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The GLA makes a final stand behind this heavily fortified wall.

This final mission can be quite difficult — finding the right strategic mix to fend off a fierce land assault by the GLA, while being bombarded by battalion-destroying anthrax attacks and the Scud Storm.

Keys to Success[edit]

  • Build an extra Supply Drop Zone as soon as possible for much-needed supplies.
  • Build an extra USA bulldozer for quick construction of multiple Patriot missile sites at the two valley entrances to the base.
  • Destroy the scud storm with your particle cannon, fuel air bomb, or A10s. You can also use a paradrop to capture it.
This cut scene gives a hint to the location of the GLA Arms Dealer. Destroying it may slow down the GLA offensive.
  • With your Spy Drone, locate the GLA Arms Dealer located on the far east side of their base (near the center of the map). Destroy this base with Air Fuel Blasts. If they rebuild, destroy it again.
  • After the two western passes are protected by Patriot missile sites, use the China dozer to build Gattling Cannons at the far northeast and northwest parts of the base. Tunnel network located off the map allow GLA troops to sneak into these areas.

Establishing Your Base[edit]

Keeping your base intact while building your Particle Cannon is a challenging task.

The largest part of this mission is surviving long enough to establish your Particle Cannon to destroy the Scud Storm. Anthrax attacks will also be encountered, a blue, expanding mist that destroys all vehicles and troops in its path.

Although a strategy combining the Particle Cannon and Chinese Nuclear Silo can be used to destroy the Scud Storm, this absorbs an extra 9000 credits of resources for the War Factory, Propaganda Center and Nuclear Silo — not to mention the extra power generation that will need to be built.

Since the Particle Cannon can recharge in four minutes, as opposed to the Scud Storm’s seven minutes, a second blast of the Particle Cannon will destroy it before it has a chance to strike a second time.

  • Build War Factory. While this is building, research the Capture command at the barracks and send your Rangers south to the abandoned Chinese base.
  • Quickly choose your General's Powers. Highly recommended are Pathfinder, Paladin, Spy Drone, Air Fuel Blast and Paradrop.
  • Build Strategy Center and extra USA bulldozer (#2).
  • Capture Chinese structures with your Rangers.
  • Drop Paratroopers off at northeast corner of the base. Use the Spy Drone to search further up the valley road leading to the base and for the GLA Arms Dealer.
  • Head USA bulldozer #2 to the west side of the base to build a Patriot missile site at the north valley entrance.
  • Build Chinese bulldozer and immediately construct Nuclear Reactor. As soon as Strategy Center is created by bulldozer #1, build another Cold Fusion Reactor with it.
  • Build Supply Drop Zone with bulldozer #1.
  • Group tanks as #1 and move to valley entrance.
  • Build a second Cold Fusion Reactor with bulldozer #1 and a second Nuclear Reactor, while USA bulldozer #2 keeps on building Patriot sites.
  • Build a second Patriot missile site right next to the first one at the north valley entrance.
  • Two Pathfinders were provided with this mission. Move one to the Patriots site and another in the far northwest part of your base.
  • Build three Tomahawks and position behind tanks at the Patriot site.
  • Use USA dozer #2 to build two Patriots down at the southern valley entrance.
  • Build extra Pathfinder and move him slightly ahead of the Patriot missile site at the southern valley entrance.
  • As soon as Spy Drone has discovered the Weapons Factory at the east side of the GLA base, attack it with an Air Fuel Blast. Repeat if it is not totally destroyed. Repeat if it is rebuilt.
  • Start building Particle Cannon on northern part of the base. The Scud Storm will launch before it is ready to fire.
  • Continue to build extra Cold Fusion Reactors and Nuclear Reactors for extra power in case the Scud Storm knocks some of them offline.
  • Build four Paladins to add to your northern entrance.
  • Build third Patriots at both valley entrances as you have a chance.
  • Research Advanced Training and Composite Armor at the Strategy Center as funds permit. Pick one of the three extra abilities that are available for no extra credits.
  • Build battle drones for your vehicles, as funds permit. Build extra Paladins, as funds permit.
  • Start moving your Chinese dozer to the far northeast corner of the map. Build a Gattling Cannon there when funds permit.

Preparing for Scud Storm and Offensive Operations[edit]

Although the Patriot missile site is destroyed by the Scud Storm, troops have been safely moved out of harm's way.
  • The Scud Storm will probably target your Patriot Missiles at the north valley entrance where your mass of armor is tightly grouped. When the Scud Storm gets within 15 seconds or so, split your armor in at least two groups, one south of the valley entrance and one north, so that the Scud Storm cannot destroy both the Patriot sites and your vehicles.
  • Do not move vehicles back into the area as along as toxins are in the area. They will be destroyed. Rebuild your defensive structure to previous strength as toxins vaporize.
  • Move Chinese dozer to northwest corner of base to build Gattling Cannon to help defend from massive infantry attacks coming off the mountainside.
  • Be sure to attack Scud Storm with your Particle Cannon soon after the Scud attack. Repeat this attack in four minutes, after the Particle Cannon has recharged, to destroy it permanently.
Destroy the fortified wall with Fuel Air Blasts, A10 Missile Strikes and your Particle Cannon.
  • While waiting for the Particle Cannon to recharge, start blasting the eastern wall of the GLA base with Fuel Air Blasts and A10 Missile Strikes.
  • Hold off a number of counterattacks that will come through both the southern and northern valley with your Paladins, Tomahawks, Pathfinders and Patriot missile sites.
There is no hurry to move troops forward until after the wall is completely destroyed.

After the Scud Storm is destroyed and the GLA counterattacks are survived, rebuild your offensive force. While doing this, destroy the remaining eastern GLA wall with Fuel Air Blasts, A10 Missile Blasts and the Particle Cannon.

It is easier to have it completely destroyed before bringing your troops west, as the wall is riddled with fortified troops.

Once the wall is destroyed, bring a large number of Paladins, Tomahawks and Pathfinders toward the GLA base. The Pathfinders are necessary to reveal Demo Traps and to protect your armor from infantry.

From here on out, the GLA will be on the run as you perform mop-up operations on their base.

Mission accomplished! Congratulations!

Alternate strategies[edit]

Using a Spy Drone[edit]

Another option is to get Spy Drone as one of your powers and send it to the far lower corner of the map (GLA side) as soon as possible before any buildings appear (obviously the scud storm). Build a particle up-link cannon and send a level 3 A10 Missile Strike or a Fuel Airbomb if you don't have level 3 A10 Missile Strike (though it's doubtful the bomber will survive, as there is a load of quads in their base) and use said powers to destroy the wall. Use the Spy Drone instead of Pathfinder to scan the area behind the wall so when your troops go there they can destroy it. The China base reactors are a better alternative energy source ($600 difference).

Ground assault strategy[edit]

Set up a defence at the western choke point of your base area with 2 or 3 Patriots, 2 snipers and some tanks. Build a Comanche as well and keep it near the Command Center to take out any surprise attacks.

Capture the Chinese base, build a War Factory and Propaganda Center and start cranking out Overlords. Send these to defend the southwestern choke point. 3 of these can hold the choke point, 4 or more will be used for the invasion force. Of these, 2 should be equipped with speaker towers, 1 with a gatling, and 1 with a bunker. In the bunker place Colonel Burton, a sniper, 2 rocket soldiers and a ranger with flashbang equipped. Upgrade Propaganda. You can build a nuclear facility as well to upgrade the Overlords if you like.

Use a level 3 air strike and a fuel-air bomb to destroy the GLA defence wall at its southernmost point (including the bridge), and just march the Overlords through. Stay close to the southern boundary and keep your units together. The Overlords will have to eat a few demo traps so don't go too fast and allow them time to repair. Clear garrisoned buildings with the ranger. The sniper, gatling, and Colonel Burton can take care of any infantry, and the Overlords and rocket soldiers are more than a match for the ground defences and armoured units. Destroy the SCUD Storm in the far southeastern corner first, then you can take out the rest of the base at your leisure.