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Change from Generals[edit]

  • The scorpion tank and toxin tractor can now scavenge to upgrade their weapons as well.
    • With the rocket upgrade, a fully scavenged scorpion tank has two rockets instead of just one.

New GLA Structures[edit]

  • Fake Structures - Workers can now build fake structures to let the enemy waste time and resources on the decoy. Aside from that, fake structures can also be detonated to harm enemy units, or upgrade to real structure when the diversion is not longer needed. Fake Structures have orange squares at ground level to distinguish them from the real ones.

New GLA Units[edit]


  • Saboteur - This stealth unit can move undetected into the enemy base to power down or disable their structures. When enter the Command Center, all Generals Powers are reset. The Saboteur can also climb cliffs to higher ground.


  • Combat Cycle - Ridden by a Rebel at start, the Combat Cycle allows any GLA units to ride it and adopts their abilities. When the unit evacuates, the Combat Cycle is destroyed.
  • Battle Bus - Holds up to 8 units, the Battle Bus is a mobile gun platform that can wreak havoc when fully garrisoned. When destroyed, the Bus becomes a bunker for the remaining troops, until it is destroyed again. The Battle Bus can pick up scavenged parts to increase its armor.

New GLA Upgrades[edit]

  • Worker Shoes - Available at the Black Market, increases the speed of GLA Workers by 20%, which in turn improve their productivity.
  • Camo-Netting - Applicable to Tunnel Networks and Stinger Sites, giving them stealth capability.
  • Fortified Structures - Available at the Palace, fortifying all GLA Structures to increase their armour.
  • Booby Trap - Purchased at the Barracks, allows Rebels to place a booby trap on any buildings or structures, which detonates when enemy combatants try to commandeer them. This is mainly used on civilian structures to prevent them from being garrisoned.

New GLA Generals Abilities[edit]

5 Star Generals Abilities[edit]

  • GPS Scrambler - Hides units within a wide circle under camouflaged protection when activated, ideal for a surprise attack. Note that it does not work on Angry Mobs.
  • Sneak Attack - Creates a Tunnel Exit anywhere on the map, which can send GLA units into enemy base very quickly. The Exit takes a few seconds to become usable and units should be placed within a Tunnel Network before it is deployed.