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General Tsing Shi Tao or General Tao, is best when using his arsenal of nuclear tactics. General tao shows what a general with sheer power can do to armies in a war zone. General Tao is considered the most balanced general in the game, since his army receives only slight disadvantage and has weapons ready for defense and offense of all kinds.

Army Modifications[edit]

  • Tanks start with Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank upgrades.
  • More power is generated from power plants.
  • Nuke Cannon is available at the start of a game.
  • Red Guard cost increased.
  • Tank Hunter cost increased.
  • Black Lotus cost increased.
  • Listening Outpost cost increased.
  • Helix gains the Nuke Bomb upgrade, which replaces the Napalm Bomb upgrade of a regular Helix.
  • Nuclear Missile Silo cost reduced.
  • Aircraft cost more to build
  • Emergency Repair level 1 available as a 1 Star Generals Ability
  • Tanks are faster.

Army Upgrades[edit]

  • Isotope Stability - Available at the Propaganda Center, delivering cleaner fuel to Overlord and Battlemaster tanks, reducing the damage done by their explosion to friendly units when destroyed.
  • MiG Tactical Nuke - Purchasable at the Nuclear Silo, increases the firepower of MiG Fighters by placing tactic nuclear missiles under their wings.

Army Structure[edit]

  • Advanced Nuclear Power Plant - A better power source, which generates 18 units of power. It can be Overloaded to output even more energy.

General Ability[edit]

  • * Nuke Bomber - Replaces the Carpet Bombing Ability as a 3 Star General Ability. The Nuke Bomber carpetbombs targeted area with small nuclear charges, which deals tremendous amount of damage and leaves behind radiations.

Build Orders[edit]


Offense: The nuke gen's battlemaster's & overlords are top tier tanks. They can move very fast, and they cause radiation damage to infantry. Once you've researched Isotope stability, their only weakness is aircraft. They can usually chase down scuds and tomahawks before they do too much damage.

Defense: You can build Gatling cannons & bunkers if you want, but why waste your money on them when the nuke tanks are also an option. The opportunity cost of building GCs and Bunkers w/ infantry is much too high to justify them.