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The main challenge in this mission is to stop the onslaught of vehicles coming from the north. The Demolitions General has enough hardware to stop this mass assault with a combination of Marauder tanks, Quad Cannons, Scud Launchers and Rocket Buggies, but it is going to take a lot of baby-sitting.

Build five or six extra Quad Cannons on the northern part of your base early in the mission so that the plane carrying the Anthrax will be shot down before it bombs your base. All of your units are thin-skinned and will not tolerate this toxin.

Two Scud Storms must be built as soon as possible to destroy the Toxin General’s WMD before it launches.

Good luck!


Basic start: Queue up seven or more workers. The more you build, the quicker you can obtain enough funds to build two Scud Storms.

Key Strategies
  • With a nominal defense, make a beeline to building two Scud Storms. It is going to be tight schedule.
  • Station five or more Quad Cannons to the north of your base so that the planes carrying Anthrax will be shot down.
  • It is possible to jam up the bridge north of your base by having Jarmen Kell snipe enemy vehicles. The area to the east is easily defended by placing a Stinger Site both above and below the oil derrick and a single Quad Cannon set on Guard mode.
  • Use caution when approaching the southern flank of the main GLA base. Dozens of RPG Troopers flowing from the Barracks can blast apart your offensive units. Use a Scud Storm to clear the area right before you move in.
  • Don’t waste your Scud Storms on the Command Center, Arms Dealers, Barracks, etc. until you are about to enter the area. They will just be rebuilt. Instead, use your attacks to destroy garrisoned buildings and Artillery Platforms before you start your offense to speed up later operations.
  • Capture the oil derrick to the northwest of your base once you have enough spare troops to guard the area.
  • Level 2 or 3 Cash Bounty will help with continued cash flow.

Build a Barracks and Supply Stash. Research the Capture command and create a Rebel. Capture the oil derrick. Have the workers start gathering supplies.

Build a Stinger Site to the north of your base, but not too far north, or your vehicles may accidentally get involved with the Toxin Bunker north of your base before you want to. Simultaneously, build a Stinger Site very slightly to the southeast of the oil derrick.

Build a third Stinger very slightly northeast of the oil derrick. Simultaneously build an Arms Dealer. Crank out two Quad Cannons, one for the north and one for the east flank. Once the Quad Cannon is stationed to the east, this area is secure and you can focus on the north.

Build a fourth Stinger next to your northern Stinger.

Add two more Marauders and a second Quad Cannon to your northern defense.

Build a Palace so you can recruit Jarmen Kell. Place him somewhat below the building to the northeast of your base and put him in Guard mode to snipe troops.

Recruit a few extra Rebels and occasionally snipe vehicles and capture them with the Rebels and add them to your forces. Don’t forget to put Jarmen in Guard mode after sniping a vehicle.

This is all of the defenses you can afford to build before starting on your Scud Storms.

Start building your first and second Scud Storm immediately upon having the funds available. If you hesitate, you will not build it in time to avoid being hit by the Toxin General’s Scud Storm.

After this, keep adding Quad Cannons to the north until you have about eight or more, in anticipation of the first Anthrax attack. The plane carrying the Anthrax should never be able to reach your base.

Once the Anthrax plane has been shot down, you can start focusing on destroying the structures north of your base. Use a Scud Launcher to destroy the toxic bunker and keep your troops out of the area until the anthrax dissipates. Then destroy the Toxin Network and Stinger Site north of your base.

Use your Rebel Ambush to provide Rebels to capture vehicles sniped by Jarmen.

Move five or more of the Quads a bit north of your base and just keep them on standby to destroy the planes carrying Anthrax toward your base.

If you want, keep sniping vehicles on the bridge until you stop the flow of traffic so you can concentrate on other aspects of your base building. If you want to easily destroy all of the vehicles on the bridge, launch an Anthrax attack in this area.

Create Quad Cannons, Rocket Buggies or any other vehicles you desire to guard the oil derrick to the northwest of the base. Once the area is secure, capture that oil derrick.

By now the base is reasonably secure and you can focus on building your offensive ground forces and multiple Scud Storms.

Build a Black Market and basically obtain all of the upgrades dealing with Rocket Buggies and your other vehicles. They are all extremely useful.

If you haven’t already, build a Radar Van to activate the radar map on your command console.

When you have spare Scud Storms, start targeting the Artillery Platforms and the garrisoned buildings to the east, then to the north. This will speed up your offensive operations. Destroying buildings further to the north is useless, as they will just be rebuilt.

Artillery Platforms can also be destroyed by driving up directly to the base of it, parking, then firing. You should be too close to the AP to receive return fire.

Take a combination of Rocket Buggies and other vehicles of choice to the east, along with a Radar Van to detect Demo Traps. Rocket Buggies have great reach and can destroy Stinger Sites and Toxin Networks easily. Destroy the Arms Dealer to the east and then turn your attention northwards.

When crossing the bridge to the north, you will be met with a large stream of RPG Troopers that will shred your convoy to pieces if you are not careful. Handle these troops with a combination of Jarmen Kell sniping and a Scud Launch destroying the Barracks to stop the flow of infantry.

Be sure the garrisoned buildings are destroyed before you arrive in the area by the Scud Storm, or destroy them with Scud Launchers.

Destroy the areas ahead of you with the help of Scud Storms to help your offensive efforts. If your troops are overrun and you have to start from scratch at your base, all of the buildings will be rebuilt.

Alternate lazy method: Build eight Scud Storms and let them all count down to zero for launch. After destroying the Arm’s Dealer to the east, launch the eight Scuds in the following fashion to end the game, starting from the north and heading south:

1, 2 and 3. To destroy the Command Center and Barracks. 4. To destroy the Palace. 5. To destroy the Supply Stash and Arm’s Dealer. 6. Barracks. 7. Arm’s Dealer. 8. Black Market off to the east.

This can also be accomplished with seven Scud Storms if you hit the Command Center with two Scud Storms and then finish destroying it with a Rebel Assault. Sometimes it only takes two blasts to destroy it. Mission accomplished!