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This map is littered with GLA structures that are not visible, but that is not the most challenging aspect of this mission. The first issue is dealing with the hopped-up Rocket Buggies that can destroy your ground units before they even get a chance to fire. The second key challenge is dealing with the Sneak Attack tunnels that pop up on your base, spewing out Quad Cannons and Rocket Buggies. Without air power, this mission would probably be impossible. The Helixes will serve as your main defensive line, with Overlords helping to protect the back part of your base. The timetable is tight to get your Nuclear Missile launched before the Scud Storm activates, but it is still possible to build two upgraded Helixes before construction of the nuke begins. The first few battles with the Sneak Attacks can go either way, so be ready to reload if it doesn't go well.


  • Basic start: Build a Reactor, an extra dozer, a Barracks and Supply Center.
  • Important: Build two extra Supply Trucks!!
Key Strategies
* Important: Build two extra Supply Trucks after building your Supply Center. You need the fast cash to build the Nuclear Missile in time!!
  • During the Sneak Attacks, target the individual Quad Cannons and Rocket Buggies so that your Helixes don’t target the actual tunnel itself first.
  • If you are having issues losing your Artillery Platform, send a sacrificial Red Guard or two out to the northwest valley to provide an alternate target for the suicidal Battle Cycles.
  • You can build two Helixes and upgrade them both with Gattling Cannons before building the Nuclear Missile. Besides these units, you must start building the nuke site immediately. With this walkthrough, you should have an extra 1.5 minutes of leeway.
  • Hit the Scud Storm (located in the middle of the cornfield) first with your Nuclear Missile and then the level three Artillery Barrage. Otherwise, you may not destroy the base and it will continually rebuild. (It will still rebuild one time.)
  • Keep any ground units you build, mainly Overlords, stationed on the outer edge of your base to protect them from Anthrax attacks.
  • Build your Airfield as far to the northeast as possible to keep Anthrax attacks from destroying any aircraft you may build later in the mission.
  • At the back of your base, put your buildings fairly close together so that the Sneak Attack tunnel is forced to come out on the "side" of these buildings. Have an Overlord or two in this location and you can destroy the enemy vehicles as they leave the tunnel.
  • As soon as cash flow improves with an Internet Center full of Hackers, build six to eight Gattling Tanks and station them behind the Artillery Platform. This way you will have no distractions as you build up your offensive forces.
  • Don't forget about any Reactors at the back of your base. If one gets captured, a nuclear blast will help you finish the missin.

Research the Capture command and create a pair of Red Guard. First capture the Artillery Platform, then the oil derrick. Build two Gattling Cannons, above and below the Artillery Platform, and place them a bit closer to the base than the actual Artillery Platform, so that they will be safer from Rocket Buggies. Build a third Gattling Cannon by the oil derrick to control any Ambushes that pop up. Keep one dozer near the front of the base to repair the Artillery Platform and Gattling Cannons for as long as possible.

Build a second Reactor, then an Airfield as far to the northeast as possible to keep it out of the range of the Anthrax attacks. Immediately build two Helixes, upgrade them with Gattling Cannons and put them in Guard mode centered on the Artillery Platform.

Build a War Factory, then a Sneak Attack tunnel will pop up about that time. Target the Quad Cannons first with your Helixes and you should be able to survive this attack. You should not lose any of your Helixes or Emperors during this mission until offensive operations. Build a Propaganda Center, a third Reactor, then your Nuclear Missile in the back of the base. You may have another Sneak Attack before it is completed. If your Helixes are taking too much damage, go ahead and build a Speaker Tower to keep them repaired. Try not to replace lost Gattling Cannons, to help with cash flow, and use the Helixes in their place.

Build an Emperor, upgraded with Gattling Cannons. Make sure to research Chain Guns at the War Factory, as this will make both your Helixes and your Overlord more powerful. Your base will suffer an Anthrax attack. Try to save a few Supply Trucks, if possible. Replace at least two of them. Your Emperor and bulldozer should be safe in the very back of your base. As soon as a Sneak Attack starts to occur in the back of your base, immediately send your Helixes to the area. If your Emperor is well-positioned, he can actually handle the attack on his own.

Build a third Helix and upgrade it with a Propaganda Tower. From now on, your Helixes and all other vehicles in the area will be healed. Go ahead and purchase the Radar function at your Command Center to activate your radar map on the control panel. Build a fourth Helix, upgrade it with a bunker, then fill it up with Tank Hunters. Put all four Helixes on Guard mode centered on the Artillery Platform or slightly in front of it.

Your base is now reasonably secure. Congratulations!!

Destroy the Scud Storm with your Nuclear Missile and level three Artillery Barrage. Be sure the Nuclear Missile hits first. For some reason, this works better. Take a break from the action to build an Internet Center and fill it with Hackers. Life is good. Credits will soon be plentiful. Tired of repairing your base and losing your Supply Trucks during the Anthrax attacks? Build six to eight Gattling Tanks and park them behind the Artillery Platform. Problem solved!

Go ahead and build a Gattling Cannon in the back of your base to help the Emperor handle Ambushes. Continue to build additional Nuclear Missiles to aid your offensive operations. Do not allow enough space between buildings so that Sneak Attacks can appear between the buildings. This way, they will come out directly onto your Overlord(s).

Offensive Operations[edit]

The GLA has two bases that must be destroyed – the one in the northwest and the one in the southwest. Start with the one in the southwest. Leave all of your Helixes and Emperors previously built at your base. A contingent of Emperors will do a great job of destroying the hidden bases. Have a backup of Red Guard to recapture Emperors lost to Jarmen Kell. Two upgrades for the Emperors can be obtained at the Nuclear Missile. You can also use the method of capturing the southwest base with your red guard, as the GLA do not attack this base (you can lose an entire Chinese base to an attack, and still win using GLA weapons and buildings in the southwest base). This is easily done with one or more upgraded Emporer tanks and one troop crawler.

Don’t wait until your Emperors arrive at garrisoned buildings to blast them with your Nuclear Missiles. Attack them ahead of time to speed up the process. Your Emperors will act as detection units to help you eliminate Jarmen Kell.

Here is a list of the eleven buildings that must be destroyed to finish the mission:

  • In the southwest base, going clockwise from the bottom: Arms Dealer, Barracks, Black Market, Supply Stash, Command Center and Palace.
  • In the northwest base, going counterclockwise from the top: Barracks, Arms Dealer, Command Center, Black Market and Palace.

If you are having trouble finishing the mission, one of the structures may be “partially” rebuilt. Go back over your tracks to see what you missed.

Mission accomplished!!