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Mission 4: vs China Nuke General[edit]

Hard Difficulty[edit]

Within minutes of starting this game the China General will have 5 active nuke silos. He also has plenty of power so destroying Power Plants is not effective at disabling the nukes. Plan your base layout with space between buildings because chances are at least one Nuke will make it through. Also place buildings along the side and bottom edge of the map to minimize the damage done to your base if/when a nuke hits.

When I first started I immediately created a second dozer and used the first to create a barracks to the lower right of the command center. When the second dozer came out I started a CF Reactor next to the stockpile. When the Reactor was built I built a Supply center on the left edge of the screen between the two Supply piles. With the other dozer I started building laser patriots between the northern supply pile and the river bed in a semi circle pattern to encompass the entire base.

After the barracks are built, immediately build 3 rangers and upgrade them with the capture building ability. Move one next to each oil derrick on the bottom edge of the screen so that they can capture the building immediately when finished upgrading. You will need the strong influx of cash from these buildings.

When the Supply center was completed I built two additional supply choppers. Because I was a little closer to the lower supply dock I sent one chopper there and two choppers to the northern one to maximize usage and minimize choppers hovering around the supply dock waiting.

When the money allows build a 3rd dozer. While one dozer builds the laser patriots, have another build cold fusion reactors and the third dozer build an airfield, the strategy center, then a second and third airfield. When you have plenty of power have your second dozer build a particle canon or two. With this strategy, it was not necessary to build a war factory. I did build one eventually, but I only used it to repair dozers.

On each air field build two raptors and two supersonic bombers. Have the raptors patrol the perimeter just past the laser patriots to protect against Nuke Cannons that will come in mass. Fortunately the Nuke cannons are fragile and will be easily destroyed by the raptors. Any tanks that come in close will be finished off by the lasers. Red Guard troops and Helixes will also be taken care of by the laser patriots.

Because of the shorter charging time I was able to have my particle canon ready before the first nuclear missile could fire. I aimed it at the center missile silo and followed it with a pair of A10 warthogs(Generals Power) to finish the silo off. (If you do not have the generals power by now, use two supersonic bombers instead, but realize you may be sacrificing them for the benefit of your base.) I targeted the center Silo because that one will fire first. The two silos on the left of the screen fire second and third and the silos on the right side of the screen will fire fourth and fifth. Pick off silos in the order they will fire with Particle Cannons, Generals Powers, and as a last resort Supersonic Bombers. I actually sent 4 bombers at the lower left silo and had 3 bombers make it back to the base alive.

When I had the time I built Colonel Burton and moved him a little north of my base (close to the dry river bed) to have him pick off nuke cannons that came near him. I also got pathfinders as soon as I was able and hid them just outside the perimeter to pick off red guard troops in order to avoid having my raptors waste missiles at such a wimpy target.

Once all of the silos are destroyed the urgency of the level is gone. You should still be well defended and the silos are not rebuilt. Rebuild any lost base defenses then start eliminating the rest of the base. I would try to take out the Chinese command center to stop the artillery barrages. Send out Colonel Burton with a few pathfinders to pick off the buildings and forces remaining after your general power strikes and particle cannons. At this point the level should be easy to finish.