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The ultimate destination is the Toxin Facility in the northeast corner of the map. After it is reached, 20 loads of toxin must be transported to the airfield.

This is a puzzle-type mission with two separate GLA teams working in tandem to reach the Toxin Facility. The Toxin Facility is located in the northeast corner of the map directly north of the Artillery Platform.

Once the Toxin Facility is reached, then the mission turns action-based. It is necessary to transport 20 truckloads of chemicals from the Toxin Facility to the awaiting aircraft while under heavy attack by American forces. Extra supply trucks will be produced at the warehouse to the right of the Toxin Facility if some of them are lost in combat. The game will be lost if your forces are overrun.

Team 1 – Taking the Ferry[edit]

The ferry drops you off at the end of a mine field. It can be navigated with the help of the Radar Scan.

Since the mission starts by showing the large number of Hijackers and Jarmen Kell to the west, let’s call them Team 1. The PT boat shown near Team 1 cannot be used in this mission. The ferry to the north must be utilized. Take Jarmen Kell to snipe the Humvees and tank and have the hijackers capture these vehicles. Load up your troops in the Humvees and enter the ferry.

The ferry operates like no other vehicle in the game. Click the “Go” button on the command console of the vessel and it will automatically head east and dock. Leave the ferry and you will immediately find out the beach is covered with mines.

The ferry will not head to any locations besides this beachfront or its original location. It is necessary to switch over to the other group of GLA units.

Team 2 – Capturing the Radar Van[edit]

Lure tanks toward the Hijackers to capture the vehicles.

A group of Hijackers and Rebels has appeared from a Tunnel Network in the south. Take them due east to capture the three Technicals. Load all of your troops in the vehicles for faster transport. There are three separate scrap piles. Be sure to have each Technical upgraded by picking up these scraps.

The three Humvees in the area will be easily destroyed by the upgraded Technicals. If desired, take the Technicals back to the Tunnel Network for quick repairs.

Capture the Radar Van, then locate the GLA sympathizers in the area. There will be two Terrorists in the group that can occupy civilian vehicles in the area.

The bridge is heavily guarded by American forces. There appears to be a small glitch in the program that will allow you to successfully cross the bridge without the assistance of Team 1, but don’t depend on it working for you.

Lure the tanks toward Hijackers located on the south end of the bridge by having a Rebel or Technical approach them, then running back. Capture the tanks with the Hijackers. Sometimes the Patriots will not attack the captured tanks and the Patriots can be destroyed.

Crossing the Mine Field and Capturing the Valve Station[edit]

Capture the Valve Station to drain the water reservoir.
Rumble through the drained reservoir to destroy the airfield.

Load all of your Team 1 troops into the Humvees for quicker transport. Use the Radar Scan from the captured Radar Van to reveal Demo Traps. Destroy them all to upgrade your vehicles more quickly.

There is no 30-second delay between scans, so the Demo Traps can be quickly detected and destroyed.

Capture the Paladin tank. Move south -- being careful not to have your troops destroy the Ambulance in the area. Capture the ambulance, then free the captured GLA troops in the area by driving through the fence.

Capture the Tomahawks and the Artillery Platform in the area to destroy the Patriots by the bridge (if you haven't done so already). Destroy the defenses farthest from you first with the Tomahawks and then destroy the tanks. Let the Artillery Platform take care of the Patriot closest to your position and have the Tomahawks enter the ferry (there is a another glitch in the game that allows you to get the Tomahawks into the ferry from their position).

That way you won’t have to sacrifice them when the Raptors come. Back to Team 2 briefly, have a Rebel enter the Valve Station and the water tank by Team 1 will drain. Have Team 1 destroy the Air Field.

Destroying the Bunkers and Reactors[edit]

Toxin Tractors will be upgraded after successfully attacking a bunker. Alternate Toxin Tractors so multiple units achieve higher rank.

After the destruction of the Air Field, it will be announced it is necessary to destroy the American Reactors. To accomplish this, it is necessary to destroy the line of six bunkers lining the road to the reactors.

Have your Hijackers from Team 1 capture the Toxin Tractors in the area. It is best to destroy the Bunkers starting from the west heading to the east. Starting the attack by crossing the large open field to the east will cause the destruction of too many Toxin Tractors.

Each Toxin Tractor that destroys a bunker will be upgraded in rank. Have as many separate Toxin Tractors as possible destroy bunkers to have a large fleet of powerful units. The road is now clear for Team 2 to approach the Reactors to the east.

Use the Guard command to have your units destroy the Reactors on “autopilot” while moving Team 1 to liberate more troops to the south. Occupy the abandoned Technical vehicles and make sure to upgrade them with scraps in the area.

Load up all troops in the area into the Technicals and start heading north for future combat duties. Have Team 2 head north but have them stay away from the Bunkers to the north.

Note: in Easy Mode at the East side of the bridge there is a stealth Drone hovering above the river. You can use your Radar Van to discover it and let your rocket soldiers shoot it down. Otherwise, your Jamen Kell will trigger a "being spotted" warning when he moves across the bridge.

Destroy Bunkers and Garrisoned Buildings to the North[edit]

Toxin Tractors play a key role in securing the northwest portion of the map. RPG Troopers and Rebels will be safe within this bunker during the American assault.
The Supply Trucks will need to transport 20 loads of toxins to this aircraft to win the mission.
The three bunkers south of the Toxin Factory have extra fortification on the Hard Level and should be avoided. Try not to lose Supply Trucks. They are difficult to replace.

It is time to put your upgraded Toxin Tractors to work. Have them methodically destroy the three garrisoned civilian buildings to the north.

All bunkers can be destroyed by the Toxin Tractors in a straight-forward manner -- except for the three bunkers on the east side of the map in the area of the Artillery Platform. These three bunkers have extra fortification and it may be best just to avoid the area. This can be awkward later in the mission as the Toxin Facility area is protected and your units may inadvertently wander into their attack range.

Liberate a large number of units to the west by driving through the fencing. The more troops the better for the coming assault. Be sure you have moved all of your troops up from the south.

It is important to capture the four Quad Cannons before approaching the Toxin Facility area. Entering the area near the Toxin Facility will trigger the American counterattack. Fill the two bunkers leading toward the Toxin Facility with RPG Troopers and Rebels.

Defending the Supply Trucks[edit]

Turn the area in front of the warehouse into a tank graveyard with Jarmen Kell's sniping ability.

Save the game in case things don’t go as planned. Enter the Toxin Facility area. Place at least two of the Quad Cannons near the Toxin Facility and over half of your armored units. Keep some of your units near the airfield and set them in Guard mode. Between the bunkers and the units left at the airfield, you will be able to focus entirely on the Toxin Facility area.

The first time the Supply Trucks go to the airfield, you need to manually direct them back to the Toxin Facility. After that, they will automatically shuttle back and forth.

Commanche helicopters will appear on a number of occasions. Destroy them with your Quads before they can attack your Supply Trucks. Extra Supply Trucks will be provided at the warehouse to the east of the Toxin Facility, but it is difficult for them to survive, since the warehouse is where the American units congregate.

Keep Jarmen Kell busy sniping Humvees and tanks. Between attacks, send over Hijackers to capture them. Be careful not to snipe vehicles when Humvees can shoot at Jarmen Kell. If he is lost, your troops may get overwhelmed. Successfully carry 20 loads to the airplane and the mission is won.

Additional tips
  • Placing eight rocket men in the warehouse that produces new supply trucks is a great way to win without having to capture any extra tanks. That warehouse cannot be damaged or destroyed, so your units there are invincible. All of the US reinforcements come in two groups that enter the map very near each other. Your rocket men stationed there will easily kill every single US reinforcement that arrives from the north, including helicopters. The only downfall is that whatever you put in that warehouse cannot come back out again.
  • After filling the invincible warehouse with rocket men, and destroying all three US bunkers, you can then allocate all of your vehicles to the parking lot in front of the cemetery and Crypt building, which is located directly north of the spiral-like road you came up after destroying the US power plants.
  • Using the two above methods you catch all the reinforcements immediately after they enter the map. They barely have time to react to your presence. You also don't need to worry about supply trucks or air field defense because they will never be threatened.