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China militia frowns on mob violence and disruptive protests

This walkthrough will work on all difficulty settings.

Key Strategy
Build an Arms Dealer, Palace and then research Arm the Mob to put machine guns in the hands of the mob.

If you are fortunate, you can collect 40,000 credits from the mob burning down the town with no problem. Most probably, you will encounter issues with Dragon Tanks burning down the mob.

This can sometimes be resolved by building four or five rocket soldiers and placing them in a building -- distracting the tanks while you finish looting. But any time mobs tangle with Dragon Tanks, the results can never be guaranteed. The mob needs a bit more assistance to put the odds heavily on their side.

The following strategy is very reliable and produces excellent results.

  • Immediately assign the mob a number and attack the first structure in front of the base. Collect the resources by moving the mob toward the UN supplies.
  • Build two extra workers.
  • Detroy the next structure and also collect those supplies.
  • You should now have over 2500 credits -- enough to start building an Arms Dealer. Do this immediately.
  • Choose Cash Bounty 1 and Cash Bounty 2 as your General's Powers.
  • Continue to have your mob destroy structures and collect the UN supplies -- listening carefully for the announcement that the Arms Dealer is completed.
  • Immediately start building the Palace when the above announcement is heard.
  • Again, continue looting with the mob, listening closely to the announcement that the Palace has been completed.
  • Immediately start researching Arm the Mob at the Palace. Once the mob is armed with machine guns, they will be practically invincible.
  • Before the mob is armed with machine guns, you will probably encounter a Dragon Tank. Destroy the tank as best you can with your mob. Even if you suffer damage or loss, you should be able to regroup as long as some mob members survive.
  • Once the mob is armed with machine guns, the rest of the mission should be easy to complete. Just stay away from garrisoned buildings and destroy anything that comes in your direction.

Mission successful!!