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The final mission pits the GLA against both the USA and China. China has a strong ground campaign led by Overlord tanks – while the USA's power is demonstrated almost exclusively by their airborne assaults.

A basic defensive strategy of the GLA base is frustrating due to the fact the USA bombardment comes from the east, while the Chinese forces come from the north and occasionally the east.

With a basic "defend-and-hold strategy," air and land assaults will keep you fully occupied. On top of this, the nuclear blasts, particle cannon blasts, cluster bombs, fuel-air explosions and artillery barrages will lead to a slow but constant attrition of troops and artillery.

Note: Using Ambush troops on this mission is not that helpful, as the USA base is heavily defended and the Chinese base is not visible.

Anthrax attacks and scud missile attacks can do some damage, but the structures are rebuilt afterwards. The mission can be won without using either of these weapons.

Establishing the GLA base[edit]

Quickly build a contingent of troops and take them across the ditch to the northwest to a chokehold point to confront Chinese forces.

Time is of the essence, so quick base setup is essential.

  1. Eight or so workers.
  2. Use two workers to build barracks and weapons factory on southern border of base.
  3. Select the General's Powers you desire. Marauder, Scud Launcher, Rebel Ambush and Hijacker are key.
  4. Immediately on completion of barracks, start capture command. Use Rebel Ambush near oil derrick in SW corner of base to get ready to capture oil derrick. Check on workers.
  5. Build 3 Quad Cannons, 3 Marauder tanks, and a radar van.
  6. Capture derrick. Add a few more workers.
  7. As soon as weapons factory is completed, start building Palace.
  8. Build two stingers with separate workers on east of base. Build them parallel running north and south or they will be picked off one at a time from the eastern air assault.
  9. Build a fourth Quad Cannon and fourth Marauder. As soon as Palace is built, build Jarmen Kell and a hijacker.
  10. Put the radar van safely inside base. Group by number the four tanks, the four Quad Cannons, hijacker and Jarmen Kell (all separately). Grab one worker and add to the "assault group." They are about to go for a hike.
  11. Start building four Quad Cannons and put waypoint so that they will be positioned immediately in front of stinger sites for the impending air assault.

SAVE GAME in case things don't go as planned, but you are well-positioned to move smoothly ahead.

Securing the bottleneck[edit]

Cross drainage ditch and fight your way northwesterly and wait for the Overlord tank.
Captured Overlord tank turns on his own troops
Do not capture this oil derrick until you have sufficient forces to protect it.
  1. Fight your way along opposite side of drainage ditch, destroying any Chinese forces encountered. When the Chinese bunker is encountered, pull back and wait for Overlord.
  2. From Palace, upgrade to Toxin Shells.
  3. If you have time, send further Marauder tanks to wait for Overlord tank.
  4. Capture the Overlord tank. If you fail, go back to a previous save and try again.
  5. Build weapons factory just a bit back from the area southeast of the Chinese bunker. This will be your second base. Use this "bottleneck" below the Chinese bunker to attack Chinese forces.
  6. Rebuild lost Quad Cannons at home base to group at stinger site. Build a reasonable amount of tanks at second base.
  7. Build Black Market southeast of Weapons factory. Rebuild Jarmen Kell if he has been lost in battle and send back to bottleneck area.
  8. Build third stinger site in parallel with other two stingers.
  9. Build barracks and black market at second base below the weapons factory.
  10. Build hijackers in case opportunity presents itself.
  11. Save occasionally and reload if Overlord tank is lost. Constantly reinforce armor levels at stinger sites and second base.
  12. Start building up an "extra" contingent of quad cannons, separate from base defenses.
  13. While waiting for this buildup to occur (and repairing whatever damage is suffered) research Junk Repair and AP Bullets.
  14. When enough spare quad cannons are built move them to the oil derrick located across the ditch from your home base. Only after the oil derrick is secure, use your Ambush team to capture oil derrick. From here on out, funds won't be an issue.
  • Building a stinger site right next to the cliff will reveal some of the Chinese base, which is on the higher ground, directly east of the 1st bunker encountered. Rebel Ambush will help reveal more.
  • SCUD Launcher can be used to hit higher ground and will be necessary to counter any Artillery tanks that may appear. The Chinese airport and barrack can be hit using SCUD launcher as well.
  • Careful placement of Rebel Ambush (camouflage upgrade will help) may allow you to capture or destroy the command center and vehicle factory. An Anthrax bomb right after will hopefully destroy the construction vehicle, effectively stopping their unit production.

Attacking the USA base[edit]

If the USA counterattack destroys the captured Ground Control Building, the mission will be lost!
Destroy the USA base to capture the Rocket Launch Gantry. Victory is yours!

The final part of the mission is attacking the USA base, capturing the Ground Control Building and Rocket Launch Gantry. If the captured Ground Control Building is destroyed after capture, you will fail the mission.

Continue to maintain a stable fighting forces after attacks, while building up an attack force for Scud Launchers, Quad Cannons, Marauder Tanks. When you are ready to attack, bring down your Overlord tank to lead the charge.

When a sufficient force is built, use the Ambush team and have them run toward the airport. Use your Anthrax attack to get rid of Allied armor that appears.

Take out the two Patriot missile systems and proceed forward. The armored defenses are weak and the mop-up campaign should be good, clean fun.

If you notice your armor mysteriously exploding, check out the cannon at the Strategy Center. After the Airport, this building should be destroyed next.

Use Ambush forces to take over the Ground Control Building. Save your game before proceeding north to capture the Rocket Launch Gantry. There will be a reasonable counterattack at this point, including air attacks. If your forces are overrun, they will destroy the Ground Control Building and you will lose the mission. Secure the area around the Rocket Launch Gantry, then capture it to finish the mission.

  • Dropping scud storm with an anthrax bomb on the strategy center will clear out defending units. A rebel ambush just outside the toxin area will allow you to capture the Particle cannon north of the strategy center, and the eventually the entire base.