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Defenses must be set up at your base. Inferno Cannons help keep Rocket Buggies under control.

This level is of moderate difficulty. A basic base must be built and defended. Ample supplies can be assured by capturing the oil derrick to the northeast of the base and protecting it by garrisoning Tank Hunters inside the church above it. The GLA base is heavily guarded and will be fiercely defended, but Carpet Bombs and Artillery Barrages will assist in its destruction.

Establishing Your Base and Capturing the Oil Derrick[edit]

Develop your base by building a Nuclear Reactor, Barracks, Supply Center, War Factory, and Propaganda Center. An extra Nuclear Reactor should be added to help power three Gattling Cannons that should be placed at the northern border of the base. Keep the Inferno Cannons at your base to defend it from Rocket Buggies that will appear throughout the mission.

Upgrade your Overlord Tank to Gattling Cannons or, if you prefer, the Propaganda Tower. Either one of these upgrades will allow the Overlord to detect Demo Traps. The Gattling Cannons will greatly aid the Overlord in protecting itself against infantry attacks. The Propaganda Tower will cause increased healing of the Overlord and all infantry and armored units around it.

Tank Hunters garrisoned in this church will protect your oil derrick. The bulldozer will automatically repair the building as it receives damage.

Explore to the northeast with your Overlord Tank until you reach the oil derrick. Send a Red Guard soldier to capture it. Maintain a defensive position at the oil derrick while nine Tank Hunters are sent to garrison the church slightly above the oil derrick. When the opportunity arises, send a Bulldozer to the church to repair it throughout the entirety of the battle.

There is an Artillery Platform that can be captured a bit further to the northeast, but this should not be done until a Dragon Tank burns the soldiers out of the garrisoned building to the west of it. All other garrisoned buildings should be destroyed, although it is not technically necessary to win the mission. All of the “civilian area” south of the main GLA base should be cleared of enemy armor so they don’t later interfere with air strikes in the mission.

There is an abandoned American base to the southeast. Red Guard must be escorted there to safely capture the buildings. It is not necessary to capture these buildings -- but they can be sold for credits after their capture. An Artillery Platform in the area can also be captured.

Double strikes from Artillery Barrage and Carpet Bombing will permanently destroy enemy structures.

Attacking the GLA Base[edit]

The main GLA base lies to the north and has two entrances, in the middle of which is an Artillery Platform -- which should be destroyed first by a combination of a Carpet Bomb attack and Artillery Barrage.

This is when things get messy. Be prepared for a spirited defense from the GLA.

The Overlord should be promoted in rank by now and can lead the assault of the camp, but it is at risk of destruction, especially when first entering the GLA base at their initial line of defense.

Bring a Bulldozer to the area south of their base and build another War Factory to aid the Overlord. A Listening Outpost will give you increased visibility in planning your attack. Remove troops from inside of the Listening Outpost so that it will not attack and draw fire upon itself.

Inferno Cannons will help destroy Rocket Buggies that will harass the Overlord and destroy Tunnel Networks and Stinger Sites. Additional Battlemaster and Gattling Tanks will also aid in the assault.

After destroying the Artillery Platform, drop Cluster Mines ahead of your units to prevent from being overwhelmed by incoming enemy troops. It is very easy to lose your Overlord at this juncture – which takes a lot of the fun out of attacking the base.

The defense of the base will be spirited by the GLA -and carelessness on your part will cause your troops to be overrun and destroyed.

Finish destroying the base to complete the mission.