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A feared Middle-Eastern bomb-maker, General Juhziz is responsible for many devastating attacks around the world. His bold strikes have drawn many supporters to his cause, many of whom are willing to give their lives for the GLA. Rodhall Juhziz's specialty is explosives.

Rank: Not Applicable

Branch: GLA Scorpion Cell

Tactics: Explosives and Bombs

Army Modifications[edit]

Bomb trucks can only be loaded with explosives, not with toxins.

All Terrorists do more damage.

The Booby Trap upgrade for Rebels is automatically available from the start.

Combat cycles come ridden by a Terrorist by default.

Stealth units and capabilities are unavailable, aside from Jarmen Kell. This General can build neither the Saboteur nor the Hijacker.

Toxin upgrades are not available. Instead, the Scud Storm, Scud Launcher, and Bomb Truck are packed with explosives. Both the Scud Storm's radius and damage have been increased.

Jarmen Kell has the ability to plant timed and remote demo charges.


» Structures: Advanced Demo Trap Cost: $200 They are faster to assemble and even more destructive than their normal counterparts.

» Upgrades: Demolitions Ability Cost: $2000 This upgrade allows all units and defensive structures to self-detonate on command.

» Other Modifications: Scorpion: Cost increased to $650 (normally $600)

Technical: Cost increased to $550 (normally $500)

Quad Cannon: Cost increased to $750 (normally $700)

Rocket Buggy: Cost increased to $1000 (normally $900)

Marauder Tank: Cost increased to $900 (normally $800)

Combat Cycle: Cost increased to $550 (normally $500)

Battle Bus: Cost increased to $1000 (normally $800)

Strong Against[edit]

  • USA Super Weapon General
  • China Tank General
  • China Nuke General
  • GLA Toxic General

Weak Against[edit]

  • China Infantry General
  • USA Laser General
  • USA Airforce General
  • GLA Stealth General

    • it should be noted that you do not have a superiority of inferiority against any of these generals, however you do have an advantage or disadvantage when playing against them.


The demolition general is one of the most fun to play generals available. As any other GLA general, you need to become very familiar with the units and their abilities, as the GLA have very different units which have completely different functions in the battlefield.

Mastering this general requires ALOT of skill, you need a lot of practice and excellent micromanagement with the ability to adapt to all situations thrown at you.


  • You perform well in both small and large scale maps, however you must use slightly different units for each size. large maps need fast units such as combat cycles and rocket buggies, so try to reduce the amount of terrorists and scud launchers you use.
  • This General is oriented towards offense. If you find that you are constantly in a defensive position then you are in the wrong track. Your Defense is weak (Stinger sites are pretty bad and easily taken out using snipers, toxin, ect..) and Tunnels are considered to be an offensive building.
  • I would suggest you get the following general abilities:

- Scud Launcher - Rebel Ambush level 3 - Anthrax bomb - Sneak attack

* Early Game:

Your strength lies within your ability to blow things up. Start as you would start any GLA base, build a few stinger sites all around, and tunnels throughout the map (this is highly important as tunnels give you the quick easy transportation for your combat cycles, terrorists, and bomb trucks), 2-3 barracks, and advanced demo traps all around.

Early game, your offence lies within you terrorists, RPG, and rebels which have booby traps from the start. Never attack from the front, always from the sides or back. Use your terrorists against heavy tanks, terrorists are especially good against slow tanks as they cannot be killed by their firepower.

Advanced Demo traps work very effectively against tank based generals (china tank, china nuke, and USA laser). Place your traps all around your entrances, however keep a distance between them. It is recommended to manually trigger them, so keep a good eye. Place some traps near the oil derricks as to blow up any offensive tanks.

Technicals should be used to transport terrorists in long distances, then once the destination is reached, use the technical as bait while the terrorists charge against them from the sides.

Attack order: Airfields and war factories --> Power plants

* Mid Game:

Now, it is your time to shine, you have a solid defense, a decent rate of income, tunnels throughout the map, and a couple of arms dealers to unleash mayhem. Combat cycles are your best friend, build them in groups, however and it is extremely important to never "attack" with them in groups, as if one dies the others die too. Micromanagement is key, each pair of combat cycles must target a unit, never send them all in one go (although 1 combat cycle will be enough to take out a single tank).

Utilize all your offensive methods to take down the enemy from all sides. Combat cycles should normaly attack from the hills towards the middle, rocket buggies' long range attack vs defense turrets, and terrorists from other sides.

Aim for the demolition upgrade asap, giving all your infantry an option to detonate, very effective. Your rebel ambush will become a deadly insta trap, max it to level 3, and spawn your rebels in the key points of the enemy base (normally super weapons and money suppliers).

You have a very high number of units to attack with, you must use them all to play this general the most effectively.

Key units in your attack:

- Combat cycle

- Terrorist

- Bomb trucks

- Rocket buggies / Scud launcher

Jarmen kell deserves a special mention, as he gets Burton's bombs, making him an extremely powerful unit. Place him onto one of your combat cycles, and send him towards the enemy base.

* Late game:

You should try to avoid late game, as you will be overpowered by Late-gamish generals such as Tank general and Laser General.

However your scud storm is the most powerful super weapon in the game, capable of taking out a super weapon easily.


When playing against:

  • Air force:

- Quad cannons, quad cannons, and more quad cannons. upgrade your fortification of your buildings and the enemy will be thinking twice before raiding you. Target their airfields with cycles as their fields will normally be built near the back where exposed to hills. and that should solve the case. This is often ignored but fake building are exceptionally good against this general, arms dealer is best building to fake here.

  • Super Weapon:

- terrorists will avoid EMP missiles, and once you take out the power plants, they will be in chaos. Remember to fake the command center in a location which can mislead the opponent, as the opponent will attempt to take out your command center using 4 Aurora alphas.

  • Laser:

- their Laser turrets are a nightmare, with fast rate of fire, unmatched accuracy and precision will take out your cycles, terrorists, and scud missiles. How to solve this? target their power plants, as they are heavily dependent on power, low power = no defence = no offense.


  • Tank:

- Tanks are easy against demolition, blow them up using terrorists and cycles from the sides and behind, and their war factory is your priority.

  • Nuke:

- Their long range can be a pain, but no worries, your terrorists are cycles are more than enough. 1 terrorists can take out a nuke cannon. ouch.

  • Infantry:

- This is probably the hardest match up. you don't have toxin, what do you do? survive early game, this will limit your offense, so focus on quad cannons and train jarmen kell asap.


  • Stealth:

- This is a tough fight, you need a dozen of radar vans to know where to attack.

  • Toxin:

- Toxin is reliant on tanks and battle buses equipped with RPG, take them out like you do vs any tank general, and keep Jarmen Kell available


IF you are facing Demolition General, here are the top tips:

- protect all sides, especially hills. Airforce is crucial, helix and Comanches are important. never build close your building close to each other, and keep your tanks apart. Demolition defense is weak, focus on him, and he will be forced to defense.