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The strategy versus the Toxin General takes a familiar path from the strategies employed on the first two missions. The Laser Turrets provide a great defense for most of the game, with a few wrinkles added. The Rocket Buggies and Scud Launchers will need to be dealt with by a very active Colonel Burton.

This mission will require a more active management on your part than the previous missions. In addition to the greater range of the GLA weapons, they are also more toxic. If great care is not taken, Colonel Burton will experience a great number of reincarnations.

Key Strategies
  • Take advantage of your Laser Turrets to defend your base. Fire Bases will be very susceptible to chemical attacks.
  • Colonel Burton will need to stay active to destroy Rocket Buggies and Scud Launchers. You will have to be extremely careful not to lose him to chemical weapons.
  • Immediately build two extra Supply Choppers to get the credits rolling in. Be sure to have Supply Drop Zones for continued cash flow.


Start with building a Reactor, an extra dozer, a Barracks and Supply Center. Immediately research the Capture command and send a Ranger to capture the derrick. Immediately build two extra Supply Choppers. Upgrade the Reactor.

After this, continue to build three Laser Turrets to the east by the oil derrick and three lining the north side of your base, building and upgrading two Reactors in the process.

Build your War Factory and Strategy Center. Don’t forget to choose one of your three free upgrades. Start building a Supply Drop Zone.

Build Colonel Burton to be prepared for upcoming Rocket Buggy attacks and Scud Launchers. Most of the times, the Scud Launchers will stray close enough to be destroyed by the Laser Turrets – but not always!!

The six Laser Turrets hold the line fairly well, so it is possible to go ahead and build a second and third Supply Drop Zone. Ahh – credits, credits, credits. Keep ‘em rolling in.

Now you need to decide what to start buying with all the goodies you have to choose from.

Be sure to get a Particle Cannon started because soon you will need to destroy the Scud Storm before it launches. After this, building another Laser Turret or two – just to be sure – including one more on the east side of your base.

You will have plenty of funds rolling in, so you may want to invest in a second and third Particle Cannon. If the second Particle Cannon is not ready in time to destroy the Scud Storm, use the A10 Missile Strike upgraded to the second or third level. The third level is the only way to “be sure” it will be destroyed.

Things should be reasonably well under control by now. Time to think about offensive operations.

Offensive Operations[edit]

This walkthrough will take you east before heading due north to the main GLA base. Things are a bit awkward without your handy Tomahawks, but the job can be done – especially with the help of your General’s Powers and Particle Cannons.

Start by clearing the toxic Bunkers directly to the east of your base. Destroy all Stinger Sites and Toxic Networks on your side of the river by a combination of your General’s Powers, Particle Cannons or armored units.

Start building a batallion of armor and infantry. Be sure to research Flash Bang technology at the Barracks to easily clear garrisoned buildings on the other side of the river.

Destroy the Artillery Platform and then the garrisoned buildings by Flash Bangs or other methods. Explore east with a Pathfinder to spot hidden Demo Traps.

Move your batallion due east to the Supply Dock. Destroy the toxic Bunker in the area. Once the area is secure, the oil derrick can be captured and your Supply Helicopters can start collecting supplies from the Supply Dock.

A number of Truck Bombs will target the area. Have your Laser Tanks ready to destroy them.

It may be worthwhile bringing over a dozer to this eastern area to build another Weapons Factory and Barracks to resupply your push to the north. If desired, build a few Laser Turrets to defend the area.

The GLA workers will continue to rebuild structures unless your snipers prevent them from doing so. Slowly move north -- destroying GLA structures by any means necessary, including your Particle Cannons, weaponry available from your General’s Powers and your armored units. Keep moving up your snipers to the north to prevent any rebuilding.

Eventually you will wear out the GLA defenses – and victory will be yours!!