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Welcome, General. Are you ready to begin?

This was played on Hard Difficulty, which is a lot harder than Normal And Easy Difficulty.

You will have to note a few things before fighting General Ta Hun Kwai. First, despite him being a Tank General, he will use more aircraft and men than tanks. Second, he will not build his Nuclear Missile until you build a Particle Cannon. Third, the start is extremely tough and you may need to try this a few times.

You start with a Command Center, a dozer and $10,000. Build a Reactor, an additional dozer, and a Barracks. Upgrade the Reactor and start building your Supply Center. Immediately upon completion of the Supply Center, build two extra Supply Chinooks for fast base development.

Build six EMP Patriots before building your Weapons Factory. Your east flank should have two Patriots in parallel running north and south to protect it before starting a line of Patriots leading out to the west. If the first Patriot leading off to the west isn't too far off, you will no longer have to worry about the eastern flank.

The Patriots will work great, but are not as effective as Laser Turrets to combat infantry, so it is important to build your Strategy Center as soon as possible so Pathfinders can be produced. It also takes a three-star general's authority to do so. Once you get the chance to do so, place one to the east of your base and one to the north and give yourself a round of applause. You have just killed off a major threat.

There is no need to space the Patriots too close together, but not too far so that they cannot link with each other.

Kwai sends all sorts of recycled trash at you which include Gatling tanks, Battlemasters, Emperor Overlords, MIGs, Helixes, Red Guards and Tank Hunters. What you need to look out for are the "Meat dragons", which are the infantry he sends. They are downright annoying as your patriots have absolutely no accuracy whatsoever when attacking infantry. Have a Hummer help fight off the infantry until you can produce two Pathfinders -- one stationed to the east and one to the north of your base.

Your EMP patriots will render his vehicles useless so they do not become much of a threat. Do take note that when they mass in numbers, they will make themselves pesky.

His aircraft are also annoying, especially the MIGs, as they will kill your dozers while damaging your EMP patriots. Expect to build more dozers to replenish those lost. Add more patriots and power stations as the need arises.

Be sure to select one of your three free upgrades from the Strategy Center. You can use any mode but I found "Search and Destroy" to be more useful as it increases your pathfinders' range by a lot.

Important: An additional way to keep your base secure is to build four Missile Defenders to babysit the Patriot that is at the far west edge of your base. If an Overlord attacks your western flank, this lone Patriot will fall and it will start a chain reaction of damage to your base without a little additional help.

As the mission progresses and you add Particle Cannons to the west of your base, keep building the Patriots to the west and move along these Missile Defenders along with the building program. An extra Humvee or two in the area is also helpful if you don't have a Pathfinder on the western edge of the base.

Research supply lines and begin building two Supply Drops to fund your war effort. Add a third later when you get the opportunity. Once you have enough money, build Avengers and station them near the patriots which the MIGs often attack. They will shoot down the MIGs and their napalm missiles. Now you have an impenetrable defense which will protect you without many problems arising.

The fun part starts now. Be sure you have plenty of upgraded Reactors and then build a pair of Particle Cannons. Once you complete the Particle Cannons, Kwai will start building his Nuclear Missile. Do not worry as your countdown times for your superweapons will always be faster than his nuke. When your Particle Cannons are ready, aim both of them on his nuke and destroy it.

Alternatively, you can use your A10 Missile Strike upgraded to the third level to help knock out the Nuclear Missile.

Do note that he will rebuild it again and again and again every time you destroy it. Your goal now is to build more Supply Drops, Fusion Reactors and more Particle Cannons.

Once you have at least six particle cannons all ready to fire, start by razing his Command Center. After that is gone, use your Intelligence and sniff out his dozers. Use your Particle Cannons and destroy those as well. After this, he is as good as dead as he cannot rebuild what you destroy. Kill all his other buildings in any way and any order you see fit and you will win the game.


  • Mind your power. Your EMP patriots are mush without power.
  • You can try to capture the tech buildings scattered around the map but if you do not guard them, they will be destroyed quickly.
  • EMP patriots can be left on their own, but do target for them when many units are attacking you all at once. They can be stupid at times.
  • Emperor Overlords and Helixes upgraded with gatling cannons CAN see your pathfinders. Do not be surprised to look away for a moment and find one or two dead.
  • Tomahawks are not especially useful as you are fighting lots of tanks and aircraft. They are limited to helping defend your base.
  • It is highly recommended to build the Superweapon General's particle cannons in pairs. Not only will this allow you to destroy Command centers, it will allow you to kill off superweapons as well.
  • The battlemasters are a bigger threat than the overlords due to the fact that they come in large groups.
  • Aurora can rip apart overlords with ease, just be careful of gattler tanks – slaughter them first.