Center. Then queue up your Control Rods.

If there are Oil Derricks, research Capture building and capture any that you can.

Have one Dozer stick to building your base (War Factory/Air Field (it's your preference), Strategy Center (Bombardment), Supply Drop ZoneS, Particle Cannons) and keep your power supplied, while the other builds EMP Patriots and Fire Bases.

Save your second general point for Pathfinders.

Continue building Drop Zones, Particle Cannons, and maybe airfields along with more base defenses until you feel comfortable with obliterating your enemy.


Basic tactics[edit]

Use your EMP Patriot turrets liberally; they are a decent all-around defense, and once the infantry stops moving, it's toast.

Use Fire Bases garrisoned with either two Rangers and two Missile Defenders or one Ranger, one Pathfinder and two Missile Defenders for every few (3–5) EMP Patriots you line up.

Adjust defenses accordingly based on your opponent, more infantry means more Fire Bases, more tanks/aircraft means more EMP Patriots.

Get your Supply Drop Zones up before your Particle Cannons, so that when you run out of resources from your main supply dock, you still have a very good income. Use Supply Drop Zones liberally, five of them can be made per Reactor, as opposed to two and a half with the normal army.

Make sure to have more than enough power at all times, and space your Reactors out so as to avoid massive power loss.

When possible, have several Particle Cannons building at the same time, to aggravate opponents (for online) and have immense burst damage capabilities.

If your turrets and Fire Bases aren't enough defense, aircraft are your only other real defense, other than infantry and avengers, the latter being mostly for air assaults against you.

As with all USA forces, intelligence is key, so use your initial general point on the sentry ability, coupled with your satellite ability, so you can keep an eye on all of your opponent's actions and never be surprised.

Victory with general Alexander is about biding time and then obliterating your opponent all at once, via particle cannons and (maybe) a few aircraft.

Beware artillery units such as SCUD Launchers, Nuke Cannons, enemy Tomahawks, Rocket Buggies, and the actual Chinese Artillery Barrage.

Be wary of Saboteurs; have Patriots spread near your Reactors to help avoid stealth insertions by the GLA.

Aurora Bomber, Stealth Fighter and Raptors[edit]

Build a number of each aircraft in your airports, mixing both Raptors and Aurora Bombers. With four Raptors, they can usually take out six light enemy units from a group of eight, with the other two either retreating or proceeding to a futile attack. While the Raptors (or other aircraft) is reloading, the Aurora Bomber can be sent to quickly catch up with the remaining unit to destroy them. Remember, Raptor's Alexander build expensive just like Kwai's MIG. Alternatively, the Auroras can help soften any AA units within the attacking force, before the Raptors start their attack.

Double Expand[edit]

Note: this strategy is modified for skirmishes starting with 5000$.

  1. Set your first Dozer to create a reactor.
  2. Build a supply center, and then another supply center at another nearby supply depot or pile of supplies. Note: this is not a good build if there are no nearby supply depots aside from your main.
  3. Build your EMP patriot and then upgrade your reactor to control rods.
  4. Focus then on getting another another Chinook for each supply center and building more EMP patriots until you feel safe.
  5. When you have a good amount of money, build another Dozer and constantly build units and additional buildings.
  6. Try to get out your Comanche quickly to bolster defense against infantry marches and to support against mass tanks.
  7. Get your Strategy Center up, followed by your Supply Drops or fast Particle Cannon.
  8. Late game isn't quite set in concrete, but the general strategy of mass Aurora Bombers followed by mass Comanche works very well to quickly soften defenses and sweep in with Comanches upgraded with Rocket Pods.
  9. Alternatively, you can fortify your base even more and go mass Particle Cannon.
  10. This build is good for getting you set up with good cash income early in the game.

Fast 'Racks[edit]

Note: this strategy is modified for skirmishes starting with 5000$.

  1. Set your first Dozer to create a reactor.
  2. Build a supply center followed by a Barracks and upgrade Capture Building as soon as possible.
  3. Build a few Rangers to then capture Oil Derricks, then set them to either defend the Derricks if they are in neutral territory, or rally them to defend your front lines.
  4. Transition into airfield, strategy center, and then either air power, mass particle cannon, or whatever strategy you wish.
  5. This build is good for getting you set up with good cash income early in the game.
  6. Capturing Oil Derricks is a good way to establish yourself in the early game, as the 1000$ bonus you receive can really push you ahead in the game.
  7. Consider sending sacrificial rangers to Oil Derricks around the map, just to collect on the 1000$ bonus.

Cannon Rush/Proxy 'Racks[edit]

Note: this strategy is modified for skirmishes starting with 5000$. This plan works ideally against the US or China.

  1. Scan your adjacent enemy and plop down your spy drone on another nearby enemy team.
  2. Set your first Dozer to create a reactor.
  3. Build a supply center.
  4. Tell your Dozer to load into your first Chinook and fly over to the enemy's supply depot. Unload the Dozer and quickly create an EMP Patriot to one side of the supply depot, preferably to a side where it will allow it to use the enemy supply center as a shield against tank fire, and will still be able to fire at enemy supply gatherers.
  5. Tell your Chinook to return home and gather resources.
  6. Do not worry if they sent infantry to attack your dozer. Unless there are a lot, or they are the Chinese Infantry General, you will finish your patriot before they can destroy it or your Dozer.
    • This build will fail if they quickly get out missile infantry.
    • This build may fail, as it is very cheesy and can be easily counter by smart players, or bad luck. It is a gamble, but if it works, it can pay off in an easy victory.
  7. Build a Barracks close to your EMP patriot, and repair it if it drops too low on health.
  8. Research Capture Building, and create Rangers to capture the enemy's base.
  9. Go after their Supply Center and Command Center first, and then capture their War Factory and Barracks.
  10. If you kill their Chinooks or Supply Trucks, they will not be able to build anything, and you can safely capture their entire base. Now giving you extra income, and two tech paths.
  11. Transition this into late game Aurora Bomber or mass Particle Cannon, and whatever strategy works with the captured enemy base. Or get creative and synergize the two races together for unique fun builds.