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This map is littered with GLA structures that are not visible – even with the Intelligence ability available from the Strategy Center. It is necessary to constantly use the Spy Satellite – which recharges every minute -- to outline targets of opportunity.

The GLA wastes no time attacking your base. It is necessary to prepare defenses against both armored and infantry attacks immediately.

Building an Air Field with four King Raptors will assist you in repelling these attacks.

Your base will be attacked mercilessly by Rocket Buggies. It is possible to lose this mission even after the Scud Storm is destroyed. A horrible combination to deal with is when the Anthrax attack destroys your defensive vehicles and the Rocket Buggies overwhelm your Patriots. Your Command Center could be the next thing to fall.

At least one Particle Cannon must be built as soon as possible to get the jump on the GLA’s Scud Storm. Afterwards, keep building Particle Cannons and continually destroy the Arms Dealer located in the southwest and the second Arms Dealer located in the northwest. This will slow down the onslaught of the Rocket Buggies and allow you to continue building up your base.


Start with building a Reactor, an extra dozer, a Barracks and Supply Center. Immediately research the Capture command and send one Ranger to capture the Artillery Platform and one Ranger to capture the oil derrick. Immediately build an extra Supply Chopper. Upgrade the Reactor.

(Build additional Reactors later in the mission as needed.)

Key Strategies
  • Capture the Artillery Platform before the oil derrick. It is extremely important to have this structure to keep Rocket Buggies under control. Build two Patriots between your base and the Artillery Platform to slow down the ground assault. Also consider building a combat chinook and fill it up with some MD's. It will work extremely well against the Buggies.
  • Station Colonel Burton to the west of your base to help keep the Rocket Buggies under control. They are a real pest. It is best to fire at them from the side or rear to prevent them from firing back.
  • Store excess Tomahawks to the far north and far south of your base. Don’t keep any near the center of your base. Your fleet of long-range weaponry will be totally wiped out during the repeated Anthrax attacks.
  • Don’t delay in building your Particle Cannon. Your base cannot handle the damage from an incoming Scud Storm. The Scud Storm will be located in the empty-appearing “corn field” in the northwest portion of the map.
  • As soon as you hit third-level General, put out Pathfinders both to the west and northwest of your base.
  • Keep a bulldozer stationed by your Artillery Cannon to keep it repaired. It can’t be replaced once it’s destroyed.
  • Build a second Particle Cannon after the first Anthrax attack. Target repeatedly the two Arms dealers on the west side of the map, even though they will be rebuilt. This will slow down the deluge of Rocket Buggies pestering your base and allow a more rapid expansion of Particle Cannons and further defenses. This mission can turn into a stalemate if you are constantly fighting off these attacks. The Rocket Buggies come down two different valleys toward your base and Colonel Burton cannot handle them all.
  • The mission can be won without a ground assault. Build six or more Particle Cannons and destroy all Command Centers, Barracks, Arms Dealers, Black Markets, Palaces and Supply Stashes. Garrisoned buildings, Stinger Sites, Tunnel Networks, Artillery Platforms do not have to be destroyed to finish the mission.
  • Some structures that can be easily missed are the Palace at the far north of the southwestern base and the Palace at the far south of the northwestern base. There is also a lone Barracks to the east of the northwestern base that is easy to overlook.
  • If you choose to do a ground assault, the Search and Destroy Plan option at the Strategy Center will give your Pathfinders a better range to spot hidden Stinger Sites.
  • Once you start your ground offensive, constantly move up your Pathfinders to keep defensive structures from being rebuilt. Have an ample supply of “backup” Pathfinders nearby in case some are lost in the process.

Build one Patriot to the south of the Artillery Platform and one to the north of it. Do not build them too far away from your base or they will be picked off by Rocket Buggies. They should form a shallow triangular pattern with the AP.

Have a bulldozer stationed at the Artillery Platform to keep it repaired. Battle Cycles may attack it. If it is lost, pull back your bulldozer to a safer area of the base.

Next build a War Factory, then a second Reactor. Immediately build two Humvees, upgrading them with Battle Drones. Put the two existing Rangers inside the vehicles. Put them both in Guard mode centered behind your Artillery Platform. Suicide bombers and Rocket soldiers will tear apart your defenses if these Humvees aren’t present.

Build an Air Field and two King Raptors. Have each one on Guard command centered on the two Patriots previously built.

Build a Strategy Center. Choose the free upgrade of your choice.

Build two more Raptors. Have one with the Guard command centered on the Artillery Platform and one on the center of your base to protect against Sneak Attacks and Ambushes.

As soon as the Strategy Center is done, recruit Colonel Burton and station him to the west of your base. Position him so that he will be near the area that the Rocket Buggies launch their attacks.

As soon as the funds are available, launch straight into building a Particle Cannon at the far back of your base. The sooner, the better.

When funds are available, upgrade Laser Missiles at the Air Field.

You are about to experience your first Anthrax attack. Don’t keep any of your infantry or armored units near your base or they will be lost. If possible, save the dozer near your Artillery Platform by placing him further away from the base.

One of your dozers should have been in the very back of the base, having built a Particle Cannon in this area. Even while the Anthrax residue is present, you can start your second Particle Cannon in the very back of the base. The sooner you destroy one of the Arms Dealers, the better.

After the Anthrax attack, build three Pathfinders. Position one near the back of your base near your Particle Cannons to control Ambushes. Place one in each of the two valleys leading toward your base to control incoming infantry.

Have all of your Raptors numbered so that when a Sneak Attack tunnel pops up in your base you can quickly call them back in to destroy it immediately!

Destroy the Scud Storm with an A10 Missile Strike (second level) and your first Particle Cannon.

The Scud Storm will rebuild one more time. Destroy it and then start focusing on destroying other areas of the map.

Start a system of building an upgraded Reactor, a Patriot, then a Particle Cannon. Keep repeating as funds are available to speed up the destruction of the rest of the base. Sneak Attacks can be quite devastating with multiple Quad Cannons popping up to destroy your Raptors. These Patriots will help keep them under control.

From here on out, first and foremost, target the Arms Dealers. After that, keep your Spy Satellite busy unveiling other targets of opportunity. Command Centers may take two PC blasts and an additional strike from a Spectre Gunship or an A10 Missile Strike to finish the job.

Warning: If you are not proactive in destroying the Arms Dealers you can still lose the mission late into the game. Rocket Buggies can gang up to destroy your Airfield, which is basically your only line of defense.

It might be wise to stockpile a few Tomahawks on the far north of your base just as an insurance policy.

Also, you might want to occasionally rebuild the Patriots that were originally built near the Artillery Platform. They are not that effective of a defense, but they will slow down the Rocket Buggies long enough for the Raptors to destroy them.

Try to pick out individual workers for destruction whenever possible. If you can destroy a structure and a worker at the same time, so much the better. It will speed up the process to destroy the Supply Stash in the lower southwest corner, along with the larger number of workers milling around in this area.

Stinger Sites, Tunnel Networks, Artillery Platforms and garrisoned structures do not have to be destroyed to win the mission. The most isolated building that is easy to overlook is the Barracks to the east of the northwestern base. Also, the Palaces are squeezed into the peninsulas jutting into the lake. The land masses are so small you may not think that a building would fit in there. Don’t overlook them! Also the northern Command Center is so far to the northwest, you may not scan the area thinking that it is part of the mountain range.

Here is a list of the eleven buildings that must be destroyed:

In the northwest base, going counterclockwise from the top: Barracks, Arms Dealer, Command Center, Black Market and Palace.

In the southwest base, going counterclockwise from the top: Palace, Command Center, Supply Stash, Black Market, Barracks and Arms Dealer.

If you choose to do a land assault, Pathfinders will prove to be invaluable in locking in all forward progress that you make. Pathfinders will destroy any workers that try to rebuild areas that you have previously destroyed.

Mission accomplished!

Alternate start[edit]

After the previous 2 generals, this one is a good relaxing mission. Keep your base to the right side of your area at first.

  • Start with an extra dozer and a reactor, right where your 1st dozer is.
  • Build a barracks behind your CC + capture building + 2 ranger to capture the Artillery Base (AB) and Oil
  • Build a supply center between CC and Supply Stash + 2nd Chinook
  • Build a firebase on the west/left and east/right of the AB, but slightly below it. Load the east firebase with 4 missle defender. Build a patriot between firebase and oil derrick
  • Build another barrack in front of the east firebase. Building is bait. Keep your dozer south of the building. Keep an eye on it and pull your dozer as soon as you see terror bikes or just leave it unfinished
  • Build airfield and train 3 comanques. Set them on guard in the middle of the 2 paths, in front of the AB. Keep an eye on their health and rocket buggies outside their guard area.
  • Train 3 raptors. Set on guard around your base.
  • Build strategy center. Recommended area is right behind the AB if your are planning on using bombard
  • Do not forget you still need a PC or two to counter SCUD storm.
  • Build war factory and try for avengers, 3~4 behind each firebase.
  • 2~3 Avengers + king raptors may be able to take down anthrax before it drops a bomb, but that may leave you open to sneak attack. Or wait until anthrax pass before building avengers.
  • If waiting, depending on where your airfield is, keep your raptors busy or they will attack the anthrax plane and kill themselves while refueling.

Shore up your defenses and expand.

Tip: Pathfinders will keep your helis safe from rocket infantry.