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Use the Particle Cannon combined with the Fuel Air Blast to destroy the Nuclear Missile silo early in the mission.

To win this mission, the Chinese Nuclear Missile facility, Chinese Command Center and the GLA base must be destroyed. This mission can actually be finished in less than 30 minutes. The quicker your base is built up and your offense is mounted, the easier the mission.

Keys to Success[edit]

Set up your base quickly and get a jump on the competition.
  • Build your Particle Cannon as soon as possible. Use the Spy Drone command to locate the Nuclear Missile site on the southeast quadrant of the map.
  • If your offensive battalion cannot destroy the Nuclear Missile in time, a combination of the Particle Cannon blast and Fuel Air Bomb will destroy the installation.
  • Destroy the Chinese Airfield with the Particle Cannon or Fuel Air Bomb as soon as possible afterwards. Chinese jets will continue to harass your offensive units until this is done.

Building Your Base[edit]

The base is going to be quite extensive and barely fits in the area between the southern and northern Patriots that you start the mission with. A vast number of Cold Fusion Reactors will be needed to power all of your facilities.

  • Start building Supply Center and Barracks.
  • Select your General Powers. Pathfinder is essential. Spy Drone and Paladins are highly recommended.
  • Build an extra Chinook for rapid base expansion.
  • Build War Factory, Strategy Center and your first Cold Fusion Reactor.
  • Create two Pathfinders and station one by the north Patriot and one by the south Patriot.
  • Station both Crusader tanks that you started the mission with at the southern Patriot.
  • Build two Tomahawks, one for the eastern defense (to protect from Rocket Buggies) and one on the northern defense.

Chinese jets will harass your base until proper antiaircraft facilities are built. Focus on these defenses before building your Particle Cannon. Put all Patriots in a parallel line on the eastern line of defense.

  • Simultaneously build another Cold Fusion Reactor and Patriot.
  • Repeat and build another Cold Fusion Reactor and Patriot.
  • Go ahead and build the Supply Drop Zone for needed supplies.
  • Build another Cold Fusion Reactor and Patriot.
  • Wait for sufficient funds and start building the Particle Cannon. Before or during build two more Cold Fusion Reactors. You will go offline if you don’t do this.

Offensive Operations[edit]

Go eastward toward the GLA base before turning your way south down a very dangerous valley. Pathfinders expose Demo Traps.
  • While building up your base, be probing with your Spy Drone to locate the Nuclear Missile. It is a mundane-looking square building on the top of a hill in the center of the southeast quadrant.
  • As time permits, locate the Chinese Command Center and Airfield, located in the far southeast corner of the map.
  • Build a healthy land assault team made up of eight Paladins, four Tomahawks, and two Pathfinders. The Pathfinders are more proactive than Colonel Burton.
  • While your assault team heads out and funds permit, research all upgrades available at the Strategy Center: Advanced Training, Composite Armor and Drone Armor. You can also choose from one of three other upgrades.
  • As soon as the team is assembled, slowly move towards the east, taking out the Tunnel Networks and Stinger sites along the way with your Tomahawks.
  • Very carefully move along the east-west running valley leading toward the GLA camp, keeping your Pathfinders close to the front line to detect Demo Traps. Go far enough east to locate and destroy two Overlord tanks parked at their base and destroy the Demo Traps that are located on the hill leading up to the base.
Heading south toward the Nuclear Silo. If you can't get there in time with your battalion to stop its missiles, there are other methods of taking it offline.
  • After this, you should very carefully head south toward the Nuclear Missile. It is a true gauntlet, but with care you will lose practically no units. Defensive structures and armor should be targeted by the Tomahawks before your lead Paladins receive damage.
  • A huge number of Demo Traps will be exposed by your Pathfinders as you head south. Destroy them with your Paladins.
  • Slowly work your way toward the Nuclear Missile. If you cannot destroy it with your armor before it launches a missile, you should use a combination Fuel Air Bomb and Particle Cannon blast to permanently destroy it.
An effective means of destroying the Nuclear Silo is a deadly combination of the Fuel Air Blast and the Particle Cannon.
  • If your forces are intact, the Chinese Command Center is due south of you and you will encounter little resistance going forward.
  • Either use the Fuel Air Bomb or Particle Cannon blast (the next time it is available) to destroy the Chinese Airfield or proceed with your offensive ground force to destroy it.
Chinese jets will hound your offensive forces until this Airfield is destroyed. Destroy the Command Center next to achieve mission objectives.
  • Destroy the Chinese Command Center with these same options. A10 Missile strikes can also be used to take out Gattling Cannons along the way.
Do unto others, before they do unto you. Don't let this happen to your base.

GLA Base[edit]

  • By now you will be out of supplies at your original Supply Dock. If desired, send your Chinooks to the Supply Dock located in the far southwest corner.
  • Proceed with your armored unit back north toward the GLA base in the far northeast corner.
  • Warning: Demo Traps have been relaid along the valley! Use your Pathfinders to relocate them.
  • If needed, regroup with reinforcements, but the GLA base will be practically defenseless and will be easily destroyed.
  • The southwest corner of the map does not need to be explored. All Chinese structures do not need to be destroyed.

Mission accomplished!