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This walkthrough will follow the same basic strategy as with the Stealth General.

The first goal is to survive the Sneak Attack tunnel that will pop onto your base early in the mission.

The second goal is to add to your armored units by leading Jarmen Kell to the northeast and sniping the Overlords parked in this area.

The third goal is to survive long enough to build two Scud Storms and destroy the Air Fields in the eastern part of General’s Leang base.

The fourth goal is to hold this area with captured Overlords and Jarmen Kell and eventually destroy the base from this vantage point.

Good luck!

Key strategies[edit]

  • To fight off the units from the Sneak Attack tunnel, have two Marauders, three Quad Cannons and two Tunnel Networks and their accompanying RPG Troopers in the area to destroy the incoming units.
  • Have Jarmen Kell immediately head to the northeast once the Palace is completed and he can be recruited. Snipe the soldiers around the first Bunker so that it will be easier to destroy it later on. Snipe the Overlords to the north and wait until you can utilize the Rebel Ambush to capture them in mass.
  • Build two Scud Storms in your original base area to clear an area around the Airfields for your Sneak Attack.
  • After launching the two Scud Storms to destroy as many Patriots around the Air Field as possible, launch your Sneak assault with five Overlords and Jarmen Kell. You will meet little resistance.
  • Build a complete wall of Stinger Sites along the northern ridge to fight off the air assault. Go ahead and built spare Stinger Sites in other available spaces within your base. You will have plenty of credits to do this and this will help control a truly distracting part of the mission.
  • If you go for a mass-superweapon strategy remember that the demolition general's Scud Storm can take out any enemy superweapon with a single strike (Leang's Scud Storm will leave a GLA hole but her Scud Storm will not be rebuilt before one of yours is ready to fire again). However enemy Command Centers still need to be finished off with a second strike.
  • Jarmen Kell can destroy the two weapons bunkers in the east relatively easy using a demolition charge, sparing you the trouble of having to mount another type of assault. The third weapons bunker (northwest) is very hard for Jarmen Kell to reach because of Sentry Drones and Pathfinders guarding the routes to the bunker.
  • Jarmen Kell can snipe enemy vehicles on the bridge to the east of your starting base to block further attacks by vehicles over that bridge, though enemy Tank Hunters and heroes (Black Lotus, etc...) sometimes still wriggle through. Overlords can occasionally drive over the empty vehicles (fortunately those don't get destroyed in the process) unless you clog the bridge with empty Overlords.


Build about eight extra workers. Build a Barracks to the east of the Command Center and then a Supply Stash to the far west of the map.

Build a Tunnel Network at the northwest part of your base along the northern ridge. Build an Arms Dealer at the same time.

Build a second Tunnel Network further east along the northern ridge, about even with your Barracks. This will help take care of the first set of Rangers that will come onto your base.

Choose between the Scud Launcher General’s Power or the Marauder. The Scud Launcher will help control enemy units on the northern ridge. Eventually, multiple Stinger Sites along this ridge will help control these units.

Build three Marauders or Scorpions to deal with two tanks that will be heading to the base and then a couple of Rocket Buggies. Afterwards, station these units between your Tunnel Networks in anticipation of the Sneak Attack.

Go ahead and research Capture at the Barracks and recruit a single Rebel to capture the oil derrick. Be sure to have a worker nearby to keep it repaired.

Start building a Palace in the far southeast corner of your base. Queue up five RPG Troopers so they can garrison this structure.

The Sneak Attack can be handled quite well with your troops in the northwest area. Have your Quad Cannons specifically target the infantry.

As soon as this attack is over, be sure your Palace is garrisoned and build a Stinger Site over by the oil derrick. The entrance to your base is now reasonably well defended.

Continue to add as many Stinger Sites as you can fit along the northern ridge.

Recruit Jarmen Kell. You are about to enter the second stage – capturing the Overlords to the northwest.

Snipe as many troops as you can on the way to the northeast to reach Level 3 as soon as possible. Choose the Level 2 Cash County and Level 1 Rebel Ambush. Be sure to snipe the troops around the Bunker halfway up. This way, it will be easier to destroy this Bunker before the twelve-minute timer expires.

Snipe at least five Overlords to the north.

You probably will not reach Level 3 in time to destroy the lower Bunker by use of your Rebel Ambush, so build the number of vehicles you feel comfortable with to launch a land assault. Avoid the garrisoned bunkers along the way by sticking to the south edge of the map heading east. Destroy the Bunker and send your troops back to a safe area.

Start building two Scud Storms.

When your Rebel Ambush is ready, capture the five or so Overlords near the northeastern bunker that you have sniped. Have Jarmen ready so that when an extra Overlord pops out of the Tunnel Network you can snipe and capture it too.

Upgrade any of the Overlords that you can with Gattling Cannons.

Build the Black Market and obtain the Radar upgrade so that you can reveal the Airfields in the southeast corner of General Leang’s base.

Build extra Stinger Sites in as many empty areas of your base as you desire. This will help alleviate the air attack – although on this mission it is surprisingly lackluster.

You can build a Sneak Attack tunnel right in this area, but it is easier to just retreat with Jarmen and your six Overlords back near your base while waiting for your Scuds to launch.

If you desire, further Scud Storms can be built outside of your main base area to the east.

Have a nominal defense ready to take the place of your Overlords that are about to enter the Sneak Attack tunnel.

Use the Radar function to detect the Airfields in the southeast area of Leang’s base. Launch two Scud Storms spread out so it will destroy: two Airfields, the War Factory, the two Patriots below the southern Airfield and two Patriots on both sides of the northern Airfield.

Place Sneak Attack tunnel centered on the northeast corner of the lower Airfield to keep it from being attacked by the various other Patriots in the area.

Exit only with the five or six Overlords while the toxins still linger in the area. Make a loop around the area to destroy any remaining Patriots and Bunkers in the area.

When the toxins are gone, the Overlords can handle destroying the entire base.

Mission accomplished!

Alternate strategy/tips[edit]

  • Note: this is a rehashed, organized strategy of writer's chaotic experience with some untested theories
  • Split into 3 stages for formatting, stages will bleed into each other. Timing will really be up to you but everything should be ASAP
Stage 1: Quick, ready yourselves![edit]
  • Start with supply stash with ~7 workers.
  • Build 2 barracks and keep pumping out RPGs
  • Build 1 tunnel, not too near the bridge and especially not near the cliff or it might get sniped by rocket buggies from above
  • Build arms dealer and a combat cycle. Put a worker on it and when ready, drive him up the western most corner of the cliff, build a tunnel there.
  • Build a few quad cannons. Put them near the Command Center(CC), again not near the cliff. Be ready for rocket buggies
  • Tunnel should be built and ready to take care of rangers.
  • Set RPG troops on tanks after they start attacking the tunnel or risk getting rolled over.
  • Capture oil derrick now if you havent
  • After Tanks should be rocket buggies. Have RPG waiting near the bridge.
  • After, have your units ready and waiting for the ambush tunnel behind your CC.
  • Send RPG up the cliff via tunnels. Garrison a building and take out the patrol there. Move the RPG to the mouth of the north bridge and garrison a building there. Keep worker(s) there for repairs. Leang may send enemies here using the bottom bridge, garrison a building around there too if that happens. Move a few quad up, behind the buildings, near the derrick to stop MiGs.
  • Later/gradually, send a radio van up too, to detect commandos. Keep adding RPGs to buildings and workers to repair. Keep an eye on buildings' health. Capture the oil derrick and hold this area.
  • With all the excitement up north, dont forget you have a clock to beat. Get a Jarmen Kell and send him to the first bunker. Snipe everyone and plant a bomb on the building. Be careful of buggies. 1 you can snipe, 2 is a big problem. Get far enough away from the bunker before it blows and leak toxins
Stage 2: Our land must be preserved![edit]
  • Have Jarmen Kell snipe as many patrol tanks, especially the dragon tank as your focus allows
  • Send out RPGs (or angry mobs) to deal with left over tanks
  • Send out your workers to build a supply stash and work at the new supply pile. Pick up the supply crates hidden south and north of there too
  • Send a toxin tractor to clear out the two bunkers outside your base.
  • Send your RPG troops ready around there. And a few workers.
  • Snipe and steal the Avenger next to the repair shop.
  • Send Jarmen Kell up and snipe the 4 overloads AND 1 patrolling avenger. The avenger will be very useful
  • Send a large group of RPG up to destroy the tunnel and bunker when time comes.
  • Get the avenger ASAP and send your two avengers north of the bunker to deal with incoming MiGs. Back them up with quads when you can
  • Garrison the bunker at the bridge there with RPG and put worker(s) behind it. Set Jarmen Kell to guard behind the bunker. Capture the overloads. Send radio van. Send toxin tractors to clear out opposing bunker. Keep an eye on the bunker health
Stage 3: Take us to glory![edit]
  • Clear the guard near the middle bridge.
  • Build 3rd stash. Pump out SCUD storms. Lots of SCUD storms.
  • Suicide rebel ambush the 3rd bunker when the time comes.
  • Pump out radio vans so you can open up the map and shoot scud storm.
  • SCUD storm or ambush ~ 4 buildings near a command center to attract dozers there, so you can hit them all in when SCUDDing.
  • Just keep holding on to the two choke points.
  • It may be messy, it may be frustrating, artillery barrage and carpet bombs will ruin your holds and you probably dont want to ever do this challenge again, but keep your chill. Your SCUD storms are coming soon.
  • Blow Leang's command centers and dozers away. 4 SCUD storm and an ambush is a safe bet. Waiting too long is just inviting more of Leang's General's Power. 1 SCUD storm on each CC and 1 between 2 CC. Ambush the third. If you are feeling lucky, try with 2 SCUD, 1 ambush and tunnel to clean up.
  • SCUD everything else, starting with what annoys you most, air field/factories/barracks etc etc.
  • To be safe and for satisfaction, SCUD the super weapons before their time over takes yours. But you probably wont lose anymore either way.