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The United States exits Europe to defend its homefront from the GLA. China fills the power vacuum – moving in to destroy the last GLA stronghold near Hamburg, Germany.

The GLA has captured the American base and will utilize its weapons against you. It is critical to locate and destroy the Particle Cannon in the northwestern portion of the map. While building up your nuclear arsenal, you must fend off intense land and air assaults from the west. A conventional force of Gattling Cannons, Helixes and ground units must be created and utilized before building your Nuclear Missiles.

After your Nuclear Missiles are built and the Particle Cannon is destroyed, the GLA will build a Scud Storm. After this is destroyed, the tides of battle will turn in your favor, but the mop-up operations will be extensive.

Key strategies[edit]

  • After capturing the two oil derricks by your base, immediately have two Red Guard units board one of your Helixes. Fly all three Helixes south to destroy the Artillery Platforms and capture two of the oil derricks. Leave one Helix behind to guard the derricks and fly the other two immediately back to your base. They are sorely needed for the upcoming battle.
  • Important: Build an airfield immediately and build at least four more Helixes. Use one group of three Helixes to the northwest of your base and another on the southwest edge and keep them on Guard mode. One upgrade in each group should be the Propaganda Tower to keep the Helixes healed. Upgrade the other two with either the Gattling Guns or Bunkers. At least one Helix filled with Tank Hunters will greatly aid in the destruction of incoming armor.
  • Important: Build a strong network of Gattling Cannons along the western portion of your base. This is essential to fight off both air and land assaults. The captured American jets will decimate your armored units if they are not protected.
  • Build up a fleet of Battlemasters to protect your Nuclear Missile while it is building to protect it from Sneak Attack tunnels. Groups of five will receive the Hoard upgrade, signified by the red stars that will appear beneath them.
  • Important: After the Sneak Attack tunnel, build up to ten Gattling Tanks to add to your Gattling Cannons. Even after the Particle Cannon and Scud Storm have been destroyed, a fierce air assault can still cause you to lose the mission.
  • The Helixes work great at the beginning of the offensive, but a bit later on, be wary of Avengers and Humvees filled with RPG soldiers. They can decimate an entire group of Helixes if you are not careful. Have your Helixes placed on Guard mode slightly behind your Gattling Cannons to help protect them.
  • As soon as possible, build an Internet Center and immediately upgrade with Satellite Hack. Immediately afterwards, use your Cluster Mines upgrade and Artillery Barrage upgrade to the north edge of the northwestern base to expose the Particle Cannon. This way, your Nuclear Missiles will have a viable target as soon as their countdown is complete.
  • If you are short on resources, the Particle Cannon can be destroyed by a single Nuclear Missile, coupled with an Artillery Barrage upgraded to the second level.
  • Sneak a single Helix along the far southern border of the map to destroy the Scud Storm in the southwestern corner.
  • Note that surrounding your base are four choke points. A very effective strategy is mobilizing right at the beginning of the mission your two overlords (equip one with gatling cannon and another with a speaker tower) and a nuke cannon to the west choke point, and build two gatling cannons and a bunker with tank hunters on all choke points as soon as opportunity presents itself. This way you seize another supply dock for yourself and you have plenty of space to build up your base. It might seem hard at the beginning, but as soon as you build those defenses the mission gets much easier.


Rapid construction of your base is critical in this mission. The initial GLA offensive is intense and you must have healthy defenses to deal with it.

Immediately click on the Capture upgrade at the barracks. While doing this, send two of the Red Guard towards the north-eastern end of your base, where the two oil derricks are. Build two additional Supply Trucks. As soon as the Capture upgrade is complete, capture the oil derricks.

Build an Airfield and Nuclear Reactor. Upgrade your Overlords with a Propaganda Tower and Gattling Cannon.

Click on one of the Helixes then press E to select all three of the Helixes. Have them group together near the oil derricks and quickly upgrade them – one with a Propaganda Tower and the other two with either Gattling Cannons or Bunkers.

Have two of the Red Guard units hop in one of the Helixes and send all three south.

While they are flying south, build two Gattling Cannons on the western front.

Have the Helixes destroy the two Artillery Platforms. Immediately fly two of the Helixes back to your base, while the third one unloads the two Red Guard to capture the two oil derricks. Keep the Helix there to guard the derricks or they will be destroyed.

The GLA structures in the area are façade structures. They will not produce any units to attack your derricks. You can also capture the fake command structure, and upgrade it into a real one. To the west are more abandoned USA vehicles; one of them is a US construction dozer. If you do build a base here, watch out for the tunnel network. If you get too close, it will un-garrison several vehicles.

While the above is being carried out, be building and upgrading four more Helixes as outlined above, so you can have two groups of three Helixes. When opportunity arises, build backup Helixes to replace and add to them. Having a few Helixes upgraded with Bunkers and filled with Tank Hunters will greatly speed up the destruction of GLA armor.

When time permits, add a third and fourth Gattling Cannon to the western front.

Have the Nuke Cannons force fire in a region west of your base. They may not hit anything, but they may make a target for the Particle Cannon and save some of your other units.

Add five Battlemasters to your western front to aid in base defense. When the Nuclear Missile starts building, move them over to protect it from Sneak Attack tunnels.

By now, the Particle Cannon will be firing. Repair whatever damage is inflicted.

Right after the Particle Cannon fires, a vicious assault by the GLA begins. Have your Helixes handle the brunt of this attack. Always keep your Helixes on Guard mode when not actively targeting a unit.

You can actually send in 2-3 helixes into the US base by going through the blind spot below the lower garrisoned tower (there are two). They will take some hits from the patriots but they will survive. Head over to the command centre and enjoy taking it apart from inside out. The AI is dumb - they won't try to destroy those Helixes save for a missile defender or two since it's near the barracks.

At the first opportunity, build a Propaganda Center and Internet Center. Obtain the Satellite Hack upgrade at the Internet Center. Immediately upon obtaining the Satellite Hack, utilize the General’s Powers of Cluster Mines and Artillery Barrage to the north of the northwestern base to expose the Particle Cannon.

You will be attacked for the second time by the Particle Cannon. Recover your losses as best as possible.

Start building one or two Nuclear Missiles, depending on funds available. Build extra Nuclear Plants while they are building so your Gattling Cannons don’t go offline. While the Nuclear Missile is building, crank out additional Battlemasters to protect this installation from the Sneak Attack tunnel. Move your other Battlemasters toward this area also.

Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to start cranking out massive Gattling Tanks. Build at least two groups of five each to protect from air attacks. If the jets survive too many bombing runs, they will be promoted and it will be much more difficult to defend against them. Keep replacing as necessary.

If you are losing too many Helixes, set the Guard command further east behind the Gattling Cannons. Your other units will work in conjunction with them to destroy Avengers and Humvees filled with RPG troopers.

Use the Battlemasters that survive the Sneak Attack tunnel to guard your southern flank. Add a few Gattling Tanks to round out the mix.

If you only are building one Nuclear Missile, be sure the Particle Cannon is already exposed, (it is northeast of the USA command center) and that the Artillery Barrage is recharging and ready to go when the Nuclear Missile is.

Destroy the Particle Cannon. Keep your defenses strong as the assault will not end. Be sure to have plenty of Helixes and Gattling Tanks on your western front.

By now your Supply Depot may be empty so start collecting supplies from the west. Move up your Helixes to guard your Supply Trucks. Lay down Cluster Mines to help safeguard the area.

Build extra Nuclear Missiles and continue to destroy American airfields and War Factories until the assault ends.

Be moving one Helix to the far south. When the Scud Storm countdown begins, sneak him onto the far south-western edge of the base (it is south west of the GLA command center). Destroy the worker next to it and then destroy the actual Scud Storm itself. It may take a while with your Gattling Cannon, but the job will get done.

From here on out, the tide has turned in your favor and you can dismantle the GLA at your leisure.

Overlords will come in quite handy, as they can detect the numerous mines on the GLA bases. Purchase both upgrades for the Overlords at the Nuclear Missile site.

Mission accomplished!

my way by Dano4114UK this mission requires patience and skill attacking at the right moment and defending the right way is what made this a challenging mission which resulted in my gold campaign medal. this is my intel on how to complete this mission

units south of the base include avengers, some tanks a tomahawk use red guard units to take command of these

a jarmen kell is protecting the hospital in the south

a tank drop zone is by the fake GLA command centre in the south

make black lotus take all structures including the derricks in the main chinese base so eventally she will get veterency status make sure she takes all fake structures south and tranfer them into real structures you now have access to gla military

using the red gaurd sent south there should be a bunch of vechiles north west of the fake structures there is a US bulldozer and a contingent of vechiles build a US and GLA base in the south this means in the total work out a jarmen kell black lotus and col. Burton can all be made in this mission

weapons to use from each faction include these are only average amount of units that will have to be required to be built -US:base: strategy centre(bombardment) 5 supply drop zones, 2 barracks, 2 war factorys, 2 air feilds, command centre, supply base, 2 particle cannons units: Col.burton,stealth fighter x2, raptor x2,aurora bomber x4,microwave tanks x 5,tomahawks x10, avengers x 6, chinooks x5 sentry drone x20. the rest of the units are upto you but provide rangers upfront as AI is stupid and will target them first.also build loads of comaches and position them into gauad mode at the end of the bridge but retreat them if you see a quad cannon coming there way upgrades: bunker busters, laser missiles, toxin suits,flashbangs, sentry drone guns,TOW missile upgrade,countermeasures. GLA:base:10 black markets, supply stash, 2 palaces (filled with 3 rocket soldiers 2 rebels each) 4 scud storms 2 arms dealers and 2 barracks. GLA important units:jarman kell, radar vans x10, 20 rocket buggies. uprades: fortified structures, booby traps, camoflage, radar scan, AP bullets/armor, junk repair, buggy ammo chinese structures of importance: internet centre, nuclear missile, airfeild, extra war factory chinese units: overlord tanks x9, inferno cannons x18, gattling tanks x10, upgarades:nuclear shells,neutron shells,black napalm,gattling tech,nationalisation,sublimbinal messaging mine all structures to neutron mines mix and match US GLA and PLA defenses make 2 tunnel networks in the west of the south base and 1 in the east of the south base make the same formation for the chinese north base. patriots vs vechiles gatling cannons vs infantry and stinger sites cheap and unlimited and requires no power weak to snipers however.

1. to start off you build up your internet centre fill it with hackers make sure yuor supply depo has 3 supply trucks 3 gattling cannons not close together but on the west of the base using the other dozer built 2 gattling cannons close together and put and a gattling tank next to it this is where a ambush team is set up 3.take the vechiles next to the barn with red gaurd keep making red gaurd and select spy drones on the avengers with hellfire on the microwave tanks repair the vechiles in the war factory 4. make more red gaurd and take the vechiles to the south of your base. 5 make a black lotus and position tanks in random places and set them to gaurd when the sneak attack is commensed use the black lotus to take the 2 oil derricks 6.make 5 inferno cannons send the black lotus with these south position.(build nuclear missile) 7.make the inferno cannons fire at the tunnel network west of the fake buildings from the north 8.make more red gaurd take the units and the US dozer, use black lotus to take the artillery tower while the inferno cannons force fire at the bridge at the west (Ctrl+left click location) meanwhile keep repairing structures hit on the north by the particle cannon keep remaking new defense and more gattling tanks 9. take the south artillery tower firing at the north artillery tower then the barracks, arms dealer oil refinery to the east command centre to the south the vechile dropzone nearby. 10.the hospital at the south of the map west perpindicular to the GLA command centre that is fake and now turned into a real structure one of the houses contains a jarmen kell move your black lotus nearby one of theses houses until it goes green he is in this one. with your US units select your 2 stealth fighters when they have bunker busters fire at this structure then tell your black lotus to take the hospital. 11. train col. burton and jarmen kell simultaneously with joint air support use stealth fighters to fire on the tunnel network and at the same moment get the inferno cannons to fire at tunnel network as the units are blown out they will burnt by the fire. 12.using microwave tanks and avengers back up north to protect the base structures move 10 tomahawks into the north base move 9 overlords 6 with gatling gun towers 3 with propaganda towers move the attack fleet with the avengers at front select formation (Ctrl+f[units have to be selected]) tomahawks bring up the rear make the avengersfire at the patriots outside the US base the tomahawks will fire 25% faster on them and all units firing at the target you get the boost as well the propaganda towers which give 4% rechargerate to health and also faster fire ability provide CAS (close air support) use the microwave tanks to clear the towers the same time control fire your nuclear missile at all the power plants in the base fire the scud storm just in range of the barracks and the other power plants and use the particle cannon to remove the airfields 12.c control the 3 super units down south use the black lotus to reveal stealth and take the structures use the enemies medicine to destroy them by taking the scud storm in the south west col. burton on scuds and troops jarmenkell on quads and then hide in a structure 13. back up north destroy the particle cannon 14. you will have liberated POW pilots who you can apply to your best unupgraded units preferably the overlords destroy the rest of the base 15. you should of completed the chinese campaign congradulations!