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This mission is much more difficult than with the Tank General or Nuke General. You have no Battlemaster or Overlord tanks for defense or offense.

With a combination of Gattling Cannons, Bunkers, Assault Outposts, Fire Tanks and Inferno Cannons, it is possible to protect the northern part of your base, but it is going to take a lot of baby-sitting.

It helps to build five or six Gattling Cannons on the northern part of your base early in the mission so that the plane carrying the Anthrax will be shot down before it bombs your base. All of your units are thin-skinned and will not tolerate this toxin.

Offense is much more difficult as all of your attack vehicles have very little armor. A large arsenal of nukes to burn yourself a path to the north will speed up the process.

Good luck!


Basic start: Build a Reactor, an extra dozer, a Barracks and Supply Center. Build a second Supply Truck. Research the Capture command and create a Red Guard unit. Capture the oil derrick.

Key Strategies
  • With a nominal defense, make a beeline to building your Nuclear Missile. Create a Nuclear Reactor after the nuke starts building to save a few precious seconds.
  • After the Nuclear Missile is built, create five or more Gattling Cannons to the north of your base so that the planes carrying Anthrax will be shot down.
  • Use caution when approaching the southern flank of the main GLA base. About a dozen RPG Troopers flowing from the Barracks can blast apart your offensive units. Use a Nuclear Missile to clear the area right before you move in.
  • Don’t waste your Nuclear Missiles on the Command Center. It will just be rebuilt. Instead, save them up for pre-destroying garrisoned buildings and Artillery Platforms to speed up offensive operations.
  • Capture the oil derrick to the northwest of your base. Mine the area above this area to keep the stray enemy vehicle out of the area.
  • Send a fully manned Helix along the right most edge to top of map. There is one defence there you can artillary or disembark and take out on foot. This will net you two derricks and a GLA black market. Simply defend it with the helix. Doing this early gives you a huge advantage.
  • A level-three Artillery Barrage and Nuclear Missile will destroy the Scud Storm but not its base structure. It is necessary to use two Nuclear Missiles and one of the General’s Powers to totally destroy this structure. By this method, the Scud Storm will not be rebuilt as often.

Save your General’s Powers for the third level Artillery Barrage.

The time sequence is tight here. Build a Bunker slight to the southeast of the oil derrick and a Gattling Cannon slightly to the northeast. Build a Bunker to the north of your base and a Gattling Cannon parallel with it to the east.

Your base is at higher risk from the north, so first recruit three Tank Hunters for your northern Bunker, then three for your eastern Bunker.

Build a War Factory, then put two more Tank Hunters in the northern Bunker and two more in the eastern Bunker.

Your base is actually quite secure to the east now and you just need to worry about the north.

Immediately build a Fire Tank or two to chase down any Scud Launchers that approach the area from the north. Try not to lose them!

Build an Assault Outpost or two to help aid in the defense of the northern flank.

Next build a Propaganda Center and immediately after a Nuclear Missile. While the nuke is building, build an extra Reactor. Your nuclear missile should be ready to fire about a minute before the Scud Storm is ready.

Purchase Radar to activate the radar map.

Build a Speaker Tower or two to repair your units to the north. Keep your units close to your Bunker and Gattling Cannon to help keep them safe from Jarmen Kell.

Move any extra Red Guard to slightly behind your northern defense to recapture vehicles disabled by Jarmen. Keep an eye out for him and attack with your Fire Tank.

Build an extra three or more Gattling Cannons north of your base so that they can attack both incoming vehicles and destroy the Anthrax plane that approaches your base. Hopefully, your base will never be poisoned with these toxins – as your units are extremely thin-skinned.

Research Chain Guns at the War Factory.

Wait until after the Anthrax attack before building hackers, as they might be fumigated if the plane gets through to your base. Build eight or more hackers, placing them in the Internet Center. You won’t have to worry about funds the rest of the mission.

Select Level 3 Artillery Barrage. Use this General’s Power along with your Nuclear Missile to destroy the Scud Storm.

This probably will not destroy the “base” of the Scud Storm. Build another Nuclear Missile and use both nukes, together with the Artillery Barrage, to completely destroy the Scud Storm. Using this method, the Scud Storm will rebuild fewer times.

Destroy the toxic bunker to the northwest and capture the oil derrick in the area. Utilize all of your Cluster Mines above the oil derrick and you won’t have to worry about a stray vehicle destroying it.

Whenever you have the opportunity, destroy the Stinger Site and Toxin Bunker above your base. The Inferno Cannon or Nuke Cannon may be the best way to do this.

You will have to continue to “baby-sit” your troops to the north to make sure Rocket Buggies or Scud Launchers do not destroy your units from a distance.

From here on out, build up a large arsenal Nuclear Missiles to aid in your offensive operations. Don’t shoot off the nukes at enemy structures until you are ready to move in and occupy the area or they will just be rebuilt. No harm is done to have a large number of nukes ready to fire once you reach the northern part of their base.

While building up your arsenal, destroy the Artillery Platforms, garrisoned buildings and toxic bunkers with Nuclear Missiles and your General’s Powers. These will not be rebuilt. It is best to destroy the toxic bunkers ahead of time, if possible, because their toxins can destroy your Assault Outposts and ground troops.

Move to the east when you are ready and destroy the Arms Dealer, then start moving north.

Muscle your way north of the river, making sure the garrisoned buildings in the area are destroyed before you make your appearance.

Don’t be shy about using your nukes. The first Barracks you encounter will crank out dozens of RPG Troopers to shred your units, so blast it to oblivion, then move your troops into the area so it cannot be rebuilt.

Don’t get overly confident yet. The Palace to the north is fortified with RPG Troopers and, again, the second Barracks to the far north is going to crank out massive RPG Troopers. Again, don’t shy away from weapons of mass destruction.

Destroy the rest of the GLA base and victory is yours.

Mission accomplished!

Tips to make the above walkthrough much easier[edit]

Make sure you take infantry promotion as your first general power.

Start by building gattling cannons and bunkers at all chokepoints (especially the bridges.) Bunkers should be filled with 2 infantry and 3 rocket soldiers when you are low on cash and increased to 4 infantry and 6 rocket soldiers once the money is flowing.

At the start of the level build a gattling cannon just north and east of the nearest oil derrick. This will defend against attacks from the east and it should be supplemented by a bunker (with 2 infantry/3 rocket launchers) just south and east of the oil derrick after securing the base against attacks from the north.

To the north of your base, just south of the GLA tunnel network is a sand berm (small hill.) Place a gattling cannon and a bunker below the hill so that they are in range of everything just as the enemy crosses over the san berm. This will allow you to kill most enemies without taking much damage in return. After you have this secured build an airfield. For some reason, scud launchers want to direct all their attacks against your airfield, by building it early, the scuds will not attack your base defenses and be destroyed as they pass your bunkers in their feeble attempt to get within striking distance of your airfield.

Once your airfield is up, build you war factory and propaganda center. Now you can build an inferno cannon to take out the gla tunnel network and stinger sites. You can build planes to place on guard mode defending the perimeter of your base after the stingers are gone.

Build a gattling cannon in front of the oil derrick to the northwest of your base followed by a bunker. After the land bridge here is defended, you can capture the oil derrick (if you capture it before you build the defenses, chances are that it will be attacked/destroyed).

Now that you have some defenses, methodically push forward, creating more base defenses (gattling cannons and bunkers) at natural chokepoints. First push past the sand berm to the south end of the bridge, once it is protected push to garrison the bridge on the eastern edge of your base.

When you get this far and your base is defended, it is easy to take your time and pick off the enemy.

Destroying the scud storm and subverting enemy general powers[edit]

In order to guarantee destruction of the scud storm you only need to hit it twice. If you have a nuke use it and the level 3 artillery barrage at the same time (both with dead center targeting.) The nuke will hit a second later, and the artillery will fall about after a short delay. Using this combination at the same time will always take out either a superweapon or even a command center of any general in the game. The artillery barrage will land before any unit can get close enough to start repairs. You may not avoid the first scud storm, but it will always center on your command center. Just be sure to spread your base out and it is an easy matter to rebuild one or two buildings.

A pair of filled bunkers just south of the bridge along with a single gattling cannon is enough to destroy an incoming toxin bomber.

If you get attacked with a rebel ambush (it did not happen to me, but it is possible;) A helix with a bunker filled with infantry will quickly kill the entire ambush.

The initial strategy above did not include the use of bunkers which is a strength of the infantry general. This is one of the easier challenges even with hard difficulty.