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Again, thank goodness the Nuke General is not a very good aim. After destroying the first Nuclear Missile, the other nukes will probably not hit your base. Is there a glitch in the program? I am not sure.

But fighting off the Nuke Cannons and Overlords coming toward your base will be challenging enough. A single “missed” Nuke Cannon can wreak havoc on your base.

The first Overlord will roll toward your base about ten minutes into the mission – with two minutes left before the first Nuclear Missile is ready to launch. Once this Overlord is sniped and captured, the pace of the game truly picks up and you must really stay sharp to survive the next five to ten minutes. (Save often!!)

Jarmen Kell, your captured Overlord(s) and your Hijackers will have to stay coordinated to survive this portion of the mission.

Consider destroying the Propaganda Center after the first Nuclear Missile. If you can survive the surge of armor rolling towards your base after this attack, no more Overlords or Nuke Cannons will be produced and you will be in a good position to win this mission.

Good luck!

Key strategies[edit]

  • The first ten minutes of the mission is reasonably calm. Use this opportunity to build four Scud Storms, Quad Cannons, plenty of Stinger Sites and Hijackers. Use this time wisely to add a few Battlemaster tanks to your ranks by sniping them with Jarmen and/or capturing them with your Hijackers.
  • Capture the three oil derricks on the bottom of the map for quick credits. It is not necessary to defend the two derricks furthest to the east to win the mission.


Queue up eight or nine workers so you can quickly build your defenses and Scud Storms. Build the Supply Stash to the west so the workers will have access to both supply piles.

Build a Barracks and immediately research the Capture command. Queue up three Rebels and have them capture the three oil derricks on the bottom of the map. The two oil derricks furthest east will soon be destroyed if you don’t send units to protect them. That’s up to you. You can win the mission without worrying further about them.

You can make the middle oil derrick last a bit longer by sending a Hijacker to the area in Guard mode to capture the first Battlemaster that rolls around and then send a Quad Cannon to take care of any infantry in the area for a while. Roll the Battlemaster to your base for protection of the eastern Stinger Site.

Build a Stinger Site to the east of your base and another to the north. Build an Arm’s Dealer and station a Quad Cannon at each Stinger Site. Add a few additional troops when you get the chance.

Recruit two Hijackers and have them positioned in front of the Stinger Sites. Have them on Guard mode to automatically capture the first Battlemaster tanks that roll in their direction.

Immediately build a Palace and station Jarmen Kell way in front of your base. Put him in Guard mode to snipe infantry. Snipe any Battlemasters that roll toward your base.

Repair your vehicles when necessary. This will save important credits.

After the Palace is built and you have sufficient funds, start your first and second Scud Storms immediately. Build an extra Stinger Site, if necessary, to help protect them.

Just a few minutes later, you will have the funds available to go ahead and build your third and fourth Scud.

After this, take a look at the clock counting down for the first Nuke Missile. You have until the timer gets down to two minutes before the first Overlord arrives. Be sure to have Jarmen Kell snipe it and capture it with a Rebel.

Until then, use your funds and time wisely preparing for an onslaught of Nuke Cannons that will arrive after the first Overlord. Prepare additional Hijackers spread out throughout the front of your base. If you can, snipe a few more Battlemasters and capture them. Your Stealth Rebels can also be used to destroy Nuke Cannons. They will come from the north, northeast and east, so you will have your hands full.

You may not be able to spend your credits fast enough to use them all up – with the distractions of incoming units.

Also add a few extra Stinger Sites and Quad Cannons to help deal with the Helixes that will be heading in your direction.

Keep sniping and capturing the Overlords threatening your base. If you miss an Emperor and he gets through to your base, it might be best to go back to your last saved game.

Be careful that they are not destroyed by Nuke Cannons.

You will easily be able to destroy the first Nuclear Missile with a double Scud Storm.

After this, if you want, you can destroy the Propaganda Center with your third Scud Storm.

If you do this, you will get a hard rush of Overlords and Nuke Cannons. If you have enough Hijackers in place, together with a few Overlords and Jarmen Kell, you can survive this rush. Be sure to save around the time you destroy the Propaganda Center.

If you survive, there will be no more Nuke Cannons or Overlords harassing your base and you can methodically destroy the rest of the Nuclear Missiles with your Scud Storms, Rebel Ambushes and Sneak Attack tunnels.

If you wait until later to destroy the Propaganda Center, you will continue to scramble with the Nuke Cannons and Overlords, but it is still possible to win the mission. You just have a lot of work ahead of you!!

Don’t get too stressed over destroyed the remaining Nuclear Missiles before they launch. They will probably not hit your base.

Continue dismantling the base with a combination of Scud Storms and Sneak Attacks.

Mission accomplished!

Alternative Strategy[edit]

Fortunately Nuke General doesn't make strong attacks so you can expand aggressively then scud him off the map while weathering his weak attacks

  • Immediately build a supply stash at the closest two docks
  • Make a barracks and 4 rebels to capture the oil derricks, build a tunnel at each derrick and put the RPGs on guard behind the tunnel - they should never fall or only very late.
  • Build a tunnel network at the third dock on the hill and garrison the building with the RPGs, build a supply stash there too
  • Fortify the hill additionally with stingers and more RPGs, maybe a quad cannon or two
  • Now the money is rolling in get the palace, during this time build more stingers and tunnels, on the hill and out in the field, as far forward as possible (use quad cannons and RPGs to protect the workers against his dribble of units)
  • Much money will be rolling in from the three supply stash and 4 derricks: so start mass producing Scud Storms, 10 should be enough for total overkill
  • Scud Storm the living daylights out of the nuke general - he will most certainly not get a chance to nuke you (make sure to target the central nuke first)
  • You don't really need to put much effort into defense, he literally wont be able to destroy your scud storms quicker than they annihilate his base since his advance is slow as molasses, but it doesn't hurt to send out quads on attack move to clean out the nuke cannons - also if you steal an Overlord it will be super useful for wiping out nuke cannons.