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USA is in full retreat. Cover fire is required.

This mission successfully creates a visceral connection between you and your comrades in arms. Their lives are in your hands. USA troops have been vastly overrun by GLA and are in full retreat. You must guard their retreat with Comanche helicopters – while at the same time managing the survival of your home base.

A calm, calculated defense is in order. Mama is waiting for their boys to come home, so use these strategy tips to reduce the carnage.

At least 100 soldiers must survive to win the mission.

Attack Round 1[edit]

Comanches in position to give cover fire to first round of troops.
  • Upgrade to rocket pods for your Comanches to increase their fire power.
  • Immediately put five Comanches in queue to be built for the second round of attacks. You will just use your initial four Comanches for the first round.
  • Go to your Supply Center and start building a secondary Chinook to ensure plenty of credits for this mission.
  • Use one of your bulldozers to create an extra Cold Fusion reactor. This way, you won't have to worry about power being low in the future when additional Patriot missile sites are built.
  • Group your Commanches as #1, for easy control of the units.
  • If you build Patriots on the high ground, they can assist your Comanches in the defense of our troops.

"GLA are inbound, General. Take out as many as you can."

Calmly target lead vehicles. Many GLA will be destroyed by the automated firing capabilities of the Comanches.
  • Your retreating troops will appear on the left-hand side of the screen, soon followed by the GLA. Position your helicopters just a bit away from the left-hand side of the screen so the GLA vehicles don't overshoot and get ahead of your Comanches.
  • The automated targeting system of your Comanches is actually quite advanced and can serve you well. Every time you manually target a vehicle, you are taking a chance of actually missing the moving target and your Comanches will "move" instead of "fire."
  • As the GLA pass under your helicopters, let the automated targeting system work, but take over with more manual control as they start to pass up and get ahead of your Comanches. Calmly target the lead GLA vehicles, so all the rest of the convoy will be in striking range.
  • Be careful not to let any GLA vehicles hidden near the edges of the valley escape.

Hopefully, around 19 or more troops will survive the first round.

Easily forgotten in the heat of battle, taking a few moments to manage your supply strategy is vital. Build a second Chinook and send it to the far side of the valley for extra supplies.

Attack Round 2[edit]

  • Send the second Chinook across the valley to the supply dock located there to start collecting supplies.
  • You will run out of supplies on the base's side of the valley in the near future, which will be announced by the narrator. When this happens, send the second Chinook also to this supply dock.
  • Build a Patriot missile system on the west side of your base parallel with your tanks.
  • Construct a second Cold Fusion Reactor with your other dozer.
  • Queue up as many Comanches as you can afford at this time.
  • Group all Comanches presently built as #1 for Attack Round 2. You should have seven or eight ready to go by now.

"New contact. More of our men are inbound, General."

  • Three rocket buggies will lead the charge and let your automated targeting system take these fast-moving buggies out before manually targeting the lead vehicles. Be sure you don't miss any GLA targets that intermingle with USA troops.
  • After destroying all GLA tailing the troops, take out the second group of armor that will head for the western part of your base.

Attack Round 3[edit]

Target lead vehicles to keep Comanches within strafing distance of all GLA armor.
  • Build another Patriot missile site on the west side of your base, again parallel with the others.
  • If you haven't yet had the chance, build a second Cold Fusion Reactor.
  • Queue up as many Comanches as you can afford, grouping all of those already built as #1.
  • Attack GLA forces pursuing USA convoy, again, targeting lead vehicles. Be prepared for second wave of GLA that will then attack the western side of your base.

Attack Round 4[edit]

Round 4 introduces Quad Cannons to the mix. Destroy them immediately to minimize Comanche losses.
  • Group up to 12 Comanches as #1, leaving the rest hovering mid-valley.
  • Build one more Patriot missile site on the west side of the base.
  • Queue up nine missile defender (RPG) troops, as insurance in case the GLA overrun the base.

The fourth round of attack is more severe, as the GLA will have Quad Cannons to attack your Comanches. Always target the Quad Cannons first, keeping Comanche losses to a minimum.

  • The first attack will have at least two quad cannons, but first take out the rocket buggies that zoom out first -- then target the quad cannons.
  • Destroy all GLA and wait for the second round of GLA that will speed and catch up with your convoy. They are capable of inflicting further damage to your troops -- before turning to attack the eastern part of your base.
  • After this second group of GLA is dispatched, fly to the west side of your base, where a third wave of GLA is attacking.

Attack Round 5 -- Final Attack on Base[edit]

Three Comanche veterans survive the Quad Cannons to defend the base in the GLA's "final push." Your base should be secure enough to survive.

"The GLA will make a final push to dislodge us from our position. We need to hold."

  • Group 12 or so of your Comanches as #1, leaving the rest of your Comanches as backup.
  • Attack the GLA trailing your convoy, then defend the base.
  • The main threat again will be from Quad Cannons, so attack them first. Your base should be strong enough to withstand this final assault.

By now, hopefully 100 troops have retreated successfully.

Mission accomplished!