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The Infantry General has many strengths, but offensive air power is not one of them. Helixes work great for defense, but they are slow-moving and easily destroyed by the EMP Patriots deployed in this mission. The MIGs barely make a dent against enemy structures.

The best method for destroying the three Particle Cannons is by your weapon of mass destruction – the Nuclear Missile.

Do not build an air force on this mission, but simply forge your way straight into building a Nuclear Missile.


The usual build routine needs to shaken up a bit for this mission.

Build a Reactor, extra bulldozer, Barracks, then a Gattling Cannon before building a Supply Center.

Key Strategies
  • Build a few spare Barracks to give cheap targets for the Particle Cannons.
  • Consider destroying the Command Center before some of the Particle Cannons. The A10 Missile Strikes do more damage than the Particle Cannons.
  • Power straight through to building a Nuclear Missile.
  • Always have plenty of extra power. Your Reactors will be a popular target of the Superweapon General.
  • Station a few Mini Gunners and Assault Outpost in the very back of your base to help destroy a sneak attack in this area.
  • Keep four or five Gattling Cannons up and running near the front of your base. The Comanches on this mission are fierce.

Immediately research Capture command and build a pair of Red Guard, setting the Rally Point by the two oil derricks. Capture the two oil derricks.

Wait for the A10 Missile Strike planes to blast away your Gattling Cannon, rebuild it, a second Gattling Cannon, then build your Supply Center. Build an extra Supply Truck.

Build five Gattling Cannons along the front of your base and then build straight through to your Nuclear Missile – War Factory, Propaganda Center, then Nuclear Missile.

If your Supply Center, War Factory or Propaganda Center are destroyed, don’t rebuild them until after your Nuclear Missile starts building. The destruction of any of these structures shouldn’t slow you down because you will go straight from building one structure to the next.

It will be two steps forward, one step back. You will constantly be replacing your structures -- Barracks, Reactors, Gattling Cannons -- and bulldozers. Just keep rebuilding them. You will be fine.

Build a few extra Gattling Cannons or station Mini Gunners throughout your base to protect it from Ambushes and troops dropped off by Chinook helicopters.

If you protect your base well enough, you may discourage the air attack and you will level up very slowly. If so, destroy the first Particle Cannon with two Nuclear Missiles. If available, destroy the first Particle Cannon with a combination of a level three Artillery Barrage and a Nuclear Missile.

Be absolutely sure to keep your Nuclear Missile repaired when it is attacked. Keep building additional Nuclear Missiles as funds permit.

Use two Nuclear Missiles to destroy the Command Center to stop the A10 Missile Strikes, which are more damaging than the Particle Cannons. You may even want to destroy the Command Center before the very first PC.

Destroy the rest of the Particle Cannons by any combination of weaponry you choose. Continue building additional Nuclear Missiles to speed up the destructive process.

It is not necessary to destroy Fire Bases, Artillery Platforms and Patriots to complete the mission.

The only building necessary to destroy on the northwest island is the Supply Center.

The Particle Cannons and Command Center will not be rebuilt but the War Factory and Air Field will be. Destroy the two dozers to stop them from being rebuilt.

Mission accomplished!

Hard difficulty[edit]

On hard difficulty, the enemy is much more dangerous.

As soon as the game starts you need to build following: 1. Barracks 2. 2-3 more dozers

As soon as dozer #1 has finished the barracks it needs to build a bunker infront of the barracks. The barracks needs to make rocket soldiers as soon as possible, to garrison the bunker (after the A-10's have started their strike)

Dozer #1 will build second bunker once the first is done

Dozer #2 will build the 2nd barracks (as A10's are going to destroy one of your barracks)

Dozer #3 builds power station.

By the time you have built 3 rocket men (if you're lucky) the attack begins in the form of an A10 strike and 3 attack helicopters. The A10 will take out your barracks (but you already have a spare.)

As soon as the first fire from the A-10's starts to come in garrison your bunker. If you survive this initial attack, you should be able to hold out without further problem.

After that, build an airfield and a Helix. Build veteran mini-gunners and put all eight into the Helix.

At this point you're going to take some damage... rebuild the things that give you money, and capture the oil rigs.

Your next aim is to build and fully man a 2nd Helix

At this point, your base is probably in some state of dis-repair, several of your dozers have been wiped out and your supply centre has been destroyed so many times that you're starting to wonder if there is any point in replacing it. However, you have two Helixes full of mini gunners (most of whom are now lvl 3) and anything that enters your base is also destroyed.

Unlock the infantry drop generals power, and use it straight away to drop a load of men next to the artillery platform to the north west of your base.

Unlock the artillery strike generals power and use it on the fire-point guarding the super weapon and then simply march your men up to the super weapon and take it out. Ignore the EMP turrets as you attack.

Build a war factory, propaganda center and build a few inferno cannons. and use them to take out as many EMP turrets as you can.

You should also try double up your Helix's and land some men (via para-drop) on the small island to the north of your base that has the oil rig on it. Capture the rig and put all the men to the southern tip of the island.

Your next para drop should be to capture the island containing the enemy supply centre.

If you now have 4 fully manned Helix's and a nice batch of men on the aforementioned island, then you should be shooting down the auroras before they even get to your base.

Make sure you have 2 propaganda centers (since one will be destroyed by a particle cannon) and spend all of your cash on hackers. and put them next to your rigs. With the funds, build your own nuclear weapons and retaliate with multiple super weapon attacks at once. Any forces that remain can be cleaned up without problem.