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Dr. Thrax is a ghastly foe to mess with. He specializes in the use of chemical and biological weaponry; he prefers toxins over explosives, and other than Jarmen Kell, all camouflaged units and capabilities are unavailable to this general. While this might make him seem weaker than his explosive and stealthed counterparts, don't underestimate him. His toxins are more than capable of raining on your parade. And by "rain" we're talking toxic acid rain that melts flesh and steel with equal efficiency.

Army Modifications[edit]

  • All tanks start with Toxin Shell upgrade.
  • Begin with Anthrax Beta upgrade.
  • Some missiles are now toxin-tipped.
  • No camouflaged units or abilities except for Jarmen Kell.
  • Bomb Trucks and Scud Launchers can only be loaded with toxic weapons.
  • Terrorists leaves behind toxins when detonated.
  • All vehicles cost more to build
  • Demo Trap cost increased, and leaves behind trails of toxin when detonated.
  • Rebel Ambush deploys Toxin Rebels
  • Combat Cycle ridden by a Toxin Rebel at start

Army Units[edit]

  • Toxin Rebel - Carrying a backpack full of toxins, the Toxin Rebel is deadly to infantry of all sorts, especially those garrisoned in buildings.

Army Structure[edit]

  • Toxin Network - This Tunnel Network spreads poison at the enemy, which is more lethal than a gun turret.

Army Upgrade[edit]

  • Anthrax Gamma - Available at the Palace, this upgrade boosts the efficiency of Dr.Thrax's Toxin weapons even further.

Build Orders[edit]


The toxin rebels are not very good at destroying buildings, but are effective against enemy units, especially infantry. However, toxin rebels can be used after a super weapon strike (when the toxins have cleared) to finish buildings off. The anthrax gamma upgrade is almost essential for this, as anthrax beta doesn't do much (if any) damage to buildings. This tactic can be applied with all three levels of rebel ambush, but if the enemy is well defended within their base, the level three ambush is advised.

Another strategy for the rebel ambush which plays more to the strength of the toxin rebel, is using them to surprise the enemy's attack/defense force. For example, if the Chinese enemy has sent a hoard of battle master tanks to attack you, a rebel ambush could be deployed near the tanks to weaken them and destroy some. This tactic can be used with all three levels of the toxin rebel ambush, but is more effective with more rebels. Also note, if you are ambushing stationary (defense) units of the enemy, an ambush right in the middle of the enemy units is quite effective, as the rebels will attack all the surrounding units. This is not advisable for moving armies though, as the rebels will most likely just be run over and killed before doing substantial damage.

Another strategy is to build a few scuds with anthrax gamma, target the nuclear reactors or warfactories since toxin rebels arent as good against tanks compared to infantry. Once the reactors are destroyed place the gla hole in the base but away from the anthrax load it with bomb trucks or terrorist cycles and finish them off a jarmen kell or rebel ambush should be able to control tank hunters,rpg troopers, and missile defenders.