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This mission is fairly easy compared to the other missions. Your only problem will be cash flow.

Put a few soldiers in the civilian structures in the middle of the map, back them up with a few units, and your defense can be put on auto-pilot. (Be sure to have a worker in the area to repair the buildings.)

Don’t hesitate building two Scud Storms and soon the Particle Cannons will be history. After they charge up again, destroy the Command Center, launch your troops through a Sneak Attack tunnel and soon the Laser General is history.

Key strategies[edit]

  • Load up only the two civilian buildings closest to your base and keep empty the other three. The structures closest to the Laser General’s base will act as buffers to enemy attacks. Put four RPG troopers and three Rebels in each of the two structures. Have a worker in the area to repair the buildings. Place Jarmen Kell and a Scud Launcher in the middle of these structures on Guard mode. Park a Quad Cannon on each side of the garrisoned buildings and this area is extremely secure.
  • Build (and rebuild) two Stinger Sites northeast of your base to protect it from the few Comanches that slip past your garrisoned buildings. The Stinger Sites also draw particle cannon strikes.
  • Rebuild your barracks if it is destroyed. It is a cheap target for the Particle Cannons.
  • Station a radar van and a quad cannon at the flanks of your base to stop sneak attacks by Colonel Burton.
  • The laser general will aggressively target your Scud Storm over all other targets with his particle cannons and will most likely succeed in destroying the first Scud Storm you build: save up $10,000 and build two at the same time so one can survive and take out all three particle cannons in a single strike (the demolition general's Scud Storm does more explosive damage than the Scud Storms of the other generals).
  • It is not necessary to destroy the garrisoned civilian buildings, Laser Turrets, Fire Bases and enemy units to win the mission.

1-2-3 Tips[edit]

  • Put stinger sites on the far site of the road, away from the garrisoned buildings to avoid the buildings getting particled. Hold the line.
  • Ambush and steal the particle cannons. Place the ambush in the middle of the PC, send a few to which ever PC they couldnt reach. Helis will be coming but you should have enough with rank 3 to capture at least 2, if not all 3. Repeat if necessary
  • Sneak attack in with Quad cannons where the PCs were. Mission accomplished.


Queue up eight workers for fast construction of your base. Build a Supply Stash and Barracks. Load up the two civilian buildings closest to your base with a total of eight RPG Troopers and six Rebels.

Choose the Scud Launcher General’s Power.

Station a worker in the area of the garrisoned buildings to keep them repaired.

Build an Arm’s Dealer and a Palace. Place all buildings reasonably spaced out to avoid losing two buildings at once from the PC’s.

Immediately place a Scud Launcher on Guard mode in the middle of the garrisoned buildings. When the Palace is completed, recruit Jarmen Kell and place him on Guard mode in the same area.

Place a single Quad Cannon on each side of the garrisoned buildings, set back slightly, and this “bottleneck” is now secure.

The only additional base defenses that must be prepared are setting up a couple of Stinger Sites to the northeast of your base to fight off Comanches. If one of these are placed near the ramp coming down in this area, this will prevent Colonel Burton from possibly sneaking through in this area.

As soon as funds are available, build your first Scud Storm. Do not begin it if a Particle Cannon is about to fire or you may lose it. Build your second Scud Storm as soon as possible, again, when a Particle Cannon is not about to fire.

Keep workers close on hand to immediately repair the Scud Storms after they are hit by the PC’s. You should be able to keep them both in operation.

After you destroy the Particle Cannons with the two Scud Storms, wait for them to recharge and destroy the Command Center. Use your Rebel Ambush and Sneak Attack tunnel to destroy any dozers that return to the area. (Or have a third Scud Storm built and destroy them in this manner.)

Once the dozers are destroyed, the Laser General’s structures cannot be rebuilt. All structures that must be destroyed to win the mission are enclosed with the ring of garrisoned round towers surrounding the base. Carefully avoid these towers while destroying the base and victory will be yours.

Mission accomplished!