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New units, new structures, new strategies — there is a steep learning curve on the Zero Hour missions. Forget the standard tank rush of the good ol' days. Every mission presents a unique challenge, making this a must-play real-time strategy milestone.



Stealth and cunning vs. shock and awe — two worlds collide as the GLA targets the decadent West. Europe is now in sight and the GLA is not worried about political correctness. All new technologies and weaponry will be used without mercy.



With the fall of United States influence in Europe, China steps up to take its rightful place on the world stage. The GLA must pay for their insolence. They believe they have won the battle, but they celebrate too soon.

Generals Challenge[edit]

The General's Challenge creates an entirely new world to explore for the C&C enthusiast.

Each General has his own unique abilities and skills. You will be able to challenge many of the Generals -- culminating in a slugfest with General Leang, a.k.a Super Boss.

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